Amnesty for illegal immigrants will turn America into another Mexico: Socialism, corruption, destruction of Bill of Rights

Monday, June 24, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: immigration reform, amnesty, constitution

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(NaturalNews) The reason why critics are so vehemently against so-called "immigration reform" legislation currently making its rounds in Washington, D.C., is because, irrespective of what its backers say, when all is said and done the bill is just another amnesty for illegal aliens - those who either broke our laws to get into our country or violated them by overstaying their welcome.

Just another amnesty, you ask? Yes. Just another amnesty. As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun here.

In 1986, in the same kind of misguided bid to wipe the illegal immigration slate clean and "start over," President Ronald Reagan, with help from Democrats, signed amnesty legislation. But that bill, nicknamed Simpson-Mazzoli, was much smaller by comparison to today's "reform" measure; it only affected about 3 million illegals, as noted by And yet its long-term effects were devastating.

No more assimilation requirements

The current bill under consideration (see it here) would apply to about 95 percent of the 11-14 million (depending on whose numbers you believe) illegal aliens currently in the United States. What's more, notes, the measure could tip the political scales in favor of Democrats for generations to come, allowing them to win in states now where they currently are minorities (that alone makes you wonder why any Republicans are in favor of it, but some are, oddly enough).

This amnesty bill takes a fundamental principle - the recognition and preservation of our national borders - and turns it on its head. A nation without borders is no longer a nation, but a global flophouse for anyone who manages to breach our boundaries.

Consider, also, that every illegal alien lawbreaker brings with him or her their own cultural norms which, in nearly every case, are at odds with American constitutionalism and the Bill of Rights. Worse, we don't require them to assimilate anymore - learn English, observe our customs, integrate into our society.

Take a look at California. This is a state that Reagan, a staunch conservative, won twice (in fact, Reagan had served twice as governor of California). Ironically enough, his amnesty - coupled with lax border security and enforcement of current immigration law - has since transformed the Golden State into a permanent "blue" state. In fact, Hispanics - the ethnic group to which most illegal aliens belong, by far - are now the majority there.

Look at California's politics. They are hard-left. They favor gun control, high taxes and freedom-stealing policies that limit inalienable rights. It is one of the most heavily regulated states in the union, and has one of the worst business-friendly environments.

What do you think will happen to the rest of the country if today's amnesty legislation is passed? Do you see your liberties flourishing or becoming more and more endangered?

With our border goes our rights

While holding up the golden child of "diversity" as their impetus, American politicians and corporations are aiding and abetting the amnesty/open borders position. One political party, as noted, likes this legislation because it will mean more votes and more power in the future; meanwhile, too many members of the other party, unfortunately, are cowing to business interests that would rather employ cheaper, unskilled foreign labor than "high-priced" American workers. That's another point - ask your elected officials who support this legislation why they would do so when American unemployment remains so high.


Just as we saw the gun ramifications of ObamaCare, we will also see the problems with a bill that alters the electorate in such a way that the Second Amendment will cease to exist. In doing so, we will need to make sure that we don't have most of our guns registered or confiscated in 2035 because short-sighted politicians listened to MSNBC and turned our country blue.

We can believe in fairness, freedom and diversity and secure borders. No one should be given a pass for breaking our laws and sneaking into our country, period. We have a right to not only expect that, but demand it.

Those who say otherwise have an agenda, pure and simple, and it sure isn't the Bill of Rights. Anyone who wants to absolve anyone who sneaks into our country of guilt does not have Americans' best interests at heart.

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