Genetic pollution: When GMO salmon escape into the oceans, there will be no boycotting Franken-fish

Sunday, June 16, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: GM salmon, franken-fish, genetic pollution

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(NaturalNews) How soon will the Franken-fish "escape" or be purposely (but secretly of course) released into the oceans of the world? How soon will this eel-like salmon, over-loaded with hormones and DNA from other fish, and an utter health disaster and world wide ocean "eco-disaster" become public knowledge and a new massive dilemma? What countries will be sued by the "patent" holders of GM salmon when the fish are released into the "wild" world known as the seven seas?

In other words, are you violating patent rights if the Franken-salmon are swimming just off the shore of your country? What if they're breeding with normal salmon off the shores of China or Japan, can Aqua Bounty Technologies, the manufacturers of these mutated fish, sue those countries for trying to "steal" their fish or "reproduce" their own, just like Monsanto sues organic farmers for trying to "steal" their corn, soy and alfalfa "patents" on GMO Franken-seeds? (

Hey, Australia, our patented FREAK fish were spotted swimming near Sydney, so if any of your fishermen catch any and don't throw them back, they are breaking international patent rights, and if they keep them and eat them, breed or sell them, they can go to jail for patent infringement under international patent laws!

Doesn't this "far fetched" scenario touch on very similar grounds as to exactly what's going on with Monsanto's lawsuits over GM crop blowing onto other farms? Will Monsanto merge with AquaAdvantage "technology" and release or "test" GM salmon in the wild, like they did their GM infected wheat in over 15 states across the United States of America? You don't need a hurricane, flooding or a tornado to infect other FISH throughout the oceans of the world. There are no boundaries for this mutant animal, which CAN REPRODUCE and do so with other species, besides just salmon. Wait, I bet you didn't know that. And then the story gets really deep, like the ocean. (

Human genes change when GMO is consumed

It's a fact folks, human genes are changing from the toxic, altered food some of us consume. How many of us are still 100 percent human, you have to ask. Mike Adams said it best, "The GMO debate is over. There is no longer any legitimate, scientific defense of growing GM crops for human consumption." Just add GM salmon to that ticket! (

Hundreds of thousands of NaturalNews enthusiasts were at the March against Monsanto. ( The next march worldwide should be the March against AquaAdvantage. This is food tyranny. Eating genetically modified animals is anti-everything nature intended. This is cancer and reproductive disorders swimming and mixing with ALL salmon, making this popular fish "dish" the new Russian roulette of food. Just load in some freak fish and pull the trigger (fork it into your mouth). "Sir, would you care to hear the specials for tonight? We have grilled mutated salmon with a GMO sweet-n-sour sauce, and it comes with Franken-corn and mashed pesticide potatoes. We also have free refills of diet aspartame soda tonight!"

Will humans who eat GM salmon produce growth hormones year round?

Tampering with the genes of a popular fish to make it twice as large is sick and demented. Plus, GM salmon can breed with other fish and pass on the messed up genes. ( Did you hear about GM tilapia too? Here's some recent research: "Tilapia fish engineered for transgenic expression of growth hormone had deformed heads and backs, atrophied gonads, and lower mineral content" (

People are already frustrated and overwhelmed with food choices, and some people still think "farm raised" fish means some "pond" farmer took good care of them, but it's just the opposite, they are feeding them hormones and pumping the lake full of antibiotics to kill the disease that spreads from population and fish feces overload. This is like breeding CANCER and auto-immune disorder on purpose! ( Maybe tadpoles and squid won't be enough "feed" for this new mutated fish species. Picture these Franken-salmon in huge tanks, existing in some Biotech, heavily guarded warehouses in America, just waiting to be released into our great oceans, so they can tear into some other salmon, and eat other fish salmon would never eat, and kill animals salmon would not kill, like all the humans who consume them now. (

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