Cancer prevention: A traditional approach

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by: Angelo Druda
Tags: cancer prevention, natural remedies, medicinal herbs

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(NaturalNews) The best time to treat a pattern of imbalance is long before it becomes a degenerative disease. That dreadful constellation of imbalances that we call cancer does not appear overnight. The diagnosis of cancer is preceded by a long history of physical and energetic influences and disharmonies. It takes on average 86 months for an atypical cell to develop into a carcinoma in situ on the human cervix, for example.

The best medicine is the one that observes and neutralizes the imbalance early on. The best medicine prevents all that suffering and disease before it happens. Sooner or later, yes, the human body will die. It is subject to the same laws as the leaves composting in the yard. The practice of preventative medicine, however, can and will extend the quality and duration of our time by treating the body before big trouble begins.

The most effective practice of preventative medicine combines empirical knowledge about the cause and treatment of disease with a rational understanding of how the body works. We have observed over time that a particular medicine gets rid of a particular disease. We have observed over time that a particular substance causes a particular imbalance. This kind of empirical information is important for anyone interested in staying well.

Traditional Medicine like the oriental medical system, not only draws upon empirical knowledge but it also sees the body as a complex cooperative process. Disease then can be caused by a disharmony in any aspect of the bodily system. Thus a problem in the liver can cause a problem in the ovaries. A problem in the spleen can cause a problem in the lungs. This kind of rational understanding of the human body combined with our empirical knowledge allows us to develop an early warning system for future disease and effective strategies for our practice of preventative medicine.

The Root of Malignancy

Early oriental medical textbooks show that ancient doctors were dealing with cancer long before the dawn of the industrial age. Their models for how tumors develop in the human body can be incorporated into our practice of preventative medicine along with what we already know about the cause of cancer.

According to oriental medicine a chronic pattern of stagnation is at the root of all malignancies. A healthy body is one in which the life energy and blood is freely flowing. But trouble can begin at any point in the system where that energy and blood is tending to get stuck chronically. The old medical books identify chronic emotional depression as the fundamental stagnation, the root imbalance that over time becomes breast cancer, for example.

We can see and feel all the blood and energy that gets trapped in the tissue when we have a bruise brought on by physical trauma. Negative emotions also create bruises in the energy system of the body although that is less obvious to us until the stagnated blood and qi begins to effect the harmonious functioning of the physical body.

If a toxin infects a point of chronic stagnation it carries with it the potential to damage DNA and disrupt normal cell replication. This process can lead to cancer overtime. Toxins can enter the body from the food we eat, the tobacco we smoke, and the air we breathe. Even the non-metabolized hormones in our own body carry this toxic potential. There is no shortage of toxins in the modern world and the modern diet today.

Keep Moving

A key to good health and longevity therefore, is keeping everything in the body that should be flowing.... flowing well. Keep the blood flowing well. Keep the energy and lymph flowing well. Do the work of breaking up stagnation as it begins. The patterns of depression, lack of life motivation, and the very force of gravity and inertia itself must be constantly transcended. The well flowing river is the healthiest. The stagnant pond becomes toxic and dries up. Right exercise that keeps everything moving is critical to longevity. At every age, keep the body moving and working. Devote a portion of everyday to serving others. Selfless service dissolves emotional stagnation. Get plenty of rest certainly, but do not allow the body's rivers to become stagnant pools of trouble.

Clear and Neutralize Toxins

Toxins are everywhere in this post - industrial age. Powerful vested interests promise us success, acceptance, even ecstasy in the form of products that are mostly just toxic. Keep the toxins out.

Eat whole, clean, natural foods. Clear the house of toxic chemicals, many of which will be found under the sink. Replace toxic substances with clean ones. We need to do the work of educating ourselves to make these changes, but the rewards can be great.

Wise men and women periodically cleanse the body to good effect. A cleanse can be as simple as just eating pure food for a few days. There are herbal cleanses, juice cleanses, fasting cleanses, colonic cleanses. Coffee enemas are used in alternative medical regimes to treat cancer and they can be used periodically as a preventative. They will cleanse the liver and cause the body to produce a powerful antioxidant. Both men and women can use natural progesterone cream. Taken along with an abundance of cruciferous vegetables, it helps to neutralize many of the estrogenic toxins of this modern age.

So much of what we are bodily comes from our ancestors. We inherit the genetic strengths and weaknesses of our lineage. When we look at a series of DNA panels, we see a vast cocktail of flowers and bombs. The practice of preventative medicine neutralizes negative gene expression by simply following the laws of right living. Sooner or later the time comes for the body to lie down and rest for good. In the meantime, we live right life.

May it be Happy, long and Well.

Source: Cancer Treatment with Fu Zheng Pei Ben Principle
Pan Mingji, MD 1992

About the author:
Angelo Druda practices oriental medicine in Cobb, California. He is the founder of Traditional Botanical Medicine and the Author of The Tao of Rejuvenation.

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