World Wide March against Monsanto was widely censored by mainstream media

Thursday, May 30, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) It's nowhere to be found in the big newspapers or on the "network" TV news, but why? The highly successful, world wide "March against Monsanto" is nowhere to be found in mainstream media, and it wasn't covered live either. Far bigger than any cancer march, or any MS drive, people came out in droves, to cities all across the globe, and their children made signs about how GMO food, yes, genetically modified (mutated) organisms are infecting the main food supply of America, and you know how kids are, they tell it like it is! Nope, the big TV reporters and the "Big City" event reporters didn't come out to cover the great awareness march and the newspapers wanted no part in it. Again, why? (

Natural News enthusiasts know exactly why, but when we discuss it, it sounds unbelievable, and people just don't have the time to look into, "unbelievable," or do they? Put it this way, have you ever been told by a child exactly how you feel, when you just don't "feel right," kind of like the way a dog will bark at you when you are nervous or scared around them? A kid you know quite well will walk right up to you, if you're sick or trying to hide sadness, and tell you that you look sick or sad. They will ask you straight out what's wrong, even when nobody else notices. A kid will tell you if your clothes don't match or you have something wrong with your nose, even when adults won't say a word. Animals, especially dogs, will act strange around ominous strangers with "dangers" inherent, when they sense them, and sometimes the children will react the same way, even when intelligent adults don't have a clue. If you read the signs, and I mean that literally and figuratively, you will instantly understand why the mainstream media did not talk about this huge FOOD REVOLUTION event, and why all the kids came out with creative signs they made themselves and held them up for the world to see, like pointing out something is INHERENTLY WRONG with the food supply, at least the food supply of which the SEEDS are made of toxins that kill bugs, weeds, worms, rats, nutrients in food and oh yes, HUMANS.

Millions of people world wide came out to march Saturday, May 25, 2013, and declare that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The FDA and the CDC and Monsanto are all working together to try to fool the adult masses that Biotech is a good word, that Agricultural "Engineering" means making food better, and the children of this universe are screaming in a peaceful, protest way that Monsanto, the KING of seed deception and seed tampering has created a monster that causes diseases and disorders. The kids really went all out. I was there my friends. It was wonderful. The message was crystal clear. It's all over the signs they hammered together with wood posts, cardboard, superhero cut-outs, in savvy yet simple advice to the people who don't know, all those ADULTS who were walking around, wondering what all the fuss was, and why these kids and their parents were so adamant about this cause.

Event took place in over 400 cities in 52 countries around the world

Where was the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, Disney, Hollywood, Angelina Jolie? Where was she if she really wants to be heard about her fight against cancer and REAL prevention? Organic food is a "hush hush" item in the big news, didn't you know? Just look at the sponsors and you know who "doesn't allow" their own nemesis to be heard. This time it went far deeper than some health "nuts" or some grass roots organic "movement" trying to tell everybody about the healthy life. This time it ran so deep that 20 years of frustration rang out in 52 countries, which included over 430 cities across the 7 continents. This time the kids pointed out the obvious louder than the mainstream media ever could, pointing right at it, and making enough noise that FACEBOOK had to ban their parents from posting the signs and sharing the message on their FB page. Why? Because FaceBook is multimedia mass media now, and so is Twitter, haven't you been watching the "News?"

CNN did a quick piece, and had a pawn lie through his teeth about GMO research, saying none has been done to prove GMOs cause disease and disorder, ignoring the massive research project French scientists did where rats got huge cancerous tumors and died off young. CNN just did this piece so nobody will look into it any further. Nice try!



YouTube covered it though. Some of the video posts did not get censored! Maybe it was just too big to avoid, or they just couldn't ban enough good videos. Or maybe, just maybe, peaceful protests for organic food are still legal!

"Kids have a right to know!" (

There is simply NO LOGIC in keeping GMO a secret and not labeling it on all foods. Get with the program before you get swallowed whole by the toxic food system called genetically modified organisms. Watch all the kids just pointing out the truth!

The social Journalists just couldn't avoid this coverage: (

And if you're still wondering what GMOs are and you just want the quick hard truth about how they affect your life and body if you eat them, then just read this Natural News Tracker blog and you will understand and can be "as smart as a fifth grader" again:

The biotech "troops" are silent tonight, but it's not "alright," because you know they're planning something. The news is silent tonight, but it's not "all good," because you know they're planning something. Listen to the kids. They know.

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