Boston bombing and martial law: More proof that police state 'safety' doesn't work

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: Boston marathon, police state, public safety

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(NaturalNews) When a series of explosions went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson, recalls several police officials saying "Do not worry, it's just a training exercise." Stevenson noticed bomb sniffing dogs before the race began. He also saw police spotters on roofs - heavy security like he'd never seen before. Even with such high security, the bombing could not be prevented. Homeland Security is designed to detect bomb threats like these. Their "security" forfeits liberty and lead to martial law. http://www.dhs.gov/obp

As a matter of fact, following the bombing, Boston has come under a state of martial law, as heavily armed officers parole the streets. Apparently, a police-state is being carried out in America. It can be seen in the drone laws, guns laws, drug laws, milk laws, and other "safety" laws.

Blind trust in government "safety" leads to corruption and loss of liberty

When a country puts the government in control of a country's safety, what does it get?

- More violent false flag attacks, more bombings: A homeland security arming itself to the teeth
- Martial law lock downs on cities, break-ins, violence
- Drone aircraft set to police the skies
- Gun walking programs led by government officials who feed wars abroad
- Endless new conflicts around the world reaping countless disabled, deceased, and hurting young soldiers
- Internet "cyber-security" laws that intrude on people's personal lives
- TSA agents molesting travelers at airports, stealing from luggage and dignity
- Thousands of non violent drug offenders locked up for decades
- An Affordable "Care" Act that is rationing and raising the cost of health care, forcing people against their will to comply, leaving businesses and citizens sicker and broker than they were before
- FDA "safety" tests that permit deadly pharmaceutical drugs to be marketed to doctors

The FDA: The real drug pushers

The founders of the United States understood that when you put a governing body in charge of keeping the people safe, the opposite occurs. Not only is an empirical promise of safety a facade, all liberty is lost in the process.

For example, the FDA routinely approves deadly drugs that many people believe are safe. Big drug companies use this regulation agency to make their drugs look safe. Once "approved", the drug masters market their concoctions to doctors, give out incentives, and capitalize on illness. As the drug's side effects take their toll on people, a need for more drugs is created. People may grow aware and file lawsuits against the drug companies. This typically ends in a settlement, which is merely a small percentage of the billions the drug company already made. In essence, the FDA becomes a drug pusher, guilty of silencing any alternatives. They fine and prosecute nutritional companies who present honest testimonials about their products. In the end, the governing body becomes all about money and control, a center for corruption, prohibiting free health care.

Federal gun control: Setting the stage for violence

The same kind of brain-dead-government-safety-philosophy exists in gun control laws. In trying to keep people safe, good-hearted politicians try to make it harder for people to obtain certain guns. The reality is that guns exist and cannot be controlled. If someone has intent to do harm, they will find a way. Most people intend to do no harm, though. They just desire the liberty to take care of themselves. In the end gun "safety" laws do nothing to prevent violence, but muffle responsible liberty instead.

Federal drug laws that dictate what people eat, drink, and smoke fail on multiple levels

The idea behind making substances illegal is no different than making guns illegal. Illegal substances will continue to exist and are often times more abused in an illegal setting. Lawmakers target specific substances, believing they can be controlled. They try to create a safer society but actually create a more violent one. This can be seen when armed federal agents ransack peaceful facilities that utilize the cannabis sativa plant in positive, medicinal ways. Over 750,000 non violent people are jailed every year now for possession of marijuana. America now has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

When the liberty of Americans to smoke and eat what they want is controlled by a select few, the government can then dictate people's health, body, and mind. Armed federal agents now go as far as raiding indoor gardeners and raw milk farmers. http://www.naturalnews.com

Back in the 1920s, Americans learned that federal control of even alcohol creates a dangerous society. Restoring the core values of trust and responsibility are essential. If a substance is abused or misused, people should be there to help. Imprisoning people for decades doesn't fix the root problems. America must remain a free place for individuals to live, learn, and grow, educating itself, taking its own risks, reaping its own rewards, and respecting its own responsibilities.

Benjamin Franklin said it best - "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both"

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