Jim Carrey insults all Americans with funny-or-die assault on the Bill of Rights

Friday, March 29, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: Jim Carrey, Bill of Rights, heartless

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(NaturalNews) Another Hollywood figure has come out in opposition of the very constitutional right that protects his ability to make a living, as oblivious to the hypocrisy of his position as he is out of place on his phony pedestal.

Canadian comedian Jim Carrey, as many readers already know, has just released a video insulting tens of millions of gun owners and, in the same effort, alienating scores of fans who will show their disdain, as I have chosen to do, by closing their wallets and never paying to see another of his movies, ever, as long as they live. (The video is of course online but I won't patronize him by linking to it; but I will link to this petition seeking his deportation to his native and increasingly crime-ridden, as well as largely unarmed, country.)

Suffice it to say Carrey's use of his First Amendment right to trash the Second Amendment is nothing more than the latest attempt by the bastion of useful idiots that is Hollywood, in an attempt to denigrate and abuse many of the same people who enrich them. Carrey's ridiculous spoof, in which he also targets the late but still revered Hollywood icon Charlton Heston (for his stint as NRA chief) was launched via a vulgar Twitter message, in which he called gun owners "heartless mother***kers." Nice, huh?

Who's the most heartless?

Of course, Carrey's video will play well in Hollywood circles, where he and others of the entertainment elite are protected by some very large men who carry firearms which contain more than the seven, or 10, or 15 rounds they hypocritically insist the rest of us should be limited to. What's that, Jim? Your bodyguards don't kill little children in schools? Neither do 99.9999 percent of gun owners; only a small, sick and sadistic proportion of our population does that, but you and your buddies in La-La Land also support gun-free, killing zones like schools and theaters where your films are shown.

And let's talk about "heartless." Back in February, Carrey tweeted, "Any1 who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting. ;^" Now Carrey is using the massacre of these innocent children in gratuitous self-promotion. Who's heartless?

I don't know about you, but personally, I'm sick of these left-wing charlatans and pseudo-intellectuals trashing my moral, religious, ethical and foundational beliefs - and then paying them to do it by patronizing their "entertainment" products. It reminds me of the situation surrounding our oil imports; you may not care much for fossil fuels and that's your right, but you will have to admit it is beyond insane to continue importing oil from people who can't stand us, especially when oil in the United States is plentiful and accessible once again.

Stop supporting Hollywood and other gun-control advocates

What's more, the Hollywood hypocrisy regarding guns is as maddening as it is glaring. Carrey and his cohorts claim the right to make any kind of production they want, under the First Amendment - and that includes pornography, naturally, the film industry's equivalent of an "assault weapon." But when it comes to owning any kind of firearm we want, we are told we "don't need" certain kinds because "there is no purpose" for them.

Really? Just as there is a purpose for every form of Hollywood movie - entertainment - there is a purpose for every kind of firearm, and that purpose is self-defense. Further, the beauty of the First Amendment is that Americans don't have to have permission to make a movie, speak their mind or worship freely. Well, guess what? Our founders did not intend for us to have to ask permission to own a firearm, but yet we have to succumb to a government background check and receive training and a license before we are allowed to carry a gun.

Have you noticed that no such requirements exist for the entertainment industry? No background checks, no waiting periods, no government "permission" necessary to become a filmmaker, and no bans on what kind of movies can be made (including porn, violent movies with guns, etc.).

If, as a law-abiding gun owner and Second Amendment advocate, you're as sick as I am of being lectured by these self-important clowns from Hollywood - and the nation's capital too, for that matter - stop supporting them. They sure as hell don't care much for you.

One final thought for Carrey. Because I do care for children and, more broadly, the future of this great nation, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment. I think a parent who chooses to do so should have access to any kind of firearm they think appropriate in order to protect themselves and their families from the same would-be tyrants who would rule tyrannically over useful idiots like you just the same as the rest of us, if we ever allow them to do so.


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