Does cutting out body parts really prevent a disease?

Monday, March 25, 2013 by: Wendy Merrill
Tags: body parts, surgery, disease prevention

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(NaturalNews) It seems that nutrition is the LAST thing many people consider correcting in order to help stave off possible devastating or debilitating diseases. The brainwashing given to the American public by the mainstream medical establishment would have everyone believe that "nutrition is not related to one's health." Is it truly beyond a person's ability to comprehend, that substances ingested into the body via the mouth, inhaled by the nose or absorbed into the skin, are likely to have some effect on the body? After all, Mother Nature created foods rooted from Her earth for a good reason and virtually every one of them is meant to "serve" humans and their health.

And yet, continuously, stories surface about folks who, not educated on how to listen and watch signals given by their body, end up bowing down to the allopathic medical community thus giving in to often damaging demands. Whether these doctors "strongly urge" someone to take an often dangerous drug, or cut out a piece of their seemingly ill anatomy, possible plant or even food-based suggestions are rarely made. Just think of the body parts that could be saved from severing, with a little well-meaning nutritional advice.

Where is the research proving that the elimination of a particular part of the body is going to prevent an illness?

Take, for instance, the case of Lynne Fisher, age 51, living in Nottingham, England. Doctors there discovered, after several young family members died of colorectal cancer, that her family DNA contained a gene linked to HNPCC (hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer). Its common name is Lynch syndrome (after its founder, Henry T. Lynch), which typically maturates aberrant tissue growth in the colon. When this gene is expressed, tissue grows at such an accelerated pace, and malignancy can occur rather quickly.

Lynne feels that due to this familial history, the removal of her colon is imperative in order for her to avoid getting cancer. Couldn't those same cancer cells take a different residency within her body, providing the terrain was similar?

It's important to note that just because a rogue gene runs in the family, does not necessarily mean it will be expressed. As humans, we have innate control over the body; disease does not simply occur by chance. Disease takes place when people allow there bodies to become compromised. Living a clean lifestyle, eating a plant-based, organic and non-GMO diet, drinking pure water, getting daily exercise and breathing fresh, clean air, chances are reasonable that many or all ailments can be avoided.

Lets demand that friendly neighborhood doctors provide some iron-clad proof that the elimination of a vital organ is truly the best way to prevent a disease from invading the body. After all, doctors quite commonly believe that the tonsils, adenoids, gall bladder, and appendix are unnecessary parts of the body and don't think twice about suggesting their removal. Kinda makes one go "Hmmmmmm!"

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About the author:
Wendy Merrill, CCI, M.S. Hol. Nutr.

Wendy is a natural health and nutritional consultant, an IIPA Board Certified iridologist and serves on the International Iridology Practitioners Association Board of Directors. She also holds a Masters degree in Holistic Nutritional Sciences and is the Founder of VisualEyes Health (, a holistic nutritional consulting company using iridology assessments along with other non-invasive procedures to assist healing.

She is passionate about natural health living, with added emphasis on iridology (both human and animal), homeopathy, sports nutrition, nutritional physiology, facial diagnostics and nature photography.

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