Six health-boosting, life-saving practices to start today

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by: PF Louis
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(NaturalNews) It takes tearing away from the matrix on many levels to take responsibility for your health. Not taking mainstream media's health reporting seriously and reading Natural News (NN) often is a first step.

It's also a good idea to delve more into NN articles' sources under the main text. All it takes is a click of a link to go deeper into an article's subject. That's it for the news.

Six (plus) health-boosting tips

(1) Healthy eating is obvious regardless of whatever else you do. One diet does not fit all. An Ayurvedic doctor or holistic practitioner can help determine what's best for you. Of course, trial and error works too.

Regardless of which dietary approach you pursue, avoid junk foods, processed and/or GMO foods, and become a label reader. If there are ingredients that you're not sure about, leave it on the shelf until you research what they are. Minimize sugar intake without using artificial sweeteners.

Raw honey helps you satisfy your sweet tooth while promoting health.

Try sticking with lots of fresh organic veggies and fruits. If you're okay with grains, use bulk, organic grains and legumes. Be relaxed when you eat, chew thoroughly, and avoid overeating.

Don't be intimidated by mainstream health matrix propaganda condemning all fats. Discover healthy fats but avoid processed, hydrogenated trans-fatty oils and all canola oil. (

(2) Hydrate with pure water. Sodas and off the shelf juices are unhealthy. Stay highly hydrated but don't use commercially sold bottled water unless you're sure it's actually spring water or mineral water.

Brand name offerings are usually just tap water wrapped in BPA (bisphenol A). (

If your municipal water is fluoridated and you can't get real spring water or install a reverse osmosis and carbon filter machine, you can fill containers from reverse osmosis/carbon filter public water purifiers in almost any food store for no more than 50 cents per gallon.

Fluoridated water is a health killer.

Reverse osmosis removes 85 percent of the sodium fluoride. But it removes some mineral content also. Simply add that mineral content back with some real sea salt or trace mineral drops from a health food store. Use purified water for cooking, steaming, and soups also.

(3) Eliminate toxic household items, including all flexible plastics and recycled toilet paper containing BPA or BPS. Same goes for plastic shower curtains and some plastic toys.

Avoid Styrofoam cups and plates for hot beverages and foods, and don't use microwave ovens for heating, cooking or boiling water.

Use only natural pesticides and insecticides. Common detergents and dryer sheets are toxic. Find natural substitutes. Same with cosmetics, especially underarm deodorants, fragrances, and toothpastes.

(4) Supplement judiciously with natural vitamins C and D3, the latter can come from exposing bare skin to direct sunlight or D3 vitamins. Many swear by CoQ-10 for overall vitality, especially as ubiquinol.

MSM (sulfur) promotes vitality.

The most important yet commonly deficient mineral is magnesium. It's more important to supplement magnesium, not calcium, for many reasons. (

Green superfoods such as chlorella and spirulina are worth investigating. Use organic cilantro in your food as much as possible with either green superfood to help eliminate heavy metals. If your thyroid is sluggish, look into supplementing iodine.

(5) Exercise moderately often. No gym memberships are required with the following suggestions. Walking briskly a mile or more five times a week works fine. You can drain accumulated nasty lymph fluid by jumping on a mini-trampoline or "rebounder" daily.

Yoga instructions are accessible in most areas, and yoga is an excellent external and internal organ toner that increases vitality and health without wearing you out in the process.

(6) Meditate. The last pose or asana in yoga, the "corpse pose" will lead into mediation if practiced properly. Meditating daily even for minutes at a time will help calm your mind, ease anxiety, sleep better, and align the chi energy for better health.

Sources for this article include:

Excellent magnesium data by Dr. Mark Sircus

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