The top stress-busting foods and natural remedies

Sunday, March 10, 2013 by: PF Louis
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(NaturalNews) A book called Toxemia Explained written in 1926 by an iconoclastic doctor, John Tilden MD, basically put the whole medical industry's efforts to curing disease as a futile practice of chasing shadows, causing many "to sacrifice their lives on the alter of modern medicine."

Dr. Tilden puts the root of all disease as toxemia. Toxemia is result of the body's inability to release toxic metabolic waste. This was 1926, before today's abundant environmental and food toxins were introduced. He was referring to the body's inability to release metabolic waste.

He pointed to what he labeled enervation as what dams up metabolic waste instead of ridding the body of it as fast as it comes in. According to Dr. Tilden, a major toxin elimination block is the enervation of fear-based stress.

Stress is not always an external situation. It's more the result of how you handle "stressful situations" and not carry them around 24/7. Worry, tension, anxiety, pushing oneself too hard, even extreme ambition are all components of enervation, according to Dr. Tilden.

You can download Dr. Tilden's 150 page book free here:

Foods, herbs, and active measures for de-stressing

Magnesium is the master mineral, and most of us are deficient. This is due mostly to the standard American diet (SAD) and topsoil mineral depletion. And stress helps burn up what little we have of this mineral that is vitally essential to over 300 cellular metabolic functions.

Dr. Mark Hyman calls magnesium the ultimate relaxation mineral. It is extremely overlooked as such, and a study in the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine shows that those who are magnesium deficient are twice as likely to die as others under intensive care.

Any sign of tightness, whether physical or mental, cramps, tension, or irritability could all be signs of magnesium deficiency. But it's a two way street, where the deficiency can cause stress and where stress can cause the deficiency.

Alcohol and caffeine lower magnesium levels. Even hard workouts that make you sweat a lot will eliminate some magnesium.

So in addition to eating lots of organic greens and some high cacao concentrated dark chocolate, it's wise to supplement. Dr. Hyman lists several foods and supplements that will help raise your magnesium levels.

But there are three methods of magnesium intake that are superior to most supplements and foods. One is magnesium oil applied topically. It's not really an oil, but slippery feeling, magnesium-rich water from ancient sea sources. It's also possible to soak in a tub of Epsom salts to absorb extra magnesium.

There are a couple of pricey magnesium supplement powders that fizz in hot water to be consumed orally after adding cold water. They are "Calm" and "A to B Calm" and both offer quick, dramatic tension relief on several levels.

Chamomile and lemon balm teas work well to calm you after a tough day or anytime you feel the need. St. John's Wort is very popular as an anti-depressant and anxiety-relieving herbal remedy. It usually takes a couple weeks of daily use to chill out a bit.

Then there is meditation. A daily practice of meditation will lead you through the portals of stress and into a more centered, serene mind as you continue the practice.

Yoga offers a physical exercise routine that doesn't deplete you energy or magnesium. It tends to invigorate the body thoroughly while inducing relaxation. The last pose of any yoga series of postures or asanas is what's commonly referred to as the corpse pose.

If mastered, it's the perfect bridge to meditation as pointed out in the last section of this article:

The Indian mystic Meher Baba once said "do your best and don't worry, be happy." This teaching is meant to undertake tasks calmly and cheerfully without expectations and/or fearing consequences.

Sources for this article include:,_Be_Happy

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