Yet another mainstream media biotech GMO psyop to confuse the ignorant

Friday, March 08, 2013 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: biotech, GMOs, Mark Lynas

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(NaturalNews) It's strange that environmental journalist/activist Mark Lynas makes a speech confessing his wayward madness for opposing GMO agriculture, and it manages to make it into the New York Times online op-ed section on the heels of the shocking French GMO tumor study.

Mark claims to have been a strong opponent of GMOs for years. Yet, a commenter who's been a Green Party activist mentioned that Mark's GMO oppositional activity has been recent and sporadic. Just enough to qualify him as a GMO opponent.

In October 2011, leaked documents from Europe's largest biotech industry group, EurpoaBio, claimed to have potential interest in Mark Lynas as well as several other individuals for becoming ambassadors for GMOs in Europe.

Of course, Mark Lynas denied this after the news with the leaked documents appeared in an October 20, 2011 Guardian article. The article mentions that these "ambassadors" won't be paid directly.

But they would be set up with speaking engagements, lectures, and book signing tours. Just enough to make a narcissistic journalist without a true moral compass salivate.

Narcissistic nitwit becomes biotech shill

Mark's claim to fame appears to have been off the man-made climate change issue. You know, the issue that calls for carbon taxes. But he endorses nuclear energy for creating more power plants. Never mind the issue of hazardous nuclear waste mounting with nowhere to go. That's your idea of the lesser of two evils, right Mark?

So, Mark has created notoriety as a journalist/activist for an environmental cause that is popular in large part from the popularity of the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" narrated by Al Gore, whose massive estate has a carbon footprint larger than the Jolly Green Giant's.

Mark's timing for his turn-about GMO mea culpa comes suspiciously close to the shock waves of Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini's two year study, which was actually an extension of the exact same 90 day study Monsanto used to get EU approval.

He constantly refers to anti-GMO "hysteria" as unscientific, which he claims was the way he was until confronted with the "science." Yet, Mark's statements only reflect the press release talking points of biotech industry's biased, bogus science.

Mark's "confession" is full of inaccurate commentary. For example, "I'd assumed that no one wanted GM. Actually what happened was that Bt cotton was pirated into India and roundup ready soya into Brazil because farmers were so eager to use them."

Really, Mark? Have you checked the stats on Indian farmers' rising suicide rates due to their depressed crop yields that prevent them from meeting Monsanto's tyrannical contract demands?

Maybe you and your fellow GMO advocate "scientific" blowhards should thoroughly read this article covering international farmers' complaints. (

And look over this compilation of reports gathered by an international group of concerned farm and food activists (

It seems you've conveniently ignored several studies, including a vast UN study, that have determined the best way to feed the world is through regional organic farming.

It's interesting that this psyop mimics pharmaceutical whistleblowers who lecture and write after leaving their lucrative positions out of sincere concerns. Why not stage a talk from a bogus whistleblowing, fake, former anti-GMO activist?

Apparently Mark has joined the hired hack bottom feeders like Brian Deer who slandered Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues on behalf of the vaccine industry. (

If your stomach is empty or you're in the mood for dark humor, Mark's speech video and text are in the first link below. Don't be fooled.

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