Health Basics: Is the U.S. processed food industry fooling you with sales manipulation tactics?

Sunday, March 03, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: false marketing, food industry, tactics

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(NaturalNews) "Close by choice" is a sales tactic used by the U.S. processed food industry for tricking the general public into choosing "less toxic" food. Take the 10 question "close by choice" test and see how much you really know about toxic food, and test your knowledge about tricky sales tactics that might have you thinking you're choosing healthy food, when in fact, you're fueling a "carcinogenic" agenda.

Which of each of the following choices sounds healthier to you? Make a "healthier" choice for each question then assess your results afterward using the Natural News health gauge:

1. Bleached bread or whole grain bread?
2. Red meat or white meat (chicken and turkey)?
3. White pasta or whole wheat pasta?
4. Farm raised fish or GMO salmon?
5. Cow's milk or soy milk?
6. For dieting, which are better? Splenda or Equal? Light or Zero?
7. Monosodium glutamate or autolyzed yeast extract?
8. Microwaving food, frying it or boiling it?
9. "All natural" or foods labeled "no additives or preservatives?"
10. Canned food, bagged food or boxed food?

If you didn't figure it out yet, every question is a trick to make you decide between toxic food and "less toxic food," or in some cases, just more of the same. This is what the food industry does to keep you thinking you're doing the right thing, if even just sometimes, so you think you're on the right track and so you won't do research, and look up the Natural News health gauge, the real deal about food and medicine.

Close by choice is a method, a strategy, and a closing question sales people use to get you to buy a product from them instead of from the competition, to keep your mind on the prize, which is the bad food they're selling. This keeps your mind from thinking about them versus organic, or them versus your local farmer. You see? People fall for it all the time; they buy cars and even homes they don't want, or that have some major flaws, just because they didn't look further, or further into it, to unveil the lies and the "broken" product.

Natural News health gauge

Everything you eat, drink, put on your skin, put in your home, take to work, and everything you do to stay healthy should be cross-checked by reading articles on Natural News and similar educational websites, and making an informed decision after reading.

Did you know?

Many products labeled with one of the most widely used whole-grain certifications were found to actually be higher in sugar and calories than products not bearing this label.

What are your choices regarding GMOs in a box? Will you lose weight or just get sick?

If you just "open the box and eat the food," what happens? How bad is food in a box anyway? GMO chicken pot pie may just be the carcinogen of choice for some zombies, but if you want to take the "die" out of diet, and if you want to lose weight and be safe about it, check out organic solutions. (

Have you ever heard of a raw food lifestyle, or even 80/20 raw ratio? Should you eat 80 percent of your organic vegetables raw? Yes, you should. You can alkalize your body and destroy sickness. Did you know that once you heat food hotter than about 118 degrees, its dead food and your body doesn't get nutrition or the nutrients from it that it needs to maintain proper health and wellness?

Never believe the television or newspaper, which gets its funding from advertising dangerous drugs, toxic food, and corporate driven "close by choice" tactics. You're much smarter than that. Your body is the temple of your soul, so keep your guards ready.

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