50 ways to love your liver: Home remedies to detox and keep the life in your liver

Friday, February 22, 2013 by: JB Bardot
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(NaturalNews) Your liver is your body's primary organ of detoxification; when it's not well, neither are you. The human liver filters drugs, nutrients and toxins from the body, produces bile to help digest fats, and removes toxic bilirubin from the blood. Home remedies, foods and alternative treatments keep your liver happy and keep your body healthy.

Foods that strengthen the liver

Organic foods supply nutrients without pesticides and chemicals
Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage increase liver enzymes to flush carcinogens
Beets and carrots promote increased liver function with beta-carotene
Healthy fats such as olive, coconut and flax seed oils protect against gallstones
Garlic and onions activate liver enzymes flushing toxins
Dark chocolate -- 85 percent cocoa or better -- provides antioxidant protection against cirrhosis
Drink half your weight in ounces daily in filtered, fluoride-free water
Avocados and walnuts provide glutathione to cleanse toxins
Apples are high in pectin removing toxins from the digestive tract, protecting the liver
Two tablespoons of lemon juice daily with water alkalizes the blood and detoxifies
Non-GMO lecithin supports the liver and gallbladder in fat digestion
Leafy green vegetables stimulate the flow of bile

What damages the liver?

Some foods and additives flood the liver with chemicals, interfering with its ability to adequately clear the body of toxins.

Genetically modified foods (GMOs)
Trans fats and hydrogenated oils
High fructose corn syrup
Sodas loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners
MSG, a food additive and flavor enhancer found in almost all processed foods
Alcohol, especially if you have liver disease
Processed and fast foods devoid of adequate nutrition
Soy-based foods, unless fermented
Medicines that can overload the liver causing long-term damage.


Lifestyle changes support the digestive system, helping to strengthen liver function and lessen the burden on detoxification.

Regular exercise stimulates digestion
Chew food well to release digestive enzymes
Encourage sweating to remove toxins through the skin, relieving the liver
Maintain intestinal health by avoiding toxin buildup in the bowel
Avoid smoking cigarettes
Use chemical-free, cleaning and personal care products
Avoid chemical yard and bug sprays

Liver treatments

Herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies repair damage and maintain liver health. Consult a natural health practitioner for dosing guidelines.

Milk thistle fights oxidation and free radicals, reversing cirrhosis
Burdock root cleanses the liver and assists detoxification
Green tea is high in catechins that support liver function
Dandelion is a natural detox flush
Turmeric reduces inflammation relieving symptoms of cirrhosis
Cinnamon reduces blood levels of glucose and fructose slowing development of fatty liver disease
Aloe vera is a digestive tonic and pain reliever
Alpha Lipoic Acid possesses antioxidant properties; supporting healthy liver function
Activated charcoal protects the liver by absorbing toxins
Ayurveda suggests cleansing the liver with highly alkaline sugarcane or pomegranate juice
Mix turmeric powder with milk and drink daily
Chewing fennel seeds after meals aids digestion
Avoid supplementing with iron unless under medical supervision

Homeopathic remedies

Nux vomica --
Indicated for enlarged livers due to alcohol abuse
Carduus marianus -- Indicated for jaundice, headache, nausea, vomiting and a white tongue. Relieves gallstone colic.
Natrum Sulphuricum -- Dissolves gallstones and relieves hepatitis
Ammonium muriaticum -- Used for pinching, shooting pains in the upper right abdomen
Taraxacum -- Indicated for hardened livers, accompanied by jaundice, bilious diarrhea, and gastritis
Chelidonium -- Indicated for an enlarged live, sharp stitching pains worse on the right side extending to the right shoulder blade
Rumex Crispus -- Stimulates digestion and cleanses the gallbladder and bile ducts
Bryonia -- Relieves stitching pains in the right side of the abdomen made worse with movement. Relieves jaundice brought on by anger.
Podophyllum -- Used to increase the flow of bile and relieve congestion and jaundice accompanied by diarrhea

Sources for this article include:
Boericke, William; Materia Medica and Repertory; Jain Publishing, 1998

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