Dietary secrets for autistic children

Monday, February 18, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
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(NaturalNews) If you are the parent or guardian of a child with autism, then you already know how difficult it can be to deal with all the erratic outbursts, chronic speech impediments, learning deficiencies, and other behavioral and cognitive abnormalities that so often characterize the condition. But the good news is that a life of treating these symptoms with behavioral therapies and pharmaceutical drugs is not your only option, as certain dietary and lifestyle changes have the potential to greatly alleviate, and potentially even cure, your child's autism naturally.

To all the parents out there who are serious about curing their children's autism, and who are willing to commit to going the extra mile to see that their children get the nutrients they need to see real progress, here are some helpful dietary and lifestyle strategies that may prove beneficial in providing relief and healing for your child:

1) Get rid of all processed foods, refined sugars, preservatives, and chemicals. Before starting any drastic new nutritional protocols, it is important to first cleanse your life of the things that are likely exacerbating your child's autistic symptoms. Processed foods, for instance, are typically loaded with refined sugars and flours, chemical preservatives, food colorings, and other additives implicated in causing hyperactivity, learning disorders, and similar autism symptoms.

Instead, stick with whole, organic foods eaten raw or cooked fresh, and seasoned with real spices that have not been irradiated or otherwise chemically treated. Fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables; raw and sprouted nuts; and pasture-based meats and raw dairy products without antibiotics are all preferable to boxed or canned foods that have been heavily processed and fortified with synthetic vitamins and other chemicals.

2) Stop using chemicals around your house, yard. Environmentally, it is important to also rid your house of toxic cleaning products. This means replacing things like antibacterial cleaning sprays with natural, herb-based sprays or a mixture of natural vinegar and baking soda. You will also need to scrap the bleach, conventional laundry detergents, dryer sheets, window cleaners, bug sprays, and all other chemical-based household products and replace them with natural varieties.

3) Juice regularly, and chelate (detoxify). Once you have taken these vital first steps, you will want to begin fortifying your autistic child's health through juicing and chelation, or detoxification. Juicing fresh greens, apples, carrots and beets, for instance, and feeding this blend to your child several times throughout each day will help him or her make positives steps towards real recovery. Beets are a natural chelating agent, so it is important to include them in your child's regular diet.

Eleni Prokopeas of successfully healed her son's autism by changing his diet, feeding him fresh juices daily, and giving him natural chelating agents, among other things. Her 10-step plan to healing autism naturally includes the following:

• Prepare mentally -- major lifestyle and dietary changes can seem drastic at first, but they are worth it!
• Get into action mode -- actively clean out your kitchen, get rid of unhealthy food, cleanse your environment, get rid of appliances like your microwave, etc.
• Commit to living a chemical-free, "green" life
• Change your diet -- serve your family only organic or chemical-free foods, preferably fresh or frozen to start. Nothing in a box, no processed salt, and only raw or gently-cooked foods. Avoid soy and eat plenty of potassium-rich foods.
• Stop trying to address just the symptoms of autism, and instead address the body as a whole
• Juice regularly -- greens, carrots, apple juice, and beets are a great place to start
• Commit to these lifestyle changes -- No more macaroni and cheese, fast food, soda, non-stick cookware, or chemical cleaners
• Chelate -- detoxify your body, fat, bloodstream of heavy metals and chemicals. Supplement with 2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid (DMPS), use an infrared sauna for sweating and detoxification, take compound minerals and vitamins before and after going in the sauna, drink beet juice, get soft tissue massages, take digestive enzymes, and supplement with natural iodine.
• Get therapy, but only after you have already followed these steps
• Live fearlessly, and take control of your own health and life

Several years ago, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, interviewed Eleni Prokopeas on the issue of autism. In this amazing Health Ranger Report, Eleni explains in full detail how she cured her son's vaccine-induced autism. Be sure to listen to this life-changing report here:

4) Adopt the methods of the Gerson Diet. Part of Eleni's success story involves using many of the dietary and lifestyle methods recommended as part of the Gerson Therapy for treating cancer. The Gerson Institute has some helpful information on its website about both the full-fledged Gerson Therapy and the reduced Gerson Diet, both of which are helpful for detoxifying and healing. You can learn more about the benefits of the Gerson Therapy and Gerson Diet here:

Again, be sure to listen to the Health Ranger Report with Eleni Prokopeas for a real-life testament about how autism can be cured through diet and lifestyle:

You can also visit Eleni's blog at:

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