100% foolproof solution to stop the TSA from stealing valuables out of your carry-on bag (video)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
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(NaturalNews) I keep hearing horror stories of people getting things stolen out of their carry-on luggage by the TSA. Thefts of valuable electronics, precious coins, cash and other items by TSA agents are ridiculously common, and seemingly countless numbers of TSA employees have been caught red-handed stealing from travelers (see headlines, below).

I've never had anything stolen by the TSA thanks to a foolproof anti-theft system I developed when I used to travel to South America, where theft of valuable electronics is also extremely common.

Headline: Convicted TSA agent who stole more than $800K worth of goods from passengers says stealing from bags is very common

My TSA anti-theft method allows you to travel safely and securely with all the following items in your carry-on luggage, without them being stolen by TSA thieves!

• Thousands of dollars worth of gold coins
• Cash
• Jewelry
• iPads, iPhones and other electronics
• Laptop computers
• Valuable optics such as rifle scopes

... and so on.

I explain it all in this simple video you can view here:

Or click here to watch it on the Natural News video network.

Headline: TSA agent admits to stealing cash from passenger as punishment

Another headline: Top 20 airports where TSA thugs are most likely to steal your stuff

How it works

This anti-theft system works because TSA theft of valuables is based on what I call "opportunity theft" involving two factors:

1) Easy access to your carry-on bag out of your eyesight.

2) Ability for a TSA agent to slip a valuable object into his pocket without being noticed.

Since you can't stop point #1, it follows that if you want to prevent TSA goons from stealing your stuff, you have to stop point #2.

That raises the question: How do you prevent TSA agents from being able to easily slip your valuables into their pockets so that they can later sell them on eBay?

The short answers is to cable all your valuables together, inside your carry-on bag.

My video shows you how it's done. Click here to watch it now.

Headline: 'I was addicted to stealing... and everyone else did it too': Ex-TSA agent reveals epidemic of thefts from passengers as he admits he took almost $1 MILLION in possessions

Another headline: TSA caught red-handed stealing iPad from ABC News investigative journalists - video

WHY my anti-theft system works

My TSA anti-theft system works because to defeat it would require a TSA thief to conduct all the following steps:

1) Open your bag
2) Try to steal something
3) Realize your valuables are all "connected" as described in my video
4) Pull out a pair of wire cutters (a very risky move for a TSA employee)
5) Cut the cable connecting your valuables (also a risky move)
6) Remove the cable from whatever valuable item he wanted to steal
7) Re-pocket the wire cutters
8) Pocket the stolen valuables

Mark my words when I tell you that no TSA goon has the time to pull this off! Especially not when they are operating under security cameras, under the watchful eyes of other TSA employees, and also while potentially being watched by other travelers.

Furthermore, cutting the cable leaves no doubt that a theft took place. Such a theft can't simply be blown off with the typical, "Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about. You must have lost it." A cut cable is legally-admissible evidence that a theft was planned and carried out.

That's why any TSA thief who opens your bag and sees all your valuables cabled together as I show in the video will do one -- and only one -- thing: "NEXT BAG!"

This means your bag moves on down the line. Because there is an endless stream of other bags to steal from that don't have the risk and the trouble of cutting cables.

Remember: Don't be a naive traveler. TSA employees are criminals. This is not debatable. The TSA actually goes out of its way to hire child molesters, pedophiles, and people with criminal records. TSA agents have openly admitted to running massive theft rings.

If you leave valuables in your carry-on bag, the TSA can simply say "Oh, we have to scan your bag a second time" and when they walk the bag back to the X-ray machine to scan it again, this is the moment in which they are feeling around inside your bag and stealing valuable electronics, all completely out of your sight. This is also why TSA goons wear large-fitting pants -- so they can hide all the stolen goods in their pockets!

My anti-theft cable solution is 100% foolproof and it works! The only way your stuff can get stolen with this system is if the TSA steals your entire bag!

Now my only wish is to develop a system to stop members of Congress from stealing from your paycheck, but that seems to be a more complex problem requiring a much longer cable.

Improving on my system: How to make it even better!

• If you have a structural element of your bag that you can loop with the cable, go ahead and run the cable through that as well. This will attach all your valuables to the structure of the bag itself.

• The MORE stuff you have on the cable, the more secure it is because the larger the collection of "stuff" is (thereby making it harder to steal). In other words, having five items on the cable is more secure than only having two.

• You can also intentionally add a very large bulky item to the cable just to make it more difficult to steal out of your bag. For example, consider adding a Plano organizer box such as this:


The cable lock device I used in this video was purchased at Amazon.com for around $15:

Here's a similar cable lock by Trimax:

If you prefer a padlock with a key, you can also use a cable lock system like this:

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