Behavior rituals you can 'replace and replenish' for transitioning into 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Are you now, or have you ever been locked into one, two or all three of the following "bad" behavior rituals; cigarettes, fast food or a bad diet? You can transition from a bad 2012 routine to a great 2013 routine, where health, energy, immunity and vitality are your new "norm."

Cigarettes; a behavior addiction

Why do you smoke cigarettes? Is it for the relaxation or for the pep of it? Nicotine addiction only lasts 3 to 4 days, so why do most smokers who quit return within 6 months? They are addicted to the behavior rituals they have grown accustomed to doing, over and over, day after day. You can get the same results from the right herbs and supplements, without damaging your body, but who knew?

Start off with the breathing ritual: Inhale - hold - exhale ... and do that as many times as you would if you with one cigarette. If you smoke a pack a day, that's about 250 times you "breathe" that way; if you smoke two packs a day that's 500 times! How will you replace that ritual, that behavior you're so used to? Yoga practitioners and martial artists can train you on breathing techniques to reduce stress. You could go outside at work and practice the long inhale - hold - and exhale, just as if smoking. Every time you would take a break and go breathe! (

The same goes for the hand to mouth ritual: If you smoke a pack a day, that's 250 times and two packs a day is 500 times. How will you replace that ritual, that behavior you're so used to? You can replace that ritual with healthy treats like Superfoods, raw nuts, berries, cut veggies, etc. ( Superfoods aid the smoker, especially during the first 6 months when needed most, with energy, vitality, immunity and digestive support!

Your way out could be "14AndOut," the all natural method to "Stop smoking in 14 days or less," which addresses chemical addiction, behavior rituals and nutrition. Smoking makes people nervous by damaging their central nervous system and controlling their natural emotions and their motivation (dopamine and serotonin) levels. ( 14AndOut is an organic, balanced method with a built in 14 day escape plan with a very high success rate.

The 14AndOut program recommends supplementing with Mucuna, the natural velvet bean extract that replenishes dopamine levels and kills the cravings of nicotine/cigarettes. ( Vitamin B complex also balances the central nervous system and can reverse damage that the chemicals in cigarettes have done/are doing. (

Fast food; a behavior addiction

Why do people flock to fast food joints without thinking twice? Is it because the food products are cheap, hot, fast and easy, with no preparation and no clean up? Or does the clean up come later, when you least expect it, and involve a heart attack or stroke? It's time to stop all that madness in its tracks. If you know the truth, then you can face it and move on. Right now is the best time to change your bad food "behavior ritual," especially at the New Year when serious resolutions are often made. Why not make reachable ones this year and use Natural News as your guide. (

Damaging diets; a behavior addiction

How many people do you know who talk about dieting, but rarely change their health or looks? Some people bounce in and out of diets, losing 10 or maybe 20 pounds, only to put it right back on a few months later. Some people hit that "plateau," and no matter what they do, they can't lose a pound. What about them? Where are they going wrong? Doesn't the famous "low-carb" diet work anymore? Did it ever? ( What about people who consume "fake sugars" or artificial sweeteners? The results of the cancer studies haven't confirmed anything about those yet, have they? Wouldn't the FDA tell you if artificial sweeteners were toxic carcinogens? (

What about MSG, monosodium glutamate, and its addictive power? Do any doctors, pharmacists, cancer specialists, or TV talk shows mention how artificial sweeteners and MSG are addictive and actually make you FAT? Oh, you didn't know? What artificial sweeteners cause the most damage to your body, blood and organs? Are they part of your daily routine - like in soda, coffee or tea? Toxic sweeteners show up in most gum, candy, mints, and food labeled "light," "zero" or "fat free." You could easily replace them with a safe low-cal or zero-cal sweetener like xylitol or Stevia. (

Have you ever heard about or thought of buying a "juicer?" Do you know what to juice and the benefits? What if you had a juicer and a "magic bullet" or "nutra-bullet," would your life be different if you used them every day, instead of smoking, or eating fast food, or being on some dangerous, bad diet? Want control of your weight, your energy and your beautiful skin? Eat Superfoods and check out the Natural News store which just opened a few months ago. Start off with organic health shakes and powders for "surthrival." (

This New Year 2013, make a two part resolution that will change everything else you do in the biggest ways. You can do it. Improve your health, romance, your extra curricular pleasures, and clear your thinking:

1. Replace the toxins: get rid of the cigarettes, the fast food, the MSG, the GMO, the Aspartame, the Sucralose, the Sorbitol, the fluoride, the bleach, and all the processed, junk food.

2. Replenish the body: Find out about probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, tinctures, Superfoods, amino acids, raw foods, juicing, organic gardens and local farmer's markets.

"No barrier now; lofty mountain to one riding the wind." - Sho Ka, 1991

Good luck and may this be the best year of your life yet!

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