British saboteur Piers Morgan wants to disarm and enslave America just like before the Revolutionary War

Thursday, December 20, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: Piers Morgan, disarmament, Revolutionary War

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(NaturalNews) It has been said that Great Britain and the United States are two nations divided by a common language. We are also divided by our forms of government - a fact that we here at Natural News would like to remind CNN host Piers Morgan about.

In an ambush interview conducted with Larry Pratt, longtime head of the pro-Second Amendment organization, Gun Owners of America this week, the cheeky Brit did all he could to belittle and humiliate his guest while making assumptions about America that are neither correct nor, as a British subject, are any of his business.

The former "America's Got Talent" judge and current bottom-dweller among cable news programs baited a prepared Pratt with this opening question: Can you try to explain to me why you believe the answer to (mass shootings at schools and other public places) is to arm teachers?"

Answering, Pratt calmly explained that he believes his solution is the proper one "because the alternative is what we've seen - people were reduced, waiting to be murdered, without being able to do anything effective to protect themselves, protect the adults, protect the children... It seems so obvious, since we have concealed carry laws in all of our country now...and yet we have laws that say, not at schools..."

Morgan then asked where would the guns be, and Pratt replied that the teachers themselves would carry them, provided they had a conceal permit to do so.

Cue the faux outrage.

Morgan then went on a very staged rant, throwing out gun-related homicide statistics as though he knew what he was talking about, rudely cutting Pratt off when he was trying to address Morgan's questions, and even berating Pratt a few times for his demeanor (Morgan scolded Pratt to "please stop laughing," when Pratt was clearly smiling at the preposterous phony outrage demonstrated by the host).

Figures don't lie, but liars figure

Well, look. It's probably pointless to do so, since Morgan has a long, established history of being ignorant about gun crime in the U.S., has an obvious anti-gun agenda and is clueless about the real causes behind firearms-related violence in this country:

-- The U.S. does have the highest rate of gun ownership - 88 guns per 100 people - for a grand total of roughly 35-50 percent of the world's privately-owned weapons.

-- However, the U.S. does not have the worst firearm homicide rate; that dubious honor belongs to Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica.

-- Puerto Rico has the world's highest murder rate, as a percentage of all homicides.

-- According to the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, firearm-related crime has plummeted in the U.S. since 1993 - not coincidentally, the same period of time that concealed carry laws have proliferated across the country, with the number of Americans carrying a weapon growing exponentially.

-- After 1996, less than 10 percent of nonfatal violent crimes involved a firearm (though, according to 2010 figures, the U.S. city with the highest firearms-related shooting deaths was in one of the most heavily gun-controlled: Washington, D.C. The nation's capital also topped the list for the most robberies committed with a gun).

-- Gun-related homicides are most prevalent among gangs during the commission of felonies.

-- Despite a steady rise in gun sales, gun crimes decreased in the U.S. for the fourth straight year in 2010.

Now, some crime stats about the sanctimonious Morgan's United Kingdom, and the rest of the European Union:

-- The UK has the highest violent crime rate in Europe, according to a 2009 report by The Telegraph, which used figures gathered by the European Commission.

-- The EC analysis "showed a 77 percent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offences in the UK since (the) Labor (Party) came to power," said the paper. Labor is Britain's equivalent of progressive Democrats in the U.S.

-- The UK's murder rate was higher than most western European neighbors, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

-- The UK had the fifth-highest robbery rate.

-- The UK had the highest number of burglaries.

-- In 2007, more than 10 crimes per minute were recorded in Britain - second only to Sweden.

-- Violent crime is also prevalent in France, which recorded 324,765 violent crimes in 2007 - a 67 per cent increase in the past decade - at a rate of 504 per 100,000 population.

Who is CNN?

So, the message to Morgan is quite simply this: Shut up. Stop your incessant moralizing. Get a clue and get real about your realagenda when it comes to American-owned guns: You, like your progressive brethren there at CNN, favor outright gun bans, and you won't quit skewing numbers and lying about the facts until you get it.

Meantime, Americans who weren't around back then have nonetheless learned about the last time our descendants were enslaved - by England, no less.

We threw off that yoke of tyranny and we haven't looked back since, and we're not starting now, despite the ranting of a bottom-feeding cable news host who works for a dying network.


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