Assistant editor of prominent science journal groped, molested and sexually assaulted by TSA

Thursday, December 06, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
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(NaturalNews) In a recent guest column published in the independent daily newspaper The Day, Karen Kaplan, a veteran journalist and assistant editor of the popular science journal Nature, retells her recent harrowing experience with U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia. According to her personal account, Kaplan was targeted by TSA screeners who molested and sexually assaulted her, and she is now calling on the illegitimate federal agency to be immediately disbanded.

Like many travelers before her, Kaplan became a victim of the world's most invasive and inappropriate "security" screening, a TSA pat down, after walking through the security line wearing a long skirt, which apparently constitutes a major security risk. In her scathing column, Kaplan recounts that two TSA screeners pulled her aside to tell her she needed to be groped because of the skirt, upon which Kaplan requested that the unavoidable pat down be done in private. Once in the private room; however, one of the TSA screeners proceeded to reach her hand up Kaplan's skirt and feel around in a highly inappropriate manner.

"The search involved highly invasive groping and probing of my private areas," writes Kaplan. "As part of the procedure, which took five to six minutes, the TSA agent reached into my skirt, exploring front to back ... I am horrified and disgusted by the experience -- a clear example of absolute abuse of absolute power. I feel violated and raped."

TSA: A legacy of perpetrating theft, committing sexual assault, and engaging in domestic terrorism

These are powerful words that some might assume to be an exaggeration, but they more than accurately describe the humiliating, and absolutely unconstitutional, experience that thousands of other American travelers also experience on a daily basis while traveling through U.S. airports. As we have covered in dozens of articles over the past several years, TSA agents routinely steal travelers' luggage, grab people's genitals, and harass members of the press and others that are openly critical of the agency's flagrant abuses.

As reported by Steve Watson over at InfoWars.com, dozens of other journalists and prominent figures besides Kaplan, many of whom have previously called out the TSA for its wild abuses, have endured similar types of institutionalized terrorism by the agency. Popular columnist and talk show host Amy Alkon, for instance, whose work is published in over 100 newspapers throughout North America, recalled in a recent blog post about how TSA screeners at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York "groped" her breasts and felt her vagina. (http://www.prisonplanet.com)

Last year, Alkon says she had a similar incident at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in California, where TSA screeners allegedly penetrated her vagina four times during an "aggressive pat down." Alkon was actually threatened with a defamation lawsuit for coming out with this information, and her attempts to file sexual assault charges against the screeners responsible were struck down. And there have been many other with similar stories of abuse by the TSA.

"TSA agents who subject passengers to this odious, invasive and abusive 'pat down' -- a screamingly laughable euphemism if ever there was one -- are operating under the same psychological principle that prompts prison guards to abuse and torture inmates -- they do it because they can," adds Kaplan in her column. "The TSA, a worthless and money-sucking artifact of the George W. Bush administration, must be disbanded, or, at least, stripped of the power it now holds to commit such assaults."

TSA is, and always will be, an unconstitutional affront to freedom and liberty in America

Well-versed in constitutional principles, Kaplan clearly identifies the fact that TSA procedures, and the TSA itself, violate the U.S. Constitution in several ways. Forcing innocent passengers to be molested and assaulted in order to freely travel; for instance, blatantly violates the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure without warrant or probable cause. The Tenth Amendment also prohibits the federal government from assuming unauthorized positions of power such as those it has illegally granted itself in the form of the TSA.

"The regulations that permit the agency's so-called security procedures must be changed immediately to bar these practices," writes Kaplan about current TSA protocols. "They are wholly ineffective -- not once since their implementation have they actually thwarted a potential act of terrorism -- and they violate our personal, constitutional, civil and legal rights. They must end now."

You can read Kaplan's full column here:

The Tenth Amendment Center, a national think tank working to restore the limited government republic our Founding Fathers intended, is also encouraging individual states to take back their constitutional authority in security matters by passing "freedom to travel" legislation that would eradicate these federal government terrorists from their airports:

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