ORCA act ensures all food and medicine to be 100% GMO within 4 years (satire)

Monday, November 26, 2012 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: ORCA Act, GMO, satire

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(NaturalNews) (Satire) You may be wondering why neither President Obama nor Governor Romney spoke for one single second during the campaigns or debates about how toxic food and prescription medications are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, and neither "candidate" had any kind of platform regarding securing legislation and regulations for the chemically polluted food industry, the dangers of genetically modified food, or the beloved "war on drugs." (

Maybe you just want to know about how the U.S. government coordinates with regulatory agencies to find cures for diseases, protect our soil, and keep our food pure and natural. It's hard to talk about a massive problem when everyone is distracted by much smaller issues like lower taxes and lower gas prices, though. So we conferred with top officials to bring you this update and inside story about ORCA (yes, like the whale), the Organized Regulatory Corruption Act, which is the largest health and food "awareness and control program" you've never seen, but will. Big question:

What do the following nine "parent" organizations/agencies have in common?

1. DHS: Department of Homeland Security:

2. FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency:

3. FDA: Food & Drug Administration:

4. CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

5. AMA: American Medical Association:

6. TSA: Transportation Security Administration:

7. ACS: American Cancer Society:

8. NCI: National Cancer Institute:

9. GBC: The all new GMO/Biotech Committee:

The "Big 9" consists strictly of members of the USA's new ruling monarchy (New World Order II) where each organization functions as its own, separate entity, yet still working in tandem with each of all the other cooperating agencies, all under the umbrella of the United States' Organized Regulatory Corruption Act. The core function of ORCA and its management "platform," if you will, is based solely on control and manipulation of food and medicine, so the masses get sick, stay sick (not too sick to work though), conform to ORCA by paying taxes to the government, and most importantly, remain passive. (

Natural News' own "Hidden History of Medicine" delves into this in great detail in a 25 professional article report which helps historians tie it all together: (

Also, to understand the full benefits of ORCA, people must research the origination and purpose of NDAA (and its predecessor - the Patriot Act). (

The GBC, or GMO/Biotech Committee - will function as the overseeing or advisory branch of ORCA; and will most likely be run by the current head of FDA, one Michael Taylor (formerly Monsanto V.P.), who will be able to hand pick his own "cabinet" of advisers from the biotech industry at large.

Project Paperclip II will be name of the first session held in March of 2013, and will include theories for "advancing" vaccines presented by the still living scientists from post-WWII and their heirs from the original Project Paperclip. (

ORCA will address, synthesize, analyze and project strictly symptomatic treatments for application with the new mandatory healthcare plan for all U.S. citizens. Pre-existing conditions, coverage exclusions, and basic statistics of a country riddled with disease include:

1. Cancer: 1,500,000 diagnosed each year; over 50 percent will die of it.
2. Diabetes: 25,000,000 people are diabetics right now (including children); 80,000,000 are borderline.
3. Heart disease and strokes: 81,000,000 (every third adult) has some type of cardiovascular disease.
4. Alzheimer's disease: 5,400,000 have Alzheimer's right now (every eighth senior)
5. Birth defects: One in every 33 babies is born with one (accounts for 20 percent of all infant deaths). (

Big Pharma to act as consultant for ORCA

Pharmaceutical companies Merck, Pfizer, Bayer, and Bristol Meyers may act as consultants, each tangential to the cabinet (Big 9) but still able to make decisions regarding emergency national mandatory vaccinations (FEMA multi-jabs) and staged GMO epidemics (swine and bird flu). Any CEOs who served as governors or senators will return to those jobs after writing new legislation to benefit current investments (such as hedge funds) in the plan. Tax incentives for ORCA memberships and offshore investments/accounts are handled on a case by case basis. See the ORCA incentives site for details:

Also slated for April 2013: Look for continuing education (brainwashing) regarding O.R.C.A.'s platform and mission statement ("pesticide food for all") at Disney World, at future FEMA concentrated rescue and re-education camps, AND at major universities which study nutrition, like Stanford. (

UPCOMING EVENTS: National March Day event in June, 2013 in Washington, DC to celebrate ORCA success:

New "even more pink" ORCA ribbons will be issued at the 2013 marches, and worn by all USA superstar athletes during the upcoming sports seasons. Sponsors for National March Day may or may not include Dow Chemical, Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Hershey, Kraft, Dean, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cargill, Kellogg, General Mills, Heinz and M&M.

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