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Saturday, November 24, 2012 by: Joe Jennings
Tags: personal responsibility, adulthood, awareness

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(NaturalNews) Everything we experience is created by us, for us. It allows our perfect development and expression. Life is orchestrated perfectly for all to come to understand ourselves, our reality and our place in it.

In this divine flow, our only choice is whether we flow with it or rebel through free will. Ultimately, we cannot avoid the flow, but we can ignore it and play victim, though this merely leads to the callings becoming louder until we have to listen. Within this; however, we are able to make our own choices, create our purpose and do, more-or-less, anything we fancy. On this level, we have the law of attraction and we have the issue that many of our thoughts are subconscious. Once we realize that everything we experience is a direct result of our choices, past or present, conscious or not, we realize that we must take responsibility for everything we experience.

Taking responsibility for reality

We must accept responsibility for everything that has happened to us as, on one level or another, we chose to experience it in order to aid us on our path. There cannot be any blame placed upon others as it was all our choice and necessary for us. Pleasure or pain others' actions and expressions are always perfect for us. We can know this when we look back on difficult events and reflect, "well, if that hadn't happened I would not have learned this," or "I would not be the person I am today." Difficult experiences can never cause us to devolve, only evolve. At worst, we experience the dark night of the soul.

Taking responsibility for all that we experience and looking for the lessons in all the situations we attract is incredibly empowering. It instantly dissolves any victim patterns. No one can victimize us, it can only ever be a projection of our inner milieu. As soon as we identify and dissolve these belief structures, we will never experience them again.

On top of this, each individual is fully responsible for their experiences and interpretations. We cannot be responsible for how someone will react to our expressions. Indeed, each person will react differently. We also cannot be responsible for anyone's happiness. Therefore, we no longer need to worry, "what will others think of me if I do this or that?" We can truly be who we are meant to be. Some people may ridicule, some people may love, but that is not our problem; it is theirs, they are wholly responsible whether they like it or not. This frees us up to realize that reactions are merely projections and nothing to do with us; therefore, we can be loving and compassionate to everyone no matter how they treat us, as it really is just a projection of how they see themselves.

Also, each person has attracted whatever experiences they need to evolve. The homeless person, the friend that has lost someone, the sibling whose marriage just failed, the parent who just got cancer. For one reason or another, these experiences are perfect for them to help them drop erroneous conditioning and unfold to their divine-selves. You are not responsible for this; therefore, you do not have to feel bad for them nor save them. Even if you tried to save them, you could not. You would be denouncing the divine flow and thwarting their autonomy. Everyone is divinely guided and supported. We are not responsible for this. We can offer help and assistance, and indeed this is a lovely thing to do but we cannot save anyone.


"A Course in Miracles" - Helen Schucman
"The Manual for Rebirthers" - Fanny Van Laere and Leonard Orr
"The Way of Mastery" - Shanti Christo Foundation

About the author:
Joe Jennings is an experienced Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner who was trained by the founder Leonard Orr and Fanny Van Laere.
He has written a small book about his first experiences with the breath as well as a number of articles which have been published in various magazines.
He is currently the co-ordinator of Rebirthing Breathwork International in the UK and a committee member of the British Rebirthing Society.
He has begun a large scale study into the physiological and psychological effects of Rebirthing Breathwork.
He gives private sessions and teaches in the UK.
For more information please visit

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