Framework of the cosmic game: How stuff works beyond the realm of materialism

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)
Tags: cosmic game, consciousness, framework

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(NaturalNews) The response to my recent review of the book Proof of Heaven has been unexpectedly huge. There is apparently a real hunger for knowledge about life after death, the true nature of consciousness, the fabric of reality, redemption, Heaven and Hell and other related topics. In the last two days, I've heard from dozens of readers who were enthralled by the subject matter, and the article itself has been featured on websites as diverse as and

This all caught me by surprise, because I thought for sure my discussion of this subject would scare off a huge portion of my reading audience, causing my website traffic to plummet. But I didn't care about that: The message from "Proof of Heaven" needed to be told, and it rang true with my own beliefs and discoveries about consciousness, the Creator and the nature of reality. So I ran with the story anyway, even while thinking it might be a form of professional suicide. (But I've never let the risk of losing readers affect my editorial decisions, so why start now?)

In the first first hours after publication, it became clear this article was actually going viral! Rather than being slammed with insults and accusations, I was struck by the huge outpouring of people who had lived through similar near-death experiences. Person after person told me about their own connection with spirit and how they knew there was more to life than the material realm. They wanted to know more...

I soon found myself inundated with questions. How does consciousness really work? What is the purpose of life? Why is the world seemingly so overrun with evil? Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

I don't have all those answers, of course, because I'm not God and I'm certainly not an academic student of theology. But I am an intelligent researcher and explorer of reality, and I've spent many years reading and pondering the key concepts of philosophy, many of which are centered around questions of consciousness, free will, God and the purpose of life. So I'm starting to compile a loose framework of possible answers to these questions -- a sort of shortcut guide to the rules of the cosmic game.

That's what you'll find below: A rough collection of realizations regarding these topics, presented here not as absolute fact but as a working framework that shall be expanded and refined as additional information comes to light. If you're looking for the long, detailed version of all this, read your scripture. That's because many of these ideas are, of course, ancient knowledge.

The point of this information is to give you a concise overview of the "cosmic ground rules" so that you can, in essence, achieve personal growth as a participant in the great cosmic game and not allow yourself to be sucked into a life of evil that dooms your soul to eternal damnation. Remember: Our universe was put here by the Creator as a kind of training ground for souls like yours and mine. What we choose to do with our free will determines whether we succeed or fail at this great cosmic challenge.

Some of the sources for this information are contained in the bibliography at the bottom.

Souls and humans

• We exist as conscious beings inhabiting physical human bodies for a finite period of time known as a "human lifetime."

• Our consciousness exists above and beyond the brain, and yet interfaces with the brain in order to experience life through the perceptions and hardware of a human body.

• Our conscious souls originate in a higher, multidimensional reality where we agree to experience the journey of living as a human being on planet Earth and are subsequently "attached" to a particular human body as it is being formed in the womb.

• At the moment of our physical death, our souls "detach" from our physical bodies, and we begin to experience a hyper-reality without the limitations of Earthly senses and gray matter. The afterlife is "thousands of times more REAL" than life on Earth, according to those who have experienced it. They describe Earthly life as a "shadow existence" compared to the reality of the afterlife.

• Our souls appear to be individuated here on Earth, but we are actually connected to all things in the universe. (An idea also confirmed in quantum mechanics.)

The Simulation

• Our known universe is a simulation reality created by the Creator, alongside an infinite number of other universes also created by the Creator. Think of it as a really elaborate "Holodeck" from Star Trek.

• The Big Bang was created by the Creator for the purpose of allowing our physical universe to unfold and therefore provide a framework for supporting life. TIME was also created in the Big Bang. Our experience of the flow of time is one property of this particular universe. Above this universe, time can be traversed as easily as you or I change X, Y or Z positions in the physical world we know today.

• There are countless civilizations on planets across not just our own universe, but among an infinite number of other universes as well. Some are more advanced than our own. The Creator did not just create life on one planet, obviously. He created entire universes of life-sustaining galaxies teeming with life.

The presence of EVIL on Earth

• Earth is infested with a greater density of evil than most other habitable realms. This makes life on Earth as a human a more challenging physical existence than life somewhere else where evil is not so dominant. The purpose of this evil is to challenge our character and our free will. Without evil all around us, there would be no difficult choices and therefore no personal growth possible.

• The presence of evil on Earth is what makes the "Earth journey" one of the most challenging in the universe. Here, most souls fail the test of character and get sucked into evil. The role of many churches and spiritual leaders has been to attempt to try to literally "save souls" from pursuing a life of selfishness and evil which will only end in those souls being banished to a literally "Hell" experience in the afterlife.

• A human life experience is, essentially, a "training exercise" to determine your true character. Through free will, God wants you to discover and experience who and what you truly are, without being forced to do anything by a higher power.

Keeping "score" of your actions

• Each of our actions here on Earth is recorded and observed by the Creator. There are no secrets. Even things you think you do in secret are universal knowledge to the Creator. "God is watching" is literally true except he is not physically watching from a set of eyeballs. Rather, the Creator instantly "knows" all things. Many who have temporarily died and experienced the afterlife have described briefly tapping into this cosmic storehouse of unlimited knowledge. In New Age circles, this same concept is sometimes called "Akashic records."

• After the death of our physical bodies, our conscious souls "awaken from the dream" simulation of human life and rejoin the higher dimension from where they originated. There, our actions on Earth are judged according to whether we practiced LOVE by defending life, exercising compassion, and so on.

• Those who are judged to have lived their lives in a state of evil have their souls placed in a literal "Hell" (Purgatory) where the lack of time flow causes the experience of Hell to seem like eternal damnation. In Purgatory, souls suffer the excruciating pain of being separated from the eternal love of the universe.

• Those who are judged to have lived their lives in an overall state of love have their souls lifted into a "Heaven" where knowledge, wisdom and creativity seem to be unlimited. You are able to ask questions of the universe, commune with God and grasp understanding far beyond the limits of the human brain.

Souls and angels

• Souls are bulletproof. Souls cannot be destroyed by any physical means in the Earthly realm. This has huge ramifications in the ethical discussions of how to deal with humans who are engaged in tremendous evil.

• There are multidimensional beings (sometimes called "angels") who can come and go at any point (and at any time) in our Earthly realm. Just as we are 3D beings who could seem to "teleport" to any point on a plane of existence of a 2D world, there are 4D, 5D or higher beings who can seemingly teleport to any physical location or time location in our world. The history of ancient civilizations describes many human encounters with such beings. Some of these beings operate from evil and may be called "demons" or "fallen angels."

• ANIMALS also contain conscious souls that are on their own journeys on Earth. The smaller brains of most animals allow only limited perception, although some animals like dolphins have a very similar free will experience to what humans have.

• The way in which we choose to treat animals also counts toward our "score" of LOVE versus EVIL. If we treat animals with fear, violence and disrespect, we are earning points on the "evil" side of the spiritual equation. If we treat animals with dignity, humility, compassion and love, we succeed in earning more points on the "love" side of the spiritual equation.

• A similar formula is true in the way we treat the planet, which is also inhabited by a very large number of living beings with very limited consciousness in the form of plants. Yes, trees have a small slice of consciousness, although it is nothing like what we experience as humans. Every blade of grass is a slice of consciousness. Rocks, however, do not have that which we would call consciousness. Only living things do. The way in which we treat these living systems also reflects in our "cosmic record" of LOVE versus EVIL.

Definitions: LOVE versus EVIL

• The fabric of the universe is LOVE, and evil only exists in miniscule amounts compared to the power of love throughout the cosmos. Love is ultimately victorious on the larger scale.

• LOVE means protecting life, expressing compassion, practicing humility and forgiveness, living with integrity, telling the truth, sharing knowledge, raising awareness of that which is good, and doing good things even when nobody is looking. This is what most world religions openly teach.

• EVIL means acting with selfishness, greed, destroying others for your own personal gain, enslaving others, deceiving others, destroying life, polluting life, living with arrogance and pride, using fear and intimidation to control others, etc. This is almost a perfect definition of Big Government, curiously.

• EVIL also means to act in the service of evil, meaning that if someone's actions enable or further the agenda of evil, they are simultaneously engage in evil. Employees who work for Monsanto, for example, would be engaged in furthering evil even if they only ran accounting for the firm. To knowingly enable an entity that operates in direct violation of the Creator is to partake in evil.

• These are the two main forces of the cosmos: LOVE and EVIL. Your eternal soul is either damned or blessed based on which path you predominantly choose to follow.

• You accumulate a kind of "score" on the LOVE - EVIL spectrum as you make decisions and carry out actions in your life. Your score can be adjusted or improved at any time by committing your life to the pursuit of LOVE while denouncing the pursuit of EVIL.

Escapism, substance abuse and clouding the mind

• Engaging in substance abuse that clouds mental awareness is a spiritual escape that halts your progress in the Earth experience. While not a type of evil, it is an escape from the responsibility to live a life of awareness and personal responsibility. Thus, substance addiction via alcohol, nicotine, marijuana or even mind-altering prescription drugs is an affront to not just the Creator, but also to your purpose for existing in this lifetime. This does not mean that smoking one cigarette or joint will condemn you to Purgatory. But the habitual reliance on substances to escape personal responsibility will prevent you from achieving any real personal growth during your life experience.

• One of the most insidious tactics of EVIL on planet Earth is to numb the mind and thus prevent people from reaching a state of spiritual awakening. This mind-numbing assault is accomplished via the promotion of alcohol, adding fluoride chemicals to the water supply, pushing psychiatric medications on children and adults, assaulting the clarity of the mind through television programming, mainstreaming the promotion of sex and pedophilia, and other similar tactics.

• Simultaneously, one of the ways to achieve great LOVE is to expand the mind through spiritual practice: meditation, prayer, dedication to a cause, etc. Expanding awareness, knowledge, wisdom and humility are all achievements of LOVE in the universe.

Evil incarnate, Big Government and why evil rises to the top of modern society

• Some apparent human beings are literally being animated by a powerful evil that infects and controls some human vessels. These humans appear to be individuals like you or I, but they are actually "puppets of EVIL" which are attempting to, ultimately, destroy all LOVE in the universe. They will not succeed overall, but they do have pockets of success such as present-day Earth.

• These evil-infested humans tend to rise to high levels in the government, where they can exercise power and control over others. They actually relish making others suffer at their hands. Many are simultaneously engaged in the sexual abuse of children, the torture or abuse of animals, and the deliberate destruction of human rights, civil rights, liberties and freedoms. Because the Creator gave us all free will, those steeped in evil wish to crush it. This is one reason why those who worship socialist or communist controls over the People simultaneously deny the existence of a Creator, or spirit, or even free will.

• The scientific community continues to deny the existence of consciousness, free will or even the soul. Its members also deny the existence of a Creator of any kind, instead claiming that the entire universe spontaneously created itself out of nothing, without any cause. To the extent that "science" influences modern civilization, it also promotes terrible evils that violate the will of the Creator, such as GMOs, the mass poisoning of humans, the development of nuclear weapons, the maiming of babies with prescription drugs, and so on.

Bibliography (in progress)
There Is Life After Death: Compelling Reports from Those Who Have Glimpsed the Afterlife by Roy Abraham Varghese.

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander M.D.

To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story by Mary C. Neal M.D.

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