What would you do if the Red Dawn movie became reality?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: Red Dawn, movie, survival

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(NaturalNews) In 1984, at the height of the Cold War, John Milius wrote and directed "Red Dawn," a movie about the beginning of World War III.

The plot was simple. Following a series of geopolitical events, the U.S. found itself standing alone against a world increasingly dominated by an all-powerful Soviet Union until one day, without warning, the U.S.S.R., backed by Cuban forces, invaded. The United States military fought back gallantly but pockets of the country were occupied by enemy troops nonetheless. Americans caught in those pockets were mercilessly persecuted: Many were killed outright, while scores of others were rounded up and put into cold, dingy prison camps. Anyone the enemy believed could or would resist was dealt with harshly.

Out of the chaos and confusion, resistance groups formed. One such group, calling itself the "Wolverines," after the local high school mascot, was comprised of teenagers thrown together by the fog and circumstance of war. They coalesced around the oldest among them and spent the rest of the film staging ambushes and surprise attacks against invading troops using captured weapons until, finally, nearly all of them were killed.

What if it really happened?

Later this month, a new, updated version of this film featuring an invasion of the U.S. by North Korean forces, will hit theaters. The issue of whether or not that country actually has the capability to invade the United States is, of course, questionable, but what if the U.S. someday found itself under attack, with parts of the country occupied by a foreign army for the first time since the 19th century?

What if we were invaded by armies from several nations, all backed by one great power? What would you, personally, do? Would you resist? Could you resist? Do you even have an idea of what it takes to resist?

As a combat veteran of Afghanistan who has seen war up close and who has seen men fight and die, I can tell you that it is an experience unlike anything you've ever encountered. In combat, things happen quickly and violently. Instead of acting in response to a threat, military personnel are taught to react to it, and it is this reaction that will either save you or kill you.

So what about untrained folks who have never experienced battle? (Which is the overwhelming majority of Americans). How many of them would have the instinct, the reaction, to fight if our cities, our towns, our communities, were invaded?

In the 2000 film "The Patriot," starring Mel Gibson, his character, Benjamin Martin, warns an assembly of South Carolina legislators that the coming war won't be fought on some far away battlefield "but here, among us." Any invasion of our country would come in the same way; the battles would be fought in our cities, our towns, our streets.

Life as you know it would be gone, probably for good

Think about that for a moment. That's the purpose of this article; to get you to think about what you can or would do if you were faced with this kind of a scenario.

Understand that in this kind of situation, everything about your life will be torn asunder.

Businesses you once frequented will be destroyed. Neighbors you knew well who don't resist or can't will be rounded up or killed. Houses of worship will be burned or bombed out. Entire neighborhoods will be wiped out. Those of us most vulnerable - in hospitals, nursing homes and other care centers, will be victimized and left to die. Are you ready for death and destruction on this scale?

There will be no Internet, no Facebook, no Twitter - because WiFi networks will be disrupted or destroyed. And, most likely, there won't be much electricity to power them anyway.

Our daily lives and routines will end abruptly. There won't be any going to work; there won't be any going to school. There won't be any shopping, weekly softball or bowling. No date nights; no nights out on the town; no social life at all. Every waking hour will be occupied with trying to survive.

The nation's organizational structure will collapse. There won't be any trucks on the road to restock stores and grocery shelves. Food supplies will disappear. Water will become scarce. Sewage plants and other vital infrastructure will cease to operate. Gasoline will run out; so will heating oil and propane supplies - something that will be exponentially worse if an invasion happens during winter months, especially in heavily populated parts of the country (where supplies will run out extra fast - think Superstorm Sandy).

Air and rail travel will end. Buses won't operate. You will have to pack everything you can into your car to get away, but then, any highways not under enemy control or within enemy reach will be too clogged and choked to use anyway.

Desperation will set in. The chaos will only grow as the enemy takes greater and greater control over wider parts of our country. How will you escape? Or will you depend upon the charitable nature of the enemy? Do you think you'll be shown mercy?

Get your mind right now, while you have time to think about it, and prepare

Preparing for this kind of doomsday scenario is especially difficult for Americans because most simply cannot comprehend it. That's because most Americans have never seen this kind of death, destruction and disorder - and never will, unless or until it happens here.

That said, the best way to overcome the mental mind freak such a scenario will play on you is to become as prepared as you can physically and materially. Buy those extra rations. Go ahead and get yourself a reliable weapon and then learn how to use it (before you need it). Sit down with your family and do what you do to prepare for a fire in your own home - have an "escape plan," so to speak, and practice it (as in, sit down over dinner a couple times a month and review it with each other). Figure out your "fallback position" - where you all will meet if the stuff hits the fan and you're not all together (which is the most likely scenario).

If you actually give some thought beforehand to how you might survive your own doomsday situation, and then game plan for it on a regular basis, you'll be surprised how quickly you will get your bearings when zero hour strikes.


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