California hoodwinked by big business, Prop 37 fails - Here's how to continue the battle for safe food

Monday, November 12, 2012 by: Carolanne Wright
Tags: California, Prop 37, safe food

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(NaturalNews) Big money wins yet again -- this time defeating Prop. 37 in California. Monsanto, DuPont and others contributed $45 million to keep the American public in the dark about genetically modified organisms. Even though the failure of this ballot measure is a blow to those who value safe food, the battle continues on a grassroots level. Taking the initiative and protecting yourself from GM food remains a significant issue for health and well-being. With awareness and perseverance, GMOs can be defeated once and for all through informed choices.

The dangers of mystery food

Mega biotech corporations like Monsanto depend on an uninformed population to keep the GMO industry humming. After all, if people are ignorant they are easier to control, poison and rob. The problem is that genetically modified organisms are outrageously dangerous to health, the environment and even the economy. A thousand farmers in India commit suicide each month due to the failure of GM crops and the crushing debt that follows. Intestinal disease, autism and cancer are all linked with the consumption of genetically modified food. Monarch butterflies die from contact with GM corn pollen. But this is just business as usual for Monsanto. As long as there is a profit to be made, who cares about people or the environment?

Hit Monsanto where it hurts - The pocketbook

The phrase "Vote With Your Dollar" is relevant now more than ever. If demand disappears, so does the product. If Americans refuse to buy food containing GMOs, profits dry up for Monsanto. We need to be savvy about our purchases and help others make informed choices as well. GMOs are lurking everywhere, vigilance is required.

Fortunately, organizations like the Non-GMO Project have made it easy to identify and support companies that provide safe food which is free of genetically modified organisms. Or try a smartphone application that not only spots GM food on the shelf, but also provides contact information -- making it simple to tell the company you will no longer purchase their GMO infested product. This is a crucial point: financially undermining companies who use GM ingredients and informing them of the boycott.

Five ways to protect yourself from GMOs

Until genetically modified organisms are outlawed, it is vital to protect ourselves. Here are a few ideas:

- Buy organic, always. If finances are tight, make sure to avoid the following conventional crops which are typically genetically modified: corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil, sugar, papaya, zucchini and yellow squash.

- Eat at home more often. Restaurants are notorious for GMOs. Examples include food cooked in oil made from genetically modified corn, soy and canola. Or GM corn chips at a Mexican eatery. Conventional meat and dairy from animals that consume genetically modified corn and alfalfa is also standard when we eat out.

- Be suspicious of any kind of packaged food, whether 'natural' or not. It's estimated that 80 percent of all convenience food contains genetically modified organisms.

- Use vitamins certified by the Non-GMO Project. Magnesium stearate, a common additive in supplements, is derived from GM corn and soy.

- Put that smartphone to work. Try a mobile application like True Food Shoppers Guide to really see what is in the food you are about to buy. It allows the user to search by food type, category or brand.

The fight is far from over for safe food. With these tips in hand, not only can we protect our health and environment, but also actively weaken the GMO industry and ultimately achieve victory.

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Carolanne believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, wellness coach and natural foods chef, she has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of green living for over 13 years. Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people who share a similar vision.

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