British Columbia to require flu vaccines for ALL healthcare workers

Friday, September 07, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Tags: British Columbia, flu vaccines, healthcare workers

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(NaturalNews) The Canadian province of British Columbia has become the first in that nation to mandate that all healthcare workers get vaccinated yearly for influenza, or else be forced to wear face masks every time they work, according to CBC News. Despite the fact that flu vaccines have never even been proven to work, B.C. health authorities have decided that healthcare workers should not be allowed any freedom of health choice in the matter, at least not without having to comply by humiliating consequences as a result.

There are so many reasons why this latest affront to health freedom is both mindless and absurd. As we pointed out back in 2009, flu masks do not even effectively prevent the spread of influenza, which makes the mandate that unvaccinated healthcare workers wear them to protect patients patently ridiculous (http://www.naturalnews.com/026160_preparedness_flu_swine.html). Numerous studies have also shown that flu shots are wholly ineffective at preventing flu infection, despite all the government hype. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

But since only about 40 percent of B.C. healthcare workers get vaccinated every year -- this percentage has been steadily dropping year after year -- health authorities are apparently deeply worried that their flu vaccine scam is quickly losing credibility. So the only way to effectively stop this, in their own estimate, is to basically force healthcare workers to get their annual flu shots, or else be summoned to look silly wearing "scarlet letter" face masks that serve no legitimate purpose.

This is the same tactic that many healthcare authorities in the U.S. adopted during the great "swine flu" hoax of 2009. Even though federal officials openly admitted that the N95 face masks being encouraged during this so-called "pandemic" were not foolproof by any means (http://www.latimes.com), hospitals across the country began enacting draconian policies that required unvaccinated healthcare workers to wear them at all times while working.

The idea that flu shots provide any sort of 'protection' is pure propaganda

Any honest assessment of the available published literature on flu vaccines will clearly reveal that flu vaccines are simply not effective at preventing flu infection, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary. But health authorities still maintain the position that flu vaccines are effective, and insist that barely stopping short of forcing people at gunpoint to get them is necessary for the "protection" of the public.

But if health authorities were truly concerned about protecting anyone from the flu, they would encourage the public to get more natural sunlight exposure and take vitamin D3 supplements, for instance (http://www.naturalnews.com/029760_vitamin_D_influenza.html), or load up on immune-boosting superfoods that help the body naturally defend itself against the flu (http://www.naturalnews.com/019194_flu_the_health.html). The simple fact that such authorities are not doing any of this proves that there is another more sinister agenda afoot.

Forcing unvaccinated healthcare workers to wear face masks is medically useless at preventing flu infection, but it sure is a great way to intimidate workers into getting vaccinated, if for no other reason than to avoid the hassle and annoyance of having to wear the mask. If you have ever worn a face mask while doing a home repair, for instance, then you likely already know how irritating it can be after even just an hour of use -- imagine having to wear a face mask for a 10-hour hospital shift multiple times a week.

The only way to stop all this fear-mongering over the flu is for healthcare workers and the populace at large to simply refuse to follow the government's oppressive vaccination and face mask demands. The 60 percent of B.C. healthcare workers that already refuse vaccinations must collectively refuse to be branded as non-compliers by wholly rejecting the ridiculous face mask mandate. And if authorities ever again try to pull the face mask stunt in the U.S., the same act of peaceful disobedience must taken in that country as well.

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