Vaccine pusher Paul Offit wants to take away your vaccine exemption rights

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Tags: Paul Offit, vaccine exemptions, philosophical reasons

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(NaturalNews) There are currently 17 U.S. states where parents are free to exempt their children from vaccines for philosophical reasons, and 48 states where they can do so for religious reasons. In 16 states, parents can exempt their children from vaccines for either or both reasons. But infamous vaccine apologist and corporate medicine opportunist Paul Offit personally believes these exemption rights are illegitimate -- and he is doing everything he can to strip you of your right to choose what gets injected into your child's body based on his own misguided opinions.

During a recent speech he gave at the so-called "Vaccine Education Center" at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Offit tried to convince an audience of doctors and medical professionals that exempting children from vaccines for anything other than "legitimate" medical reasons is nonsensical because, according to his own feelings on the issue, vaccine ideology is neither a philosophy nor a religion. With an arrogance typical of Western doctors, Offit sneered at the idea that vaccines are anything other than sound science, insinuating that parents who try to cite religious or philosophical objections to vaccines are somehow violating the U.S. Constitution.

"First of all, the notion that vaccines are a 'philosophy' is inaccurate," said Offit proudly, adding in his own personal delusion that vaccine exemptions violate the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. "Philo means love, sophos means wisdom. Exactly where is the wisdom in saying that it is better not to get vaccines than to get them? The term 'personal belief' is also incorrect in that vaccines are not a belief system. Science and medicine are evidence-based systems. They are data-based systems, not beliefs."

You can read a complete transcript of Offit's absurdly ridiculous speech here:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries calls out Offit's pathetic implication that he is omniscient

Offit's arguments, if you can even call them that, can hardly be taken seriously; however, since credible science has never once proven the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. As explained by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a board-certified nephrologist, in a recent review of Offit's speech, almost all vaccine studies have been carefully engineered to achieve favorable results.

Whether it is manipulating the selection and exclusion criteria for vaccine study participants, or using phony "placebo" vaccines that contain active ingredients in order to make vaccines appear safe, the entire vaccine industry and its system of dogma is wholly corrupt and untrustworthy. And yet Offit appears to hold the position that vaccines are undeniably flawless, and that anyone who objects to getting them is in direct contradiction to science.

"If corporate medicine is going to be permitted to override parental, philosophical and religious objections, and invade the bodies of our children with dozens of vaccine antigens, chemicals, animal DNA, aborted fetal tissue, and cancer cells, the source of these laws must come under scrutiny," writes Dr. Humphries, referencing Offit's ludicrous claim that the Equal Protection Clause implies that the state should have full control to override parents' medical decisions for their own children.

"We have to ask ourselves why the most heavily funded (vaccine) research is towards chemically or biologically altering an immune system about which the medical system knows little."

Many NaturalNews readers will recall that Offit is the same medical oligarch who actually stated back in 2002 that injecting a newborn baby with 10,000 vaccines at once would be perfectly safe ( Offit also happens to hold a lucrative vaccine patent that has generated for him millions of dollars in personal profits. (

Be sure to read Dr. Humphries' complete analysis of Offit's speech, which deconstructs the man's embarrassing delusions of omniscience concerning the human immune system, religion, constitutional law, and vaccine theory:

You can also view a state-by-state graph of existing vaccine exemption laws by visiting:

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