Guns vs. Drugs - The real cause of violent shooting sprees

Friday, August 03, 2012 by: Victoria Moore
Tags: guns, drugs, violent shootings

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(NaturalNews) Often in the wake of a big massacre such as what happened recently in Aurora, people are scared, sad and looking for answers. Unfortunately, the media ALWAYS distorts the problem; placing blame on the need for stricter gun laws, or gun bans altogether. The truth is the gun is hardly the problem as everyone knows; guns don't kill people, people kill people. When incidents like this occur, shouldn't people be focusing on what caused this senseless act to happen in the first place, rather than the weapons that were used to carry out these horrific acts? But don't expect the media to let you know that one of the biggest causes is the products of the pharmaceutical companies that just happen to bankroll the corporate gatekeepers.

When it comes to guns, the majority of gun owners are responsible, law abiding citizens. They go through a proper background check, licensing, and use the firearms appropriately. Parents play a crucial role in teaching their children about gun safety and making sure that guns are stored appropriately. Firearm safety for children removes the mystique around guns and teaches them that guns can be a useful tool and should not be treated as a toy.

The pharmaceutical drug pandemic

Most recent carnages have a common theme; the use of psychiatric drugs by the killer. With one in five adults taking psychiatric drugs and the push of these medications on children, shouldn't there be a cause for concern that we are paving the way for potential future incidents? These prescription drugs are altering the brain chemistry, which causes the person to feel distanced from reality. Ironically the antidepressants often cause side effects of depression, suicidal thoughts, and homicidal behavior, which as we have seen, can result in vicious tirades.

As these events become more widespread, the only way to try to prevent them from happening in the first place is to get to the root of the problem - The Drugs! Should the pharmaceutical drugs and doctors who write the prescriptions be held partially responsible for these acts of violence? After all, they are making profit on patented chemicals while destroying human lives in the process. It is estimated that over 500,000 school-age children are currently taking antidepressants. This leads to higher number of suicides and attempted suicides in the teenage and young adult years.

With very little research done on the long-term effects of these antidepressants on children why are so many receiving prescriptions? The pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits off the young now, and these children are set to be in the pharmaceutical cycle for life. The lack of information we have on how these medications influence adolescents demonstrates the true criminality of Big Pharma. They have absolutely no regard for their customers; or humanity in general, by continuing to allow these drugs to be given without having an idea of what it is doing to the person taking them.

Better alternatives to putting kids on antidepressants include keeping them away from violent TV shows and video games. Parents should also look at changing the diet to eliminate processed foods and getting them involved in mind-body exercises such as martial arts and yoga. Homeopathic options are also available that work with the body rather than suppress the symptoms. It is much safer and benefits everyone involved if these options are explored before putting young children on pharmaceutical drugs.

Sources for this article include

The Omega Diet: The Lifesaving Nutritional Program Based on the Diet of the Island of Crete by Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D., and Jo Robinson




About the author:
Victoria Moore is natural health researcher/blogger, yoga instructor and Usui Reiki master. Her passions include empowering women on how to prepare for natural labor, teaching yoga to adults and children and learning about alternative approaches to health and lifestyle. Through her website www.yogimami.com she enjoys connecting with other like-minded people and sharing information about health and wellness, natural parenting, alternative medicine and organic living.
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