Top four causes of degenerative disease

Thursday, June 21, 2012 by: Jonathan Landsman
Tags: degenerative disease, causes, prevention

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(NaturalNews) Some people might say that the greatest threat to human health is fear, an inability to forgive and a lack of love in our heart. In addition, many health experts simply warn us about the dangers of genetically-engineered foods, chemtrails and over-exposure to radioactive isotopes. Today, let's look at four (basic) areas that could be putting you at risk for disease.

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Can toxic relationships make you physically sick?

Naturally, chronic stress (mentally and emotionally) can lead to excessive body weight, sickness and disease. An over-controlling spouse or parent; an obnoxious employer and even annoyingly-needy friends can weaken your immune system and seriously threaten your health.

It's not always easy to cut a "bad" relationship - out of your life. Certainly, it may not be an option to get rid of your parents or divorce your spouse. But, try to make an effort to minimize or remove yourself from unhealthy situations - especially when you're not ready to respond in a healthy manner. Often, it's just a matter of changing our perspective (and response to difficult moments) that improve our relationship with people.

Where is the inflammation in your life?

If you've "tried everything" and can't lose weight or feel healthy - it may be a food allergy. I'm not talking about a swollen-faced allergic reaction, but a low-level (chronic) inflammation may be lowering your quality of life - everyday. Keep in mind: eggs, nuts, soy, wheat and dairy are the most common foods to create health problems. Eliminate one by one and see if that helps you to feel better.

The pollution inside of your body could be killing you (slowly)

Our environment exposes us to cigarette smoke, chemical cosmetics, mercury-based tooth fillings, prescription drugs, and heavy-metal laced fish. These unwanted pollutants can get stored in our fat cells and create an array of vicious side effects.

The big question is: "what should you do?" Try consulting with a trusted, healthcare professional and investigate the most effective detoxification program to fit your needs. Generally speaking, it's good to clean out the colon (first), then look at liver-gallbladder, parasite and heavy metal cleanses. In addition, you may want to look at sauna therapy to promote a good sweat.

Have you given 100 percent effort to changing your life?

Of course, this is a very personal question. But sometimes it's just a matter of NOT giving up - right before you experience great results from consistently behaving in a healthy manner. For example, exercise results don't really kick in until 3 - 6 weeks after starting a comprehensive program of stretching, aerobic or muscular routines. Remember, there's always a solution to every problem.

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Daniel has dedicated his life and career to sharing the message of a new, emerging lifestyle that has been born out of the rampant pollution and disease that characterize the 20th century. He - along with many others - believes there are time-tested ways of being that can encourage humanity to thrive in the face of any obstacle.

Learn how to enjoy a stronger body, mind and spirit with simple changes to your lifestyle habits. Our next guest on the NaturalNews Talk Hour - Daniel Vitalis will teach us how to improve our lives through nutrition, supplementation and living in harmony with nature. Don't miss this inspirational program.

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