Beat chronic back pain naturally

Thursday, May 31, 2012 by: PF Louis
Tags: back pain, muscles, remedies

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(NaturalNews) The first thing to consider is qualifying the type of pain you're experiencing. In many cases, back pain eases away in a few weeks. If it's strictly muscular from straining with work or exercise, applying heat can help. It's recommended that regular activity or exercise should continue.

If your back pain is chronic or extremely severe, it would be wise to screen for other maladies that would require other interventions. The potential of slipped disks, which may require surgery, or kidney infections should be eliminated or treated if diagnosed.

Sciatica, inflammation of the sciatic nerve from the lower spine throughout the leg, can affect the lower back while delivering pain into one or both legs. But that is usually temporary and treatable with all that's listed in this article.

For most nagging aches and pains, mainstream medicine advocates prescribe pharmaceuticals or over the counter (OTC) pain killers such as ibuprofen. But most of us know better than going that route. There are a few ways to help curb acute or temporary lower back pain without OTC or prescription drugs.

Doing it yourself

White Willow Bark: The white willow or pussy willow tree bark has been used for centuries to help relieve pain. White willow bark contains several phenol glycosides with salicin the most active for relieving pain. Yes, that's what's used in aspirin. But aspirin uses a synthetic form, acetylsalicylic acid.

White willow or salicin extracted naturally from the bark doesn't have any of the side effects of aspirin. Although the metabolic process for natural salicin's conversion to salicylic acid may take a few hours, the effect is more long lasting than faster acting aspirin.

Magnesium: This mineral is deficient in most of us. But to relax muscles and reduce pain, it requires a product that is easily assimilated with large amounts. Transdermal magnesium oils (actually slippery water) can be applied to the painful area directly.

Another method comes from magnesium powders mixed with an agent that makes the powder fizz in water. This type of magnesium acts fast and relaxes nerves and muscles. Ask around for these products that usually contain the word calm.

Hatha Yoga: Gentle stretching with yoga is often very beneficial and helpful for chronic back pain sufferers. But this is not a passive solution. Instructional studios or classes are available in most locations.

You have to practice daily with the correct approach of not forcing postures, and finishing with a well done corpse pose for deep relaxation (

Treatment from others

Massage: It may just require a couple of those sitting massage stations in health food stores or possibly several visits to full table massage therapists. You'd be able to avoid paying a professional if your partner or mate is willing and able to work on you. But that's rare, darn it.

Chiropractic: This is the tried and true treatment for most Americans. A few visits should do it. If not, the chiropractor can probably determine if your situation warrants a more drastic intervention. At least some health insurers will cover chiropractic visits.

Acupuncture: Getting health insurance coverage for acupuncture is difficult, but sometimes available under certain situations in some areas. You can check in your area for a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) school to get acupuncture at significant discounts. TCM school students are supervised closely by TCM doctors.

Acupuncture has proven to be very effective with back pains. A good TCM practitioner would probably be able to determine whether there's an issue with kidneys. Some chiropractors also perform acupuncture.

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Video of amazing recovery from injury and pain with hatha yoga:

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