Health Basics: 10 tricks to never eating meat again

Saturday, April 28, 2012 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) What is the first question a meat-eater asks when you tell them you never eat meat? "Where do you get your protein from?" That protein myth has been dispelled for many years, in fact, there's more bio-ready "available" protein in raw vegetables than in meat, and it only takes a few minutes for the body to break down the vegetables to access it, unlike meat, where the body must do a ton of work just to access the same "amino acids" for which the body is searching. Some of the greatest athletes in the world are vegans and vegetarians.

The second most popular question asked of a vegetarian is, "Why don't you eat meat -- is it because of the hormones or cruelty to the animals?" Usually, the answer would be a definitive yes to both parts. Also, digesting meat can make you feel worn down and lethargic. Plus, the human body doesn't need meat to function properly. In fact, it's just the other way around.

Not just red meat, but all meat taxes your system

All meat, not just red meat, but chicken, pork and turkey, create an acid-heavy system, which taxes the digestive system, the heart and the immune system. On top of that, all of the chemicals in meat can cause major, life-threatening problems in the colon, bladder and prostate. Cancer is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Most Americans can't imagine going more than 48 hours without meat. At least 18 out of 20 menu items at your average restaurant contain some form of animal, and even the items that don't say so also contain some type of meat, like soups cooked with chicken stock and pie crusts made with lard.

So how can a person switch, without a hitch, and go from being a carnivore to a pescatarian (fish and veggie eater) or vegetarian without ever "missing" meat again? What's the secret to saying no to all those age old habits, including filet mignon, bar burgers, pepperoni pizza, buffalo chicken wings, fried chicken, deli meats, hot dogs at the baseball game, and t-bones and rib-eyes on the back yard grill?

Deterring Negativity

First of all, there are more than a few things wrong with meat, especially in the grand 'ole U.S. of A. Here are ten steps and strategies you can use as part of your arsenal if you want to be super healthy, or if you just want to keep the "flies" (negativity) off of you at the next picnic.

1. Watch documentaries about meat processing and tainted animals in America; like "The Beautiful Truth," "Earthlings," "Food Matters," "Food Inc.," "Forks over Knives," and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."

2. Read some articles about genetically modified organisms (GMO); including what is used as feed for animals, hormone injections used to make animals bigger and force them to produce more eggs, milk, etc., and how antibiotics must be used because most animals are living in CAFO's (confined animal feeding operations) in their own feces, sometimes resorting to cannibalism in order to survive their final miserable days.

3. Then, after you're completely disgusted by the way Corporate America treats animals, take a walk on the bright side, and learn some recipes for success. Begin studying (simply googling recipes) and trying out your new found healthy, hearty, digestible, energetic daily meal plan. At first, you'll miss all that salt, sugar and fat, but soon you'll feel like a million bucks. Plus, you'll lose excess fat, have more energy and live longer!

4. Dip sliced veggies (mushrooms, artichokes, squash and onions) in organic egg, then roll them in organic bread crumbs, and lightly fry them in olive oil for an occasional treat.

5. Use fresh avocado as the hearty filler for sandwiches on pumpernickel or rye.

6. Make home-made fish tacos with pan seared, wild caught tuna.

7. Feast on some sushi/sashimi with seaweed or cucumber salad on the side.

8. Use buffalo sauce and/or blue cheese on your fried vegetables, oysters and shrimp!

9. Juice vegetables using cucumber, celery, carrots, kale, ginger and lime.

10. Mix the vegetable pulp (after juicing) with quinoa, organic brown rice and your favorite hot sauce, or turn it all into a stew.

Remember, if an animal lives its whole life confined, never seeing the sunlight, getting jacked up with hormones and antibiotics, being separated from its mother, watching its relatives and friends die before it, and living a life in shock and fear, then it is likely very depressed. That depression is changing its blood and DNA for the worse. Never forget, you are what you eat.

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