Six tips on surviving the modern world in the event of a crisis

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
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(NaturalNews) Modern, urban life is a minefield of toxic chemicals and health-sapping pollutants that can cause serious, long-term health damage if not carefully avoided or at least properly and regularly mitigated. But surviving the modern world requires a lot more than just avoiding toxic chemicals, as proper nutrition, essential skills, and self-sustaining living systems will all play a crucial role in surviving whatever may come our way in the very near future.

Should any of the currently-looming political and economic threats eventually lead to social upheaval, the everyday systems of living that most of us take for granted could become jeopardized, or even come to a complete halt. If the electricity grid in your local area suddenly failed, for instance, would you have an adequate backup plan for obtaining and storing food? Or if the local water utility shut down, would you have an alternate source for obtaining clean drinking water?

To assist our readers in being able to provide affirmative answers to these and other questions, we have put together a concise list of seven tips that will help you become better prepared to survive the modern world in the event of catastrophic, life-altering changes.

Plant a backyard garden

It has been said that the entire world is a mere three days away from total starvation, as many people have no idea how to raise their own food, and rely solely on grocery stores and restaurants for their food. In the event of a major disaster, grocery store shelves and restaurants would most certainly run out of food very quickly, leaving many people in a state of hopeless panic.

This is why planting a backyard garden or getting a greenhouse is crucial to you and your family's long-term survival. Learning about how to grow a variety of foods in varying weather and climate conditions will be worth far more than fiat currency in the event of a crisis, and it could end up saving your life.

Here is a helpful resource for learning more about backyard survival gardening: http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/clay62.html

Learn and understand principles of permaculture

To go along with the backyard survival garden idea, learning and understanding the principles of permaculture will be essential for surviving "off the grid." This self-sustaining method of living, which includes learning how to grow organic foods and generate electricity at home, will ensure that, no matter what happens to "the system," you and your family will be able to survive independently.

Here are a few helpful resources for learning more about permaculture:

Invest in gold, silver, diamonds

The American monetary system today centers around a fiat currency that is backed by debt and run by a private central bank known as the Federal Reserve, which has been devaluing it for decades. Based on the way things have been going, the American dollar will eventually become worthless, particularly in the event of hyperinflation (http://www.ronpaul.com).

But you can help protect your financial assets by converting your Federal Reserve Notes (FNRs) to gold, silver, diamonds, or various other precious metals and gemstones that hold inherent value. Unlike FNRs, precious metals and gemstones will retain value in the event of a crisis, and can be used to barter for much-needed goods.

Regularly purify, detoxify your body

Health truly is wealth, and a critical component of health maintenance is to regularly detoxify it of harmful chemicals and toxins that gradually build up over time. Colon cleansing, liver cleansing, and supplementation with detoxifying "superfoods" are great ways to ensure that your immune system is always prepared for whatever may be thrown its way.

To learn more, visit:

Always drink plenty of clean, fluoride-free water -- and know how to get it in the event of a crisis

Clean water is the most basic and fundamental aspect of maintaining life, and yet many people would not know where to find it or how to obtain it in the event of a major crisis. If water utilities and grocery store shelves no longer had any water available, or were unable to maintain an adequate supply, would you know how to get it?

A great place to start is simply to stock up on purified or spring water, which can include filling rain barrels with rainwater. Water from local streams and rivers can also be purified using systems like the Berkey filtration systems, which use gravity rather than electricity to make clean water (http://www.directive21.com/).

Non-electric water distillers can also convert dirty water into clean water using a fuel source. And if no fuel source is available, portable water filters can collect water from fresh sources in nature and pump it directly into bottles for drinking. Iodine tablets can also be used to purify water and make it suitable for drinking.

Discover edible plants, and stock up on organic, non-GMO seeds

Knowing the difference between edible and poisonous plants found in the wild is a helpful tool for ensuring that you always have food to eat. Your local library or bookstore most likely carries edible plant guides that are specific to your area, which will help you in learning more about what is safe to eat in the event of an emergency. Here is one example:

It is also a good idea to stock up on organic, non-GMO seeds, and learn how to plant and cultivate them.

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