Ron Paul stands up for raw milk and Health Freedom in New Hampshire

Sunday, February 12, 2012 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: Ron Paul, raw milk, health freedom

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(NaturalNews) In a recent town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul spoke on Health Freedom and the Constitutional rights of Americans to buy and sell natural food, like raw milk, which hasn't been tainted with chemicals, hormones, or cooked until completely void of nutrients.

Ron Paul represents the polar opposite of nearly every politician in control of legislation today. Most politicians accept legal bribes (called lobbying) from the big pharmaceutical companies that lead the proliferation of prescription drugs in America, the third leading cause of death. Not only has Ron Paul introduced legislation to repeal the FDA's prohibition of interstate sales of raw milk, he consistently reminds everyone that Government should not have control over our food choices.

The loudest applause came when Ron Paul spoke about the regulations on raw milk sales. He explained how the FDA does not "take care of us" but rather interferes with our choices by collaborating with special interests. It's the drug and insurance companies that keep a stranglehold on the American chronic care management system, which doesn't cure anything, but rather treats symptoms with dangerous pharmaceuticals.

The real reason the FDA bans raw milk sales and shipping is because pasteurized, homogenized and rBGH (hormone-laden) milk poses horrible dangers to the public, and when diseases and outbreaks rise up, like with chicken and beef, the FDA will use raw milk as their scapegoat, saying they tried "to contain and limit its distribution." It's also all about competition, and raw food enthusiasts and nutrition experts all know that live food keeps you healthy, and dead food makes you sick.

Romney doesn't care about the poor. Gingrich insidiously fueled the foreclosure crisis. Rick Perry would restart the war in Iraq. Santorum wants to bomb Iran and start a new 4 trillion dollar war. Obama appointed the Vice President of Monsanto to run the FDA. Only Ron Paul speaks about personal freedoms, health freedom, natural food, the right to supplements, and the right to know if your food has been genetically modified with pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other cancer causing chemicals.

The U.S. Government induces a false fear of pathogens and Salmonella

Healthy, nutrient rich milk comes from cows and goats that are allowed to graze in toxin free pastures, and not be juiced up with hormones that make them overproduce milk, creating infections and puss that is then passed on to humans.

Whether or not raw milk carries pathogens totally depends on how the animals are fed, the way the milk is produced, and the care that's taken to keep the milk clean during production. The U.S. Government's subsidized corporate farms are unkempt quarters, where animals are sick and dying, living in their own feces, barely able to stand because they're too heavy from steroids, and that is exactly why they have to be juiced up with antibiotics!

Pasteurization destroys nearly all of the nutritive value and beneficial bacteria by killing the natural enzymes. Pasteurization has been implicated in everything from allergies and heart disease to cancer.

Most people have no idea that raw, organic milk from grass-fed animals was used in the 1920's as medicine for heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic fatigue and obesity. From the time of Hippocrates until WWII, this miracle food healed millions. Germany still uses raw milk therapy today in many hospitals. Remember, the best perpetuated lies are the ones that accuse the innocent of exactly what the accuser is guilty of themselves.

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