Vaccine study admits that PFCs and fluoride compounds suppress immune system

Wednesday, February 08, 2012 by: Peter Smith
Tags: PFCs, vaccines, immune system

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(NaturalNews) Though widely heralded for promoting immunity, vaccine recipients often receive the very diseases for which they were vaccinated. Pondering this conundrum, vaccine researchers have cleverly managed to identify factors independent of the vaccines themselves to account for the failure.

A just-published study from the Harvard School of Public Health focused on the potential for environmental pollution to inhibit vaccine efficacy. While previous research has hinted at the possibility for these toxins reducing vaccine immunity (the long-maligned PCBs a frequent culprit), this study focused on PFCs. Their results produced a startling admission.

Six-hundred children living on the Faroe Islands had their blood PFC levels measured, then their reactions to tetanus and diphtheria vaccines tested. Children with the highest PFC levels had a 50% lower vaccine reaction. In other words, the immune response was halved for children with a high but nonetheless naturally occurring level of PFC toxicity. That is huge.

To quote study author Dr. Philippe Grandjean, "Previous studies have suggested that vaccine effectiveness may be reduced by other chemicals, like PCBs, but with PFCs we saw a much steeper effect, and this was surprising to us."

Next to fluoride directly added to the water as the industrial waste byproduct of hydrofluorosillic acid, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), are the most common environmental source of fluoride exposure. Made by replacing the hydrogen in a hydrocarbon chain with fluoride, PFCs were originally developed as a coating to prevent uranium hexafluoride gas from dissolving piping used for pre-centrifuge uranium enrichment in the Manhattan project.

PFCs form a slick water, oil and stain resistant surface, with many industrial applications ranging from Gore-Tex raincoats to Scotchgard tape, to its best know application, Teflon non-stick cookware. Since inception, numerous allegations of PFC and Teflon toxicity have been raised but in turn ignored by the scientific community.

Teflon, for instance, when heated for cooking, is known to offgas and kill pet birds in the vicinity by hemorrhaging their lungs.

Equally, concerns have been raised over its persistency in the environment. PFCs' "beneficial" artificial properties also prevent them from being able to degrade naturally. As a result, they have steadily been building up in the environment. As fish are a common source of bio-accumulation toxins including this one, the Faroe Island children were a likely choice to study.

These results strongly suggest focusing on what is hindering the immune system rather than trying to artificially bolster it may be a very productive future line of research. Previous trials, for instance, have found the commonly prescribed drug acetaminophen (Tylenol) reduced the infant response to vaccinations, leading to doctors no longer prescribe it for infants prior to immunization.

It is well known in the natural medicine field that chronic toxicity disrupts the immune system, a problem getting worse and worse as the years go by. This is why detoxification cleanses are so effective for treating a wide range of conditions. Perhaps this research will help lead to a new focus in immunological research.

Or perhaps it will help the movement to outlaw Fluoride and its byproducts. Citing harsh toxicology data, the Environmental Working Group sponsored a bill in 2008 to outlaw PFCs in California food packing. Unfortunately at the chemical industry's behest, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill. Had it passed, a few vaccines might have even worked!

Disclaimer: Scientists have already disputed the findings demonstrating a link between PFCs and vaccine efficacy.

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