Pediatrician calls state trooper, child protective services on mother for refusing to vaccinate child

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Tags: pediatricians, child protective services, vaccines

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(NaturalNews) What would you do if your pediatrician called the cops and child protective services on you for refusing to get your child vaccinated? That is exactly what happened recently to Rachel Garmon of Pennsylvania when she told her new pediatrician that her healthy and vibrant two-and-a-half year old son had never been -- and never would be -- vaccinated.

InfoWars reports that Garmon, a well-known member of her community and director of a sports and wellness program at a local community organization, had been having a reasonably pleasant interaction with her new pediatrician until the conversation moved on to the topic of vaccines. The pediatrician, Garmon did not name, apparently began to badger Garmon with typical pro-vaccine propaganda in an attempt to convince the mother to vaccinate her son.

Garmon refused, of course, explaining that she had "strong convictions against vaccinating (her) son," and did not plan to give him any shots at all. Garmon also refused to sign the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) egregious "Refusal to Vaccinate Form," which illegitimately forces parents to incriminate themselves by admitting that they are "endanger[ing] the health or life" of their children by refusing to vaccinate, as well as other such nonsense.

When all was said and done at the pediatrician's office that day, though, Garmon says she thought she left on a good note with the pediatrician. But several days later after returning home from visiting her out-of-town relatives, Garmon found two notes on her door from a Pennsylvania State Trooper urging the mother to contact the trooper "ASAP." When Garmon finally got a hold of the trooper, she was shocked to learn why the note had been left.

Garmon's pediatrician had apparently filed a fraudulent police report against her claiming that she had acted "suspicious" the day of their meeting, and had refused to show identification. The pediatrician had also called Children and Youth Services (CYS), a child abuse and neglect agency in Pennsylvania, according to the state trooper.

Garmon told Alex Jones in a recent interview that she believes the pediatrician made up these lies to get back at her over the vaccination issue. But when Garmon called her pediatrician to ask why she had called CYS and a state trooper to file false charges, the pediatrician allegedly claimed ignorance in the matter and insisted that she made no such call.

Be sure to watch Garmon's full interview with Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show here:

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