Medical science may use genetically modified pigs to grow human replacement organs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by: PF Louis
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(NaturalNews) There are too many heavily funded, highly praised scientists who think they can outwit nature and play God. A recent medical science development in Japan is leading the way to using animals for creating organs to be transplanted into humans. Though hailed as a solution for many who await organ transplants, this actually extends medical science's departure from natural healing further with more rationale for animal suffering.

Growing GM Engineered Organs in Animals to Replace Human Parts

A medical research team in Japan has revealed they have made what is hailed as scientific progress down the slippery slope of cheating nature and playing God. They are on the verge of being able to make human organs by injecting human stems cells into animal embryos.

Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi of Tokyo University declared at the European Society of Human Genetics: "Our ultimate goal is to generate human organs from induced pluripotent stem cells. The technique, called blastocyst complementation, provides us with a novel approach for organ supply. We have successfully tried it between mice and rats. We are now rather confident in generating functional human organs using this approach."

Pluripotent stem cells are able to reproduce as other types of cells rather than repeat themselves or replicate embryonic cells. Blastocyst refers to early mammalian embryonic development.

Since inducing pigs to generate human blood has already been established with this procedure, the switch from rats and mice to pigs and humans is the next logical step. The pigs could be injected with human stem cells to produce a replicate organ for a human who requires a transplant. (1)

What About the Animals?

The experiments involved mice that couldn't grow a pancreas. Why? They were genetically engineered that way. That made newborn mice diabetic because they couldn't produce insulin. The mice were injected with stem cells from rats with healthy pancreases and as the mice matured they grew pancreases and were no longer diabetic. So a pig would have to be missing a pig organ for it to grow a human organ that would be taken out for placing into a human.

This is double suffering and subsequent often gruesome death for many pigs. Sure, this farm animal suffering and death for greedy human consumption is rampant with factory farming and large slaughter houses. But that should also be stopped.

To paraphrase Ghandi: "A society's morality can be determined by its treatment of animals." If you've seen any covertly filmed footage of CAFOs (confined agricultural feed operations) or factory farms, or demonic slaughter house activity, you'd be shocked or grief stricken if you have any compassion at all. (2)

Ignoring Natural Healing to Cut, Grab, and Stitch

A serious physical trauma that damages an organ beyond repair creates an understandable motive for human organ transplanting. But any other reason is highly questionable. For example, the diabetic mouse pancreas transplant evoked awe from a physician who saw this as step toward curing diabetes. Replacing the pancreas is the only cure for diabetes?

The idea that curing even diabetes naturally is possible and willfully ignored by most medical professionals. Preventing diabetes is addressed poorly by the mainstream medical profession as well. They very rarely open up to any other paradigm. They are more involved with wielding their prescription pads and scalpels. (3)

Few consider acupuncture, healing protocols, herbs, detoxification, and diet. Even Western alternative medicine has developed energy medicine inspired by acupuncture and chakra healing to reverse diabetes.(4)

Regarding incurable pancreas diseases, a few decades ago Texas dentist, William Donald Kelley, created a natural cure for his own devastating pancreatic cancer, which he used to cure many others with the same disease.

He was attacked by the AMA and FDA using the mainstream press to publicly disgrace him, forcing him to retire bitterly. But now NYC MD Nicholas Gonzales continues with Kelley's legacy, albeit tip toeing through the FDA/AMA mine fields. (5)

Current Transplant Activity

The list for people in need of a liver, kidney and heart is long. Many at the bottom of a list engage in "organ tourism" in which someone pays big bucks for some poor sap to give up an organ to a black market surgeon.

Black market organ transplanting also leads to snatching body parts from cadavers, temporarily kidnapping and operating to remove a desired organ, and even killing someone to get a good organ for the highest bidder. (6) (9)

People who receive successful transplants commonly feel they're "fixed" now. But they're put on a protocol of meds that often make life a little uncomfortable. Some feel they can go back to their old lifestyles, which often include drinking and smoking, consuming lots of sugar and processed foods. In a few years, it's not uncommon for some of these folks to need another transplant or simply perish. (7)

Then there are transplants that fail. One cause is the body's excessive immune reaction to a foreign substance. Another reason is that the transplanted organ is faulty or diseased to begin with. There was a rash of fatty livers transplanted in the UK over the last few years. The possibility of undetected infectious disease looms as well, especially with organs groomed in animals. (8)

So is organ roulette a wise move toward improved health and longevity? Of course not. The right ways for prevention and healing have been the most ignored ways. Embracing real knowledge of proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and traditional healing should be where modern medicine looks and what the mainstream media heralds.

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Explaining Stems Cells

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