Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to choose deadly chemotherapy, radiation treatments for cancer rather than natural alternatives

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
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(NaturalNews) Following in the footsteps of many other prominent figures like Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings, Tony Snow, and Patrick Swayze, just to name a few, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recently announced that he plans to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments for his unspecified type of cancer.

After undergoing surgery last month to have a "baseball-size" tumor removed from his pelvic region (, Chavez now admits that more must be done to fight the cancer. But his decision to take the conventional route will most likely result in the same unfortunate fate that it has for millions of others -- a destroyed immune system and eventual death, all caused by the supposed treatments.

All along, Chavez has been largely silent about the severity of his condition, even during his recent announcement about needing more treatment for it. But his statements make it very clear that he intends to follow the "known methods," as he puts it, which include radiation and chemotherapy. And these methods, as many NaturalNews readers know, do not actually cure cancer -- in most cases, they are actually the ultimate cause of death, which is preluded by severe pain and suffering, and a ravaged immune system.

With all the available information out there, it really is a wonder that anyone at all chooses chemotherapy or radiation to treat cancer. After all, both treatment methods have largely been shown in studies to be ineffective, and yet conventional medicine continues to push their use as the only recognized way to "treat" cancer. Sure, these methods might destroy certain cancer cells, but they also end up destroying the rest of cancer patients' bodies in the process, which ultimately leads to their demise.

Chemotherapy and radiation have a dismal failure rate, and they actually cause cancer

It is ironic, in a sick sort of way, that two of the primary cancer treatments used in conventional medicine today are both known to cause cancer. Both chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments increase the risk that more cancers will grow elsewhere in the body, even if they appear to reduce the size of certain treated tumors. This disturbing fact alone proves the illegitimacy of both types of treatment.

"Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy," wrote Dr. Allen Levin from the University of California, San Francisco, in his 1990 book The Healing of Cancer. "Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors."

And it does not even take the statements of a doctor to prove this as a fact. One of the admitted side effects of taking chemotherapy drugs is the possibility that they will cause cancers like leukemia, which is cancer in the blood cells, to develop throughout the body. And radiation, as we all know, causes severe cell damage that also encourages the growth and spread of cancer cells.

According to Dr. Ralph Moss, author of the book Questioning Chemotherapy, the success rate for "curing" cancer using chemotherapy is really only about 2 - 5 percent at best -- and this is only in certain types of cancers. This means that in about 98 percent of cases, chemotherapy is absolutely useless in treating those specific cancers, and in the others for which it is completely useless -- breast, colon, lung, brainstem gliomas -- it is 100 percent ineffective.

Radiation statistics are even worse. According to information compiled by popular author Edward G. Griffin in his book World Without Cancer, radiation is basically 100 percent useless for treating cancer. While it may appear to shrink tumor sizes in certain types of cancer, it actually increases their malignancy at the same time, and ultimately causes other cancer cells to spread throughout the body and eventually kill the patient, in most cases. And this makes perfect sense when considering that radiation in general, whether it comes from a doctor X-ray or a nuclear power plant, is highly carcinogenic.

The only way the cancer industry can even make the claim that either chemotherapy or radiation has any cancer-fighting benefits at all is to continually manipulate data and statistics. You see, both chemotherapy and radiation treatments can easily be made to look as though they are treating cancer, when all they are really doing is destroying the person's entire body, as well as the cancer, and causing patients to die of other diseases instead.

Upon getting chemotherapy and radiation treatments, many cancer patients end up developing various other illnesses caused by these treatments. When patients eventually die of these other diseases, those end up being put on their death certificates as cause of death rather than cancer, and suddenly the cancer industry is able to tabulate those deaths as cured-cancer success stories.

Never mind that the treatments brought about those deaths -- the cancer was "cured" as far as the industry is concerned, and this is literally the data the cancer industry uses to suggest that chemotherapy and radiation help to cure cancer.

To learn more about the deceptions of the cancer industry, and to hear the fascinating story of a doctor whose truly successful work in treating cancer has been marginalized and targeted by the cancer industry and the US government for decades, check out the amazing documentary Burzynski The Movie for FREE at NaturalNews.TV:

Also, be sure to check out the Max Gerson documentary Dying to Have Known, which features another highly-successful approach to treating cancer naturally:

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