TSA agents grope high school students at prom security checkpoint

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
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(NaturalNews) It seems like it was just last week that I warned NaturalNews readers about how the TSA was expanding to become the new Nazi Secret Police of America. Actually, it was just last week (http://www.naturalnews.com/032458_TSA_bomb_d...). And now, over the weekend, the TSA confirmed exactly what I was warning about: They have expanded their security checkpoint pat-down searches to high school prom night, which now involves TSA perverts feeling up high school girls in their formal dresses.

Recently the TSA threatened to set up a security checkpoint at the Sante Fe High School and conducted illegal searches on high school prom students there. The agency ultimately backed down and didn't go through with the checkpoint plan at that high school, but one month earlier at Capital High School, two students were sexually molested by the TSA and filed a lawsuit over the incident (http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S2116447....).

Describing the illogical and abusive TSA pat-down, high school student Candace Herrera said, "She grabbed my breast and grabbed the inner part of my bra and shook it and then picked up the front of my dress to like mid thigh. She was patting down my bare legs which kind of didn't make sense."

Of course it doesn't make sense. None of it makes sense. It doesn't make sense that the TSA, which was created to counter Bin Laden's mastermind plan to blow up airplanes, is now running security checkpoints at high school prom dances! Of all the places to find terrorists in America, does the high school prom rank anywhere near the top-100 locations?

This is all psyops to indoctrinate young people into accepting the police state

Let me lay it out here and explain what this is really all about. This is OBVIOUSLY not about terrorism. High school proms are not command headquarters for terror cells.

And secondly, if the TSA is patting down bare legs and thighs of high school girls, then that's obviously not a security pat-down but rather a form of molestation. No wonder the TSA specifically chose high school prom night to conduct its searches -- these TSA workers are all the perverts who never touched a girl when they went to prom night in high school, and now they're getting their shot!

As I already warned NaturalNews readers on multiple occasions, if we don't reel in this out-of-control rogue police state agency right now, the TSA will continue to expand its power until it is the new secret police of Amerika, running searches on street corners or conducting house-to-house pat-downs of entire neighborhoods, just because they can.

The American sheeple go right along with the rise of the Nazi TSA

There is no limiting the power grab by this rogue Nazi organization unless we stand up to them. And that brings up the question: Why did all the students, parents and teachers at these high schools go along with the TSA sexually molesting their girls?

The Sheeple, it seems, have become so "zombified" and dumbed down that they don't even recognize tyranny when they see it. When our own daughters and sisters are being sexually molested in the name of false "security" designed to keep the terrorists out of the prom dance hall, it has all become to utterly bizarre and mindless that I can hardly describe the lunacy of it. Has our nation really surrendered so completely to tyranny that we are going to let the TSA set up its security checkpoints anywhere and everywhere, then reach into our pants at dance events, sporting events, train stations, bus stations and probably soon shopping malls?

Are the American Sheeple really so brain dead that they will stand by and watch their Constitutional rights be utterly destroyed by this illegal, rogue agency known as the TSA?

The proper response

Let me describe the proper response of what should have happened at the high school when the TSA showed up and started feeling up the breasts and thighs of the students there.

First, when the TSA showed up, the principal should have told them to go away. "This is the prom, not a terrorism convention. Go home and leave our students alone."

Secondly, after the TSA started shoving their hands into the bras of the female students there, some brave student should have loudly protested, called 911 and requested the local police to arrive on the scene to arrest the TSA agents.

At that point, the local police should have pulled out their guns and arrested the TSA agents at gunpoint, then booked them with charges of molesting a teenage girl. The parents, meanwhile, should have held a protest rally at the high school to loudly protest this treatment of their daughters by this out-of-control government agency.

This would have been the proper response. But instead, we get nothing. No police. No sheriff. No protests. Only two students had the courage to stand up and file a lawsuit against the TSA. Even the school principal stood by and did absolutely nothing, further advocating the idea that students are subjects of the state and that if the government wants to reach down your pants (or inside your bra), they have the right to do that any time they want to.

When they come for you, there may be no one left to protest

I ask the question: When will America wake up and arrest these criminal TSA workers? When will we say, "Enough is enough!" and force Congress to de-fund this entire group? At what point will the Sheeple working slaves of America finally realize they are watching the unfolding of a Nazi-style police state right in front of their very eyes?

It all reminds me of just how easily the Nazi party rose to power in the 1930's. The German people just stood by and did nothing, too. It wasn't until the abuses of power turned to genocide that the rest of the world woke up and tried to do something about it; and even then, most of the German people simply tolerated the Nazis and did nothing to stand up against them.

The famous movie Schindler's List (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schindler%27s_L...) is an account of one courageous entrepreneur who decided to take a stand against the Nazi tyranny, yet he found himself virtually alone in taking that stand. History has proven that most of the mindless masses will go along with tyranny because that think like slaves and subjects rather than citizens.

What all this really proves is that New Mexico's high schools are failing to teach their students much about history. Because if they knew the true history of the world -- and how tyranny rises up and threatens freedom -- none of the students would put up with this TSA nonsense.

Didn't their history teachers teach them anything about the rise of tyranny in Nazi Germany? Or the British-controlled American colonies? Or Eastern Europe? Only someone who is completely ignorant of world history could stand by and watch the TSA rise to power in America today and not recognize what's really happening. Because what we are watching, dear readers, is the rise of an evil agency that will, if allowed to continue expanding, soon run its own secret prisons and secret courts where people are guilty until proven innocent.

We are watching America's freedoms crumble right before our eyes, and only a small handful of people who are familiar with world history seem to understand what's unfolding.

Any government body that does not recognize limits of power is a danger to the nation

That the TSA is running a security checkpoint at the local high school prom is not, in and of itself, the problem here. The problem is that the TSA thinks it CAN run security checkpoints anywhere it wants, without justification, without notification and without cause. This is how tyranny begins: First it's necessary for national security, and then it creeps into your cities, towns, schools and eventually your homes.

Mark my words: If we don't stop the TSA, they will eventually be running door-to-door searches on innocent Americans in complete violation of our Fourth Amendment rights.

People forget so easily, it seems, why we fought the War of Independence against the British Empire. British soldiers used to go house to house, entering homes, stealing valuables and groping the women. That's why our founding fathers specifically wrote the Fourth Amendment to prohibit such activities by any government or military force.

Remember, folks: The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is, in essence, an ANTI-GOVERNMENT document whose sole purpose is to limit the scope of government and protect the rights of the People. Today, America has forgotten that, and unless things are reversed very soon, they will escalate into the exact same abuses against our persons and our privacy that were once committed by the British Empire against the colonialists.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history, it is often said, are doomed to repeat them. And that's exactly what we are witnessing in America today. The rise of the TSA secret police is under way, and virtually no one is lifting a finger in protest. This is why the American people, in one sense, actually deserve the police state brutality they have brought onto themselves. If you don't stand up and protest now, then don't bother when they come for your wife, or husband or children. By the time they come for you it may very well be too late.

It is a truism of government that every government body or agency always seeks to gain more power and expand its reach. If allowed to do so, the TSA will grow like a cancer until it is the dominant secret police organization, dwarfing the power of local police and even the FBI.

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Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released ten popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

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