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Cure depression with homeopathy

Monday, April 18, 2011 by: Madeleine Innocent
Tags: depression, homeopathy, health news

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(NewsTarget) Depression can be a debilitating problem to have. It can make home life difficult and work a nightmare. So it is not surprising that those affected seek help. The medical answer to depression is to offer you one of a handful of drugs which is meant to even all your emotions out, so the highs go with the lows. But this doesn't address the cause of the problem. Good homeopathic treatment works by addressing the cause of your depression, which will be unique to you.

All medical drugs come with side effects and some that come with the anti-depressant drugs can be serious, even deadly. Although the person may feel better, s/he can be more at risk especially to suicide. The efficacy varies with each individual, and many report no effect at all.

Other side effects include an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, interference with the natural functioning of the immune system, stillbirths, brittle bones, an uncharacteristically violent behaviour and many more.

Medically speaking, you have depression when you have several of the following symptoms:

- a sadness
- a loss of interest in activities normally enjoyed
- a change in your weight as you either find comfort in food or are averse to it
- changes in sleep patterns
- an inability to concentrate or make decisions
- a lack in your normal energy or an uncharacteristically restless feeling
- a personal feeling of hopelessness or unworthiness
- thoughts of suicide or death

But all these are only common symptoms. None of these indicate the cause. A cause can often be seen in the event, which preceded the onset of your depression, and this will be very personal to you. It could be after the birth of your child, after a shocking or frightening experience, after the loss of a loved one and so forth. People often know the cause but feel afraid to express this, for fear of appearing silly.

Another common reason for depression is when a dysfunctional or excessively strict family prevents the natural growth and development of a child. Children need space and safety to explore who they are before being disciplined.

Whatever the reason for your depression, appropriate homeopathic treatment works by searching for the possible cause, by taking into consideration all your very personal and unique (and often subtle) symptoms and by matching one of thousands of homeopathic medicines to you as a whole person.

Advantages of homeopathic treatment include safety, no toxicity, lack of any side effects and an improvement in other health issues. It does not pollute the environment, does not use animal testing to gather information and is economical.


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About the author

Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines and offers consultations in her clinic in Perth Australia and on-line.
You can find her at

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