Radiation protocols and detoxification

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 by: Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D.
Tags: radiation, detoxification, health news

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(NaturalNews) I was having a bowl of miso and dulse soup the other night with my friend, Susan. We were talking about all of the other protocols that we, as West Coasters, were practicing to protect ourselves from any potential radiation toxicity that might incur from Fukushima. I am a long-time raw food vegan, so the new protocols haven't really triggered any radical detoxification. Susan, on the other hand, has been eating a standard American diet. So, it suffices to say that the new protocols have sent her into a tailspin. She had never heard of a healing crisis, or Herxheimer Reaction -- but she was having one!

After talking with Susan, it occurred to me that perhaps other prevention-oriented West Coasters were also experiencing Herxheimer Reactions -- and had no idea what was happening to them. A Herxheimer Reaction is a detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. This is a normal reaction to the toxins that are released when large numbers of parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria or other pathogens are being effectively killed off and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the protocol in question; in fact, usually just the opposite. Although the experience may not make you feel particularly good, the Herxheimer Reaction is a sign that healing is taking place.

The healing crisis is the result of every body system, in concert, working to eliminate waste products through all elimination channels and set the stage for regeneration. The end result: old tissues are replaced with new. When any cleansing program causes a large scale die-off, a significant amount of toxins are released into the body. The more toxins present, the stronger the cleansing reaction. The current radioactivity protocols are custom-made detoxification programs. As well as protect against fugitive radiation, they chelate heavy metals, eliminate toxins and flush the body of other unnatural elements that have accumulated over years of living in a compromised environment.

Smart moves for negotiating a healing crisis include drinking plenty of fresh water, juices, and herbal teas to flush the body of toxins. Other ways to speed the detoxification along include saunas, hot-baths and massage. If the Herxheimer Reaction is especially strong, colonics might be a good idea. The idea is to get the toxins, which have been released by the protocols, out of the body. Faster is better. You don't want to release toxins from the tissues and then have them still circulating in the body, looking for an exit. Create exits! The faster the toxins exit the body, the less intense the healing crisis, as the Herxheimer Reaction is caused from a die-off of toxins still trapped in the body.

So, while West Coasters are ramping up on radioactivity protocols in response to the Fukushima crisis, they are also, in effect, detoxifying. My friend, Susan, reported refreshed energy levels and a more optimistic outlook, in spite of her uncomfortable healing crisis. If others, like her, can just make it through the discomfort of the Herxheimer Reaction, they may experience a whole new level of health and well-being. Fukushima continues to be a disaster and a grave health risk for the whole world. If, however, it facilitates a move toward detoxification, then there is a small silver lining in an overall grim situation.

About the author:
Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D., is a socially engaged philosopher and cultural sustainability advocate. Her new book, The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle explores critical issues from this perspective. At the end of each chapter is a list of things that you can do to create a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle. For more information:

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