Going against nature - The many hidden crimes of the USDA continue to lurk

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by: Anthony Gucciardi
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(NaturalNews) The USDA has recently been caught red-handed in a multiple faceted assault against nature through a variety of recently-uncovered programs that have been negatively impacting the environment for years. Plants, animals, and even humans are feeling the effects of the USDA's illegal - or at least unethical - actions. Thanks to analysis and exploration of USDA documents and records, it is now known that the USDA has had a hand in the decline of the honey bee population, the death of countless birds worldwide through euthanization, and even a nefarious relationship with Monsanto. The USDA was established to protect and preserve the very thing it is now going against: nature.

The world honey bee population has been in decline over the past few years, leading experts to frantically search for answers. Bee pollination is crucial for the fertilization of many crops, making bees one of the most important factors in the preservation of the environment. Malnutrition, change in climate, and electromagnetic radiation were the major theories pushed by experts in order to explain the decline. But just like the bird deaths, documents have been uncovered revealing the truth about the bee decline and the USDA's knowledge of it. A bee-killing pesticide put in use by the EPA may be to blame for at least a portion of the bee decline, explains the documents. Even more shocking, the two-month-old report released by the USDA itself showed that not only are the central nervous systems of insects negatively affected by the insecticide, but also the internal system of humans are also threatened. Neonicotinoids, which is the specific kind of pesticide used, are absorbed by the plants, leading to the death of the bees who come in contact with the plants. Unfortunately, the assault against nature doesn't end there.

During the month of December of 2010, a global enigma occurred, leading to immense confusion and panic. Reports of mass bird and fish die-offs were being heard on a global scale. The first mysterious bird megadeath occurred in Arizona, where approximately 3,000 birds suddenly dropped from above. But the strange deaths did not stop there. Texas, Sweden, Louisiana, and Kentucky also had experienced similar reports. At first, experts were unsure what to make of the situation. Thanks to documents found on the USDA's website, the answer was finally revealed. All for the "protection" of farmers and their crops, the birds were victims of a government program called Bye Bye Blackbird. The program, virtually unknown to most of the population, was created in the 1960's to aid farmers in growing crops via the murder of blackbirds. Despite the fact that many such birds did not pose any immediate threat to farmers, they were poisoned and killed.

In 2005 the USDA approved genetically modified sugar beets, which make up for about half of the nation's sugar supply. There was only one problem concerning the approval - it was illegal. The beets were genetically manipulated to withstand spraying from an herbicide called "Roundup". Roundup, much like the beets themselves, hadn't gone through a thorough safety investigation by the government. In addition, the USDA issued permits which allowed the planting of GM seedlings that would eventually spread GM beets to farms nationwide. Luckily, the law soon struck against the USDA. Judge White ordered that the seedlings be removed with haste, after deeming the initial approval of the GM beets to be illegal in the first place. Despite the ruling, the agricultural integrity of many farms is threatened. With the GM beets withstanding extreme amounts of herbicides, GM beets and seedlings could live on almost any farm.

It is unfortunate that the USDA has gone incognito in its campaign against the preservation of nature. It will take continuous investigative journalism and inspection to fully oust the corruption that has led to such acts, and large amounts of peaceful activism to put it to an end. The documents that unveiled the truth regarding the bee decline are nearly two years old, yet were released quite recently. Who knows what else will be released in two years time that is going on right now?


About the author

Anthony Gucciardi is a health activist and wellness researcher, whose goal is centered around educating the general public as to how they may obtain optimum health. He has authored countless articles highlighting the benefits of natural health, as well as exposing the pharmaceutical industry. Anthony is the creator of Natural Society (, a natural health website. Anthony has been accurately interpreting national and international events for years within his numerous political articles. Anthony's articles have been seen by millions around the world, and hosted on multiple top news websites.

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