Epigenetics reinforces theory that positive mind states heal

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 by: Duran Rivera
Tags: epigenetics, mind-body medicine, health news

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(NaturalNews) There was a time where love and nurture seemed clearly distinct from our physical nature. Genetic-determinism holds that genes control our lives; hereditary information flows in one direction, and genetic activity and cellular expression are regulated by information from the DNA. However, a few years ago, key findings from the Human Genome Project rattled modern biology. It was expected to find least 120,000 genes. Instead what was found was an estimated 35,000. That`s not too far off from a lowly roundworm. Where were all the other genes to dictate the human condition? Today, a new scientific understanding is changing the conversation of biology and providing unexpected answers. It states that the mind and how we perceive the world around us directly influences our biology. Our positive energy (happiness and optimism) heals our conditions while our negative (anger and fear) toxifies leading to numerous diseases. Epigenetic control encourages people to become proactive in their own health instead of self-programming ourselves to be fearful victims.

Epigenetics is a genetic science, which has become a cutting edge biological phenomenon within the last 10-15 years. The prefix epi- means above, so the new science literally means control from above the genes. Studies show that genes are incapable of activating their own expression and are not self-emergent or self-actualizing. Instead gene activity can be activated or deactivated by environmental signals and our perception of it. The mere rewiring of our mindset can in effect change the read out of the DNA. The cell membrane (the outer layer of a cell) is the organic equivalent of a computer chip and is the cell`s control center, not the nucleus where most of the genes or DNA molecules are stored. Although this view conflicts with "The central dogma" as the old belief is called, many scientific studies are showing this to be true.

Scientists like developmental cellular biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton have found that when the nucleus is taken out of the cell, the cell functions normally for over 2 months. During that time, the cell is acting accordingly- it is an intelligent entity. This discovery leads to the conclusion that the nucleus is not the command center, but rather a disc in a computer filled with genetic memory.

The human being is a cell reincarnate sharing the same functions and behaviors. Our being is a fractal geometry, which means our reactions to our environment influence our state which in turns influences the inner biological living levels of awareness within us. Best way to look at it is that we are a community of over 50 trillion sentient cells. The way we think activates and shuts off different sectors of our being, changing the biological environment and consequently the health of the biosphere that is within us. This is in part how the placebo treatment works.

The ultimate conclusion by many epigenetic scientists is that perception of environment changes genes. How we perceive falls into two classes of genetic programming: growth and protection. Your interpretation of the environment selects what program to activate. We stymie our own health when we look at life in fear, thus setting off a combination of different chemicals and influencing what the receptors will take into the cell. Love enhances our health and enriches our entire being. The intangible qualities of a human being to rise above his/her physiological and environmental holdings are now finding scientific basis. Bruce Lipton says "You are all powerful. You have power over the unfoldment of your life. You have power over which genes that are going to be activated."


About the author

Duran Rivera is a freelance writer and artist. He received a bachelors in illustration from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He's also an avid health practitioner working on empowering himself mentally, physically and spiritually. You can contact him at duran.r.rivera@gmail.com or follow more of his articles at www.duranrivera.com.

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