Strategies needed to resist GMOs successfully

Sunday, March 06, 2011 by: Paul Fassa
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(NaturalNews) Many of us have come to realize that petitions to stall Monsanto`s march to world food domination are ineffective. It doesn`t matter whether the petitions go to any of the alphabet soup government agencies, Congress, or the White House. They are ultimately simply ignored. Why? Because they`re all in on it. Monsanto has key personnel in the USDA and FDA, installed by the president himself.

So what can be done? There are other strategies. But these strategies to save our food supply from ultimate ruin need to be coordinated by an international non-government organization (NGO) that currently does not exist.

Why an International NGO is Needed

There are a lot of grass roots groups and sites that are against GMOs. But there are many more roots that should be connected internationally under one committee that keeps everyone unified for resisting GMOs.

Perhaps you are aware of some finger pointing and internet in-fighting that has occurred within the alternative health field lately. This is not healthy. It is not the way to resist the monolithic collusion of GMO industry and government. An overarching NGO would mediate differences and restrain them from going public.

Strategies for a proposed NGO Alliance.


Jeffrey Smith and his organization have led the charge with boycotting. His Institute for Responsible Technology has had some success against Monsanto. They helped publicize and minimize Monsanto`s efforts at forcing rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) into all dairies while "legally" ruining dairies that labeled their milk hormone free.

Thanks to Jeffrey Smith`s boycotting efforts, a lot of progress was made removing some rBGH milks while allowing dairies to promote their products as hormone free.


With Monsanto`s involvement with the government, both through congressional lobbying and actual agency positions, it seems impossible to even bring up the political debate for labeling here in the USA. Ronnie Cummins (OCA) and Mike Adams (Health Ranger) have come up with a plan that they are implementing. Grass roots labeling efforts.

Small local groups of volunteers are being mobilized to pressure retailers into labeling GMO products in their stores. Getting the stores to label GMOs themselves may have a domino effect among retailers. And if this succeeds, boycotting becomes much easier. Again, this should be coordinated internationally on a larger scale.

Legal Actions

Despite some corruption, there is enough room in the court system to disrupt Monsanto and their associates with lawsuits against them. Farmers who use GMOs and Roundup now sign a waiver that removes Monsanto from liability as a result of using their products. So those farmers are libel to neighboring farmers for GMO contamination directly.

There should be a massive campaign to inform and educate farmers about this harsh reality if they haven`t been suckered yet. Meanwhile, the contaminated farmers should get legal support as plaintiffs to go after those who have been suckered and contaminated other farms.

Then there are groups already pressuring local and state governments to repeal S-510 and Obama Care locally. These groups are connecting and gaining ground so far. Use this strategy against GMOs.

Press Releases

Jon Rappoport has openly wondered why the alternative health community has avoided this strategy. Perhaps because those involved feel too outside the mainstream to think it would have an effect. Jon claims this is nonsense. It can be done.

Alphabet soup agencies and private corporations use press releases to give mainstream journalists news items to post or broadcast while creating favorable PR for themselves. Press releases to mainstream outlets should be used to further expose GMO dangers.

Sources for more information include:

How GMOs affect our immune system

Jeffrey Smith

OCA - Ronnie Cummins (Organic Consumers Association)

Health Ranger - Mike Adams Natural News

Monsanto Shifts All Liability to Farmers

Jon Rappoport

About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at

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