GM chicken - Scientists create flu-resistant chickens that may end up on your dinner table

Sunday, February 13, 2011 by: Anthony Gucciardi
Tags: GM chicken, bird flu, health news

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(NaturalNews) In a new wave of scientifically altered creations, scientists have created genetically modified chickens that do not transmit bird flu to other chickens. The chickens, while unable to transmit the disease, may still suffer from the disease themselves. The genetic manipulation process tampers with the very DNA of the chicken, challenging the safety of its meat. Of course there is no mention in the scientific literature as to whether these GM chickens will soon be showing up on your dinner table -- or if they already have.

To stop the spread of the virus, the scientists introduced a gene that produces a "decoy" molecule that emulates an integral control element of the bird flu virus. The decoy interrupts the replication cycle of the virus, restricting transmission. With the first GM chicken successfully created, scientists have begun brainstorming new ways to modify the rest of the food chain. The researchers have discussed the possibility of creating a whole variety of genetically modified animals that do not transmit disease in a similar manner. Many scientists, however, have spoken out against the creation of GM farm animals. Peter Bradnock of The British Poultry Council says that more research is needed to understand the long-term health impact of such practices.

"We have to have a big debate as to whether society wants to have GM animals even for this very good potential benefit," he told BBC News.

In reality there really is no debate when it comes to the risk analysis of GM food. Tampering with the genetic code of any living organism, whether it be an animal or a crop, will result in undeniable health consequences. Multiple studies have confirmed the dangers of consuming GM ingredients, including a prominent study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences. The researchers found that the organs that typically respond to chemical food poisoning were the first to encounter problems after subjects consumed GM foods. Upon publishing their findings, the researchers stated that GM foods should not be openly available to consumers.

Flu-resistant chickens were not the first GM chicken to be created by scientists. Scientists have been experimenting with the genetic coding of chickens for years. Chickens were genetically modified by scientists in 2007 to lay eggs that contained a protein used in anti-cancer drugs. In 2002, scientists at the Hebrew University in Israel created bald chickens which they claimed grew faster than regular chickens. While chickens were not genetically modified, the breeding process drew controversy from around the world. The birds were featherless and would produce extreme amounts of body heat after eating large amounts of food. If the birds were ever to live in a warm climate, the researchers said that they would "suffer tremendously".

While it is unknown if the meat of these GM chickens has found its way to the dinner table, there is a simple way to avoid this problem. Purchasing high-quality organic food, preferably from a local source, is a great way to avoid the negative additives that come along with conventional food items. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers associated with GM food products, they will be voted out of grocery stores nationwide through lack of funding.


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Anthony Gucciardi is a health activist and wellness researcher, whose goal is centered around educating the general public as to how they may obtain optimum health. He has authored countless articles highlighting the benefits of natural health, as well as exposing the pharmaceutical industry. Anthony is the creator of Natural Society (, a natural health website. Anthony has been accurately interpreting national and international events for years within his numerous political articles. Anthony's articles have been seen by millions around the world, and hosted on multiple top news websites.

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