Study Finds Obesity to be Major Player in Cancer Development

Monday, November 23, 2009 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: obesity, cancer, health news

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(NaturalNews) A November 5 report prepared by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AIRC) revealed that over 100,000 people a year develop cancer due to obesity. The study divulged pertinent data indicating a direct correlation between excess body fat and the development and propagation of various types of cancer.

Topping the list of obesity-related cancers was endometrial cancer which represents 49% of cases followed by esophageal cancer at 35%. Pancreatic cancer ranked third at 28%, trailed by kidney cancer at 24%, gallbladder cancer at 21%, breast cancer at 17%, and colorectal cancer at 9%.

According to Dr. Laurence Kolonel, MD, PhD, Deputy Director of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii and AICR/WCRF expert panel member, the study's results contain convincing evidence that excess body fat leads to increases of certain hormones and sex steroids that are related to cancer growth.

The most convincing finding concerning obesity-related cancer proliferation, however, is the fact that excess body fat causes intensified oxidative stress on the body, leading to diminished immune function and DNA damage. Such a state is conducive for not only the formation of cancer cells but also their rapid multiplication.

It is also understood that toxins can build up in excess body fat causing destruction to bodily organs and cells. The body works to maintain a normal pH level that is slightly alkaline, but when acidic waste and other toxins build up, it struggles to sustain this proper balance. Ultimately if the body is unable to balance this alkaline state, conditions become ripe for the development and perpetuation of cancer cells and other diseases.

Though not mentioned in the study, the subject of alkalinity plays a primary role in understanding how the body works in sustaining health and preventing disease. Because our bodies are constantly metabolizing, acidic waste is naturally produced that must be neutralized and eliminated. Bad diet choices and unhealthy body fat levels will severely alter the normal function of acid neutralization and elimination. Perhaps this is the primary reason obese people are more prone to developing cancer.

There are many alkalizing foods, compounds, and minerals that the body is able to utilize in its fight to maintain optimum alkalinity. Particularly for obese people trying to lose weight, it is vital to supplement the body with as much alkalizing material as possible in order to soften the blow of toxicity that is released when the body is burning off excess fat.

Alkalizing foods include virtually all vegetables and most fruits. Some of the best alkalizing foods include figs, non-irradiated herbs, garlic, raw honey, raisins, lemons, mineral water, sea vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, and sprouts. Calcium and magnesium are also two vital alkalizing minerals that should be present in all diets. Most processed foods, on the other hand, are acid-forming and should thus be avoided.

Water ionizers, also known as alkalized or alkaline water machines, are another great option for obtaining alkaline-forming sustenance. Most machines can be customized with added filtration to remove fluoride, arsenic, and other toxic substances not removed by the main filter. By removing harmful poisons from water and alkalizing it, the body is better able to protect itself from the onset of debilitating disease.

Pure, whole, nutritious foods in balance with one another are the best defense in maintaining optimum health. Cleansing the body of toxins and shedding excess weight will do wonders for the body when combined with a diet rich in alkaline-forming foods and minerals.


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Ethan Huff is a freelance writer and health enthusiast who loves exploring the vast world of natural foods and health, digging deep to get to the truth. He runs an online health publication of his own at

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