Viktoras Kulvinskas Part I: From Migraines, Arthritis, Caffeine and Obesity to Holistic Living Nutrition

Friday, September 11, 2009 by: Kevin Gianni
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(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Rawkathon, which can be found at In this excerpt, Viktoras Kulvinskas shares on his journey from migraines, arthritis, caffeine addiction and obesity to holistic living nutrition.

Rawkathon with Viktoras Kulvinskas. Viktoras Kulvininskas refers to himself as a "Lithuanian raw mystic." He is an author and researcher interested in life foods and living nutrition.

Kevin: So Viktoras, I want to welcome you for being here with us. I really appreciate your time. Why don't you tell everyone who doesn't kind of know who you are, which I'd be surprised if there's someone who doesn't who you are, why don't you just explain who you are and how you got into life foods and living nutrition.

Viktoras: Well, thank you. I often refer to myself as the Lithuanian raw mystic because my origin is self- consciousness where through mysticism, for 16 years, I did not speak. I kept silent and watched the inward space. I was very much into Christ consciousness by the time I was seven and going into mystical experiences. Primarily, I was held back, considered retarded or intellectually challenged or probably I would have been ranked autistic if I was living in this culture. I was born at a time when planet earth had one billion people living at that time; now there is seven billion. If you could imagine, we lived with no electricity on a farm in Lithuania. We were forced to leave Lithuania and, eventually, ended up in the United States going through this place, people's camp and all that kind.

So dietary, I went through changes in Lithuania, it was very a mucus-forming diet - grains and dairy. When I left for Germany, we had hardly any food. So we foraged and the result was we went through cleansing. Boils would develop all over my body. The doctors would basically drain them. I had ongoing migraines, pretty much due to acidic orientation. I spent about 30 years till the age of 29 with migraines, once or twice a week. It was severe, sometimes with vomiting fits, even tearing the lining. I had advanced arthritis by the time I was in my early 20s. I had a receding hairline, turning gray. I had severe degeneration on all levels. Addicted to coffee by the time I was 12, I felt more comfortable because it's an alkaloid that overcomes, temporarily, the acidic condition of my dietary choices. So as long as you can handle the alkaloid caffeine, you seem to feel better and I was doing very well on it and mental and more social integration.

It was helpful but it lead to insomnia and that's what led to my second stage of entry into mysticism, which was I'd observed the animals that they never slept; in a sense, especially in the wild, they rested and from anything I could gather out of the books. So I practiced resting, and eventually, the practice of resting I got so restful that I was floating. And, eventually, astral travel became a voyage that I was taking and continuously going deeper and deeper into the sound current which was ongoing since those days. In my head, it's a humming strong sound that I love connecting with it and it became more and more amplified, eventually, went into the light.

The consequence of that, which was around 17, was from a very intellectually challenged to intellectual superiority. All of a sudden, I was transferred to academic classes from personal classes and also to honors classes. I won awards in Physics, awards in Mathematics and Chemistry and went on into regular schooling. From high school, I ended up going to college - engineering. I went through junior year and I decided that that was too limiting. I transferred myself to nuclear physics and theoretical mathematics and proceeded on to do graduate work. I worked with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Prior to that, I taught college at several different locations.

Being a type A kind of semi-bohemian, always living in an artistic world, diving into sculpture, was very gifted photographer, and just yet suffering, you might say. Eventually drinking as much as 15 cups of coffee a day and I went through a period of three packs of cigarettes smoking a day, if you could imagine that. Then I went cold turkey and everything, withdrawing when I finished graduate school. I also decided to take on more obesity so I had a triple chin by the time I was toward finishing graduate school. So I went through all those kinds of traditional experiences. And lots of romances, not very healthy but it was part of what was happening. It was called exciting life - I wanted excitement. I never was very traditional in orientation.

So I worked with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and then I went into a consultation company, Phi, which was involved with MIT Apollo Project as well as also war games, many kind of very high tech in the system development field. People, actually, on the job, I saw two guys dropped dead. We were very intense 24/7, around the clock. At a certain point, from a neurology point of view, I went into the peak of what would be called the "nine" - a humanitarian drive, God, like clockwork. I said, "I don't want to do this anymore." At the same time, my body collapsed. My right leg totally gave out. I had, first, it was intense pain and disappeared all sensitivity. I had advanced edema and just totally almost dying.

I went to the doctors and they were going to do all kinds of experimental work with me. But I said, "What's the theory behind it?" They got no theory! I said, "Forget it. You guys just are lame." I said, "Good-bye, I'm going to find my own way." So I went to what would be called the health food stores. Of course, looking at those people there, they didn't look too damn healthy. Especially those days, it was not the Hollywood stylish individuals who were basically looking for the final answer after the doctors have completely failed with working with them.

I found good books like Dr. Norman Walker; I connected with him. We talked. I talked with Dr. Warmbrand who has written many books on gastro-intestinal disorders. Walker suggested, "Why don't you see Ann Wigmore?" So I had seen her in the newspaper on a cover story when she had a famous Hollywood starlet staying. I went over and I liked the feeling. I read her book in three days, around the clock; I was very excited.

So anyways, I connected with Ann Wigmore, and she ran first the Rec Schoolhouse and then it became Rising Sun Christianity. I had almost 21st century disease. I had difficulties being in a city because I was already so severely and systematically exhausted. My immune system was compromised. My digestive system was compromised. Everything about me was compromised. So she said, "You can stay in my farm house, which was about 20 miles away. So I commuted every day, I would put in 16 to 20 hour days, and I detoxed. I started detoxing; I got down to about 95 pounds and didn't know anything about nutrition and how to put it back on.

So there I was for two years, 95 pounds. I mean, I would have been basically a poster boy for digestive disorders. In this culture, I would have been anorexically classified, but we didn't have those kinds of words. Now they classify me as orthorexic. As a matter of fact, I was on 20/20, ABC International News, which will be appearing in the spring, which was on the subject of orthorexic, which is compulsive addition to doing everything right. I laughed because all the Olympic athletes, they're orthorexic. All the starlets are orthorexic. All the hip people are orthorexic by their definition. You know? What's the big deal? In other words, if you want to get somewhere, if you want to do something, why not do it right? Why do it wrong? That's in our culture. In our culture, we are addicted to doing everything that is pro-life suicidal. It's a slow, suicidal trip. So they encourage you to do everything but to commit suicide. They say, "No suicide, but slow suicide is OK."

That's the kind of culture we are living in, but more and more people are waking up. John Nesbit, in "Mega Trends," said that in the next millennium, in this century, we will see enzomology become the most powerful, influential force, more influential on the whole culture than the total of physics and chemistry together in the previous hundred years. And he was right. I pioneered enzomology in a sense that when I discovered when I spending all the years, five years at Harvard Medical Library, five to ten hours a day, not with the computers like we have right now, but basically going through the abstracts, excavating the good stuff psychically. Eventually I got so in tune that as I developed my theoretical frame, I could go to the right floor, the right set of shelves, open up the book, and to the right page. I had the information for my documentation.

So anyway, I discovered the manuscripts of Dr. Howell, and I said, "This is it. This is the cornerstone." It had 500 medical journal references. It was all manuscripts. Some were in the shelving. Oh, God, what a wonder. So I contacted him, pursued him diligently. It took two years to track him down. He was a senior citizen in his 90s doing research with soil, a perfect place to go after enzomology. Where else can you go but dirt? You know? That's where the action is. It's the farmers; some of the great heroes are farmers.

Kevin: Right.

Viktoras: It was medical language. I felt comfortable because of all the years being there. I ended up being trained by Dr. Howell in formula development and the enzomology. And I ended up working with this company which had initially only had two people and then it had six people working. When I joined and I started acting as a sales rep, within two years, we raised the number of employees to over 110, and all of a sudden became like a best seller within a company... All of a sudden, because we were so successful, such a megaforce in the industry of holism because I brought a holistic model there. They had the detox system; they had the probiotics; they had a super blue-green algae type of food, and they had the enzymes, which were the cornerstone of basically the immune system, the metabolic activities, as well as the digestive functions. And all of a sudden, it became like the rage. Everybody that had a label, because when I came in, nobody had enzymes; the best they had was papaya enzymes, which were like candy, or bromelain from pineapple, which were good anti-inflammatory but not digestive aids.

Kevin: Right.

Viktoras: Last year, in 2007, they published a paper, two studies that you can Google up on the Internet. Pancreatic cancer, which is considered untreatable and a death sentence, just with enzyme supplementation and with enzymatic nutrition, within a matter of a couple of months, complete recovery.

Kevin: Wow.

Viktoras: Totally unheard of. So basically, I kind of pioneered many of the developments that are currently now the rage, in a sense.

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