Learn about the Importance of the Classic Chinese Six Flavor Tea Pill

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by: Christopher Gussa
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(NaturalNews) Out of thousands of TCM patent herbal formulas, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (or Six Flavor Tea Pill) is perhaps the most important of all. It treats a wide variety of conditions, from diabetes, high cholesterol numbers, low adrenals and insomnia to weakness in the knees, poor hearing and poor eyesight. One of the reasons it is so important is that it is useful throughout life, from very young to very old. Its success in helping slow growing underdeveloped children get on the right track fast is only mirrored by its ability to help the frail and aging get back to a much fuller life as well. The six herbs in this formula are tolerable by most anyone and include Rehmannia glutinosa root-prepared, Dioscorea opposita rhizome, Cornus officinalis fruit, Paeonia suffruticosa root-bark, Poria cocos fungus, Alisma plantago aquatica rhizome. (Chinese names: Shu di huang, Shan yao, Shan zhu yu, Mu dan pi, Fu ling, Ze xie)

This is the Chinese medicinal formula that is utilized when a patient has been diagnosed as having insufficient liver and kidney yin. These symptoms of yin deficiency can include a dry scalp, cracked/brittle finger nails, dry skin and/or a red tongue with little coating. If left unchecked, yin deficiency can evolve into lower back pain, foot pain, weak knees, excessive thirst, restlessness, dizziness, night sweats, burning, frequent urination, dark patches under the eyes and diabetes. It is commonly prescribed in China for diminished liver and kidney Yin due to aging, stress, or environment. Yin deficiency (In most cases) is the result of too much yang with too little yin and is characterized by feelings of excess fire/heat and diminished vital fluids.

This classic formula winds up having a similar action to the amazing single tonic herb known as He Shou Wu. ( http://www.naturalnews.com/023021_Chi_herbs_... ) When the two are combined they have an incredible action of bringing up adrenal function while helping to stop lower back pain and week painful knees especially in people over 50.

Research on Liu Wei Di Huang Wan:

Researches have found that Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can increase the number of T lymphocytes and regulate the production of cytokines and thus Liu Wei Di Huang Wan may adjust the immune function of our body.

Research also shows Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can increase the production of sex hormones and of adrenal cortical hormones that have anti-inflammatory function in animal studies. Moreover, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can reduce blood sugar levels and increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the diabetes rat model4. SOD is a key enzyme for eliminating free radicals in the body and its enhanced function prolongs lifespan in animal studies.

This explains why it has become the standard formula for diabetes in China. However, this is not advised to be used with many pharma drugs as the drugs can often block the natural energy Liu Wei Di Huang Wan releases and "pin it up" in the meridians causing unpredictable situations.

Western society is characterized by overly-active lifestyles, full of fire and stress - leaving little room for rest. This type of lifestyle is often associated with yin deficiency, which can be further exacerbated by chemical stimulants such as caffeine, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol use and too little sleep. The end result is often a feeling of being "burned out", which is another way of saying that the yang/fire may be crowding out the body`s yin/fluids, which are necessary to nourish the body`s vital organs.

This formula will often lower cholesterol numbers and most always strengthen the kidneys. Research has shown a dramatic decrease of fatalities due to kidney disease by the use of this formula!

Its History as a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas:

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a Traditional Chinese Medicine which was was first listed in "The Craft of Medical Treatment for Childhood Disease Patterns" (Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue) by Dr. Qian Yi way back in the good ol` days of 1119 AD. Because of its perfect balanced effect it soon became the classical base formula for all conditions of yin deficiency (And yang deficiency if needed) especially of the liver and kidneys.

When we say "base formula", we mean that it is often used as a foundation to support other more specific herbal treatments such as adding Gou Qi Zi (Wolfberry) and Chrysanthemum Tincture which then becomes a wonderful combination for failing eyes. This classic blend is also known as a TCM formula called Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

When warming herbs are added (Like Cinnamon and treated Aconite) it becomes the famous formula called "Golden Book Tea Pill" used to help with under active adrenals and thyroid.

There are now actually hundreds of Chinese patent herbal medicines using this combo of herbs (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) as a base in the formula while other herbs direct the energy where needed.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Six Flavor Tea Pill) is perhaps one of the best examples in the TCM wisdom of combining herbs in the 5 element system. (http://www.naturalnews.com/024913_Chi_medici... ) Remember, taking this formula along with the tonic herb, He Shou Wu (http://www.naturalnews.com/023021_Chi_herbs_... ) can really get rid of lower back pain and knee pain fast in many cases and is safe for anyone.

Sources: Shanghai College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, U of A Medical Center, Dr. Wen Zi, "Chinese Herbal Medicine" by Daniel P Reid

About the author

Christopher Gussa founded Plant Cures Inc. which handcrafts over 150 Serious Herbal Medicine Products for Specific Disorders all created through clinical application. Their products are for Serious Disease and also Powerful Tonic Health. Please visit Plant Cures at WWW.PLANTCURES.COM or call them at 1-800 979 2027
Christopher Gussa is a formulator of Natural Medicine. He is also a TCM practitioner and Certified Master / Clinical Herbalist for 30 years. He is certified in both Western Herbal Therapy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Chris Gussa: "Plant Cures is currently working with over 9,000 medicinal plants to bring about healing through the true science of combining the whole energies of whole plants. A plants energy is from its whole part. (flowers, fruit, leaves, stems, roots etc) While the "science" of seeing some of the isolated molecular constituents in food and herbs can be interesting at times, there is no "one magic ingredient" in any plant. (You would think it would be science trying to tell you this type of logic, instead of me) But no! They would rather play this childish game of trying to find the "Pot of gold" in a plant so they can synthesize it and dazzle the FDA with a "New Drug" that will most likely cause the usual death and destruction!
Here is a link to musicial message called "Pharmaceutical Drug Guys" Let's Give Big Pharma The Boot!

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