Solutions for Forced Vaccinations and Flu Pandemics

Thursday, July 02, 2009 by: Paul Fassa
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(NaturalNews) In response to several readers concern over the issues presented by the article Watch Out for Flying Syringes, GMO Food Vaccines, and Forced Vaccinations, here are some solutions. Most of the solutions suggested are for vaccination induced disease syndrome (VIDS) or post vaccination syndrome (PVS). Some are for the flu itself.

Especially among the very young whose immune systems are not fully developed, there have been many almost immediate, terrible consequences of VIDS or PVS. Understand that though you may have had vaccinations and walked away on your own two feet, there are residual, latent dangers that can cause auto immune problems later in life. There are several thousand Gulf War I veterans who can attest to that!

Vaccination by inoculation is not immunization. Immunization occurs when you are stricken with a disease and survive, or if you`re exposed to pathogens and your immune system beats them. Even without the hazardous materials usually present in vaccines, bypassing the normal path of the immune system by injection into the bloodstream with pathogens from unusual sources causes more long term chronic stress on the immune system. This chronic immune system stress manifests in illness or disease later in life.

This Article`s Format

There will be a brief descriptive summary of vaccination legal or medical assistance preceded by a number in bold that corresponds to the source in the sources section below. If you wish to pursue any topics further, those numbered source links can help you. If a link doesn`t work for you, then simply try copying the URL and pasting it into the blank browser address window and pressing the go button. There is an abundance of remedies to be explored beyond the scope of one article.

Many of the antidotes to VIDS or PVS are homeopathic. They usually require a personal approach to determine the exact homeopathic agents, their strengths, and protocol. So details are important. Homeopathy is effective and safe. It was around before the allopathic AMA started shoving it out of public view in America. During the 1918 so called Spanish Flu pandemic, most of those who survived used homeopathy or nothing at all. Many of those who were vaccinated died!

Over the last two decades, homeopathy has been applied successfully to VIDS or PVS victims of all ages. If there is no homeopath or other holistic practitioner available in your area who specializes in handling VIDS or PVS, then it`s recommended that you take some of the information from whatever source you investigate to your local holistic practitioner or contact someone in that source directly.

(1) Homeopathy for Everyone offers a comprehensive overview of homeopathy. From there you may find a list of homeopaths, perhaps one close to you. Only the homeopaths who signed up to this directory are listed, however. But the information you get from any of the sources below can be taken to a holistic practitioner in your area

What About a Pandemic Flu Episode?

(2) First, understand that flu victims who die usually do as a result of complications from the flu, especially pneumonia or other lung inflammation. During the last swine flu hysteria (2009) that occurred in Mexico City, a few homeopathic doctors banded together and came up with a protocol for curing that specific episode with a very high success rate. Their report was translated into English and posted.

(3) Then there are inexpensive black elderberry tinctures, which have been tested successfully on several different flu virus types. The swine flu was not available for those tests. Those can be ordered on line or made in large quantities at home. If you make your own tincture, don`t forget to let it season for at least a month avoiding sunlight, and shaking the mixture daily while seasoning. There is more information on that in the Natural News article Elderberry Trumps Tamiflu for Flu Remedy.

Avoiding Forced Vaccinations

(4) More and more states in the USA are forcing vaccinations through the school system or workplaces. Attorney Alan Phillips, author of Dispelling Vaccination Myths, specializes in VIDS or PVS cases nationwide. He got interested in the subject when he noticed the warning on a vaccination that was about to be administered to his infant child. The warning clearly stated that the odds of death from the vaccination were considerably higher than death from the diseases it was supposed to immunize. He challenged the perplexed doctor, refused the vaccination, and after more investigation dedicated his legal practice to claiming monetary damages for VIDS victims.

(5) The Vaccination Liberation Movement has lots of free detailed information on state vaccination exemptions and sample letters. These are effective for locally enforced vaccinations required by school systems, or workplaces and even the military. There is no guarantee that all the information is up to date. But if not, this could be a starting point to check on current local state laws.

(5A) Natural News writer Barbara Minton's informative, recent feature article, Sign the Universal Declaration of Resistance to Mandatory Vaccination is where you can sign a petition to halt forced vaccinations. It is hoped to have an impact on the right people if enough sign up and submit it. Barbara also has more information on what the nature and motives are behind what is going on with the current pandemic scares and forced vaccinations.

(6) According to Dr. Rima E. Laibow, the Nuremberg Trails condemnation of dangerous medical experimentation on humans sets an international legal precedent. Since a rush by the pharmaceutical companies precludes proper testing, and since by law the vaccine producers are now exempt from vaccine damage liability, forced vaccinations due to pandemic alerts is dangerous human medical experimentation! Dr. Laibow also has a free white form to request a legal self imposed quarantine during an epidemic and resist a forced vaccination.

So far, home schooling, private schools, and utilizing legal exemptions have enabled some parents to protect their children from vaccinations forced by the public school systems. The legal exemptions also have helped others avoid enforced vaccinations in the workplace or even the military. But the white form may be the only legal out eventually.

(7) How long the legal loopholes will remain, and what will happen after the powers that be (sinister as they are) will declare a pandemic emergency to unleash a huge forced vaccination campaign in North America and perhaps elsewhere, is unknown. Natural News article Watch Out for Flying Syringes . . . contains some evidence of those North American forced vaccination plans and even control from the U.N. health czar can occur.

Then there is also the possibility of leaving the country and settling in areas such as South or Central America (except Columbia) if possible, where forced vaccinations do not exist or would be too difficult to enforce. In case none of the above options may be available to you, it would be wise to brace yourself for the worst and investigate remedies for VIDS (vaccination induced disease syndrome) or PVS (post vaccination syndrome) to ameliorate the potential vaccination damage.

VIDS or PVS Remedies

According to Sheri Nakken, a homeopath who specializes in VIDS or PVS remedy and recovery, Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection, by Neil Z. Miller and The Vaccine Guide, by Randall Neustaedter are the best available books on the subjects of vaccination injury and remedy.

(8) Fulvic Acid is inexpensive and immediately accessible on line. Besides being a safe and effective chelation agent that removes much of the heavy metals present in vaccines, it provides a body with all the minerals, trace elements, and micro-nutrients needed. It has been clinically tested successfully in China for difficult lung disorders. And the lungs are where the flu and pneumonia reside!

Considering the catastrophic possibilities, it may be well worth your time to investigate the listed sources until satisfied with enough to remedy potential vaccination damage, PVS or VIDS. Some of these sources have made themselves available to the public at large via email or phone. These sources are passionate on the subject of protecting their fellow humans from VIDS or PVS.

(9) There are actually courses available that enable one to protect themselves or their children from vaccination damage. They are not expensive, and they use the two books mentioned above. Some courses also provide a list of other sources concerned about vaccination damage.

(10) The Vaccination and Liberation movement has an impressive list of products from various sources that are available to help recover from VIDS or PVS. And there is even a source for a homeopathic nosode, which is a safe form of immunization, to safeguard against pneumonia, which is the complication that often becomes a killer from any form of flu.

(11) Dr. Tinus Smit, a Dutch MD and homeopath and author of a free booklet entitled Post Vaccination Syndrome, is living proof of the efficacy of homeopathy for PVS or VIDS. He has an almost perfect track record of curing PVS clients throughout Europe and parts of Asia. He has even cured autistic children completely from mercury infested early childhood vaccinations. His free booklet is available on line in English.

(12) Some state enforcement agencies can and will play hardball with parents who won't allow their children to be vaccinated. Dr. Rebecca Carley had her only child taken into custody from her during her divorce proceeding in New York because she refused to have him vaccinated. She has since regained custody of her boy, and has become a court expert witness on vaccination damage in the Bronx Court System of New York City. She devotes her medical practice to VIDS or PVS.

(13) The Think Twice Global Institute is an excellent resource that includes a list of practitioners who specialize in VIDS or PVS. Some are listed with addresses and phone numbers and others have their websites linked. Many will not be in your local area, but may serve as a reference for practitioners in your locale or as a referral source for someone near you.

(14) A Homeopathy Ezine is available free off the Homeopathy for Everyone website with a direct link.

Don`t let all the bad news around us stress you. Safeguard your immune system in all the ways you know or discover. Be vigilant with equanimity. By accessing information from the sources listed below, you will have the tools to resist vaccinations or be cured from the aftermath of having been the victim of a forced vaccination campaign. You might want to bookmark these now and take time to decide which best serves your needs later. Just don`t wait too long. Things are beginning to happen.

Sources (and resources):

(1) Homeopathy for Everyone

(2) Observations of Mexican Flu 2009

(3) Elderberry Trumps Tamiflu

(4) Alan Phillips (attorney)

(5) Vaccination Liberation

(5A) Resistance to Forced Vaccination Petition AND

(6) Health Freedom and white paper (Dr. Rima Laibow)

(7) Watch Out for Flying Vaccinations, GMO Edible Vaccines, and Forced Vaccinations

(8) Fulvic Acid OR

(9) Sheri Nakken (course)
(home page & list of other resources)

(10) Vaccination and Liberation (letter from Donna Carillo)

(11) Dr. Tinus Smit (home)
(PVS info/ebook)

(12) Dr. Rebecca Carley

(13) Think Twice Global Institute

(14) A Homeopathy Ezine

About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at

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