Inner Cell Balance: Simplicity of Tissue Salts

Sunday, November 02, 2008 by: Teya Skae
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(NaturalNews) Isn't it helpful to know that in our fast-paced and increasingly complex world of infoglut (information overload impacting our decisions) we can find some simple self-help remedies to assist us with our cellular balance? Let's have a look at this simple yet relevant world of tissue salts, also known as the 12 cell salts:

1. Calcarea fluor (calcium fluoride)
2. Calcarea phos (calcium phosphate)
3. Calcarea sulph (calcium sulfate)
4. Ferrum phos (iron phosphate)
5. Kali mur (potassium chloride)
6. Kali phos (potassium phosphate)
7. Kali sulph (potassium sulfate)
8. Magnesia phos (magnesium phosphate)
9. Natrum mur (sodium chloride)
10.Natrum phos (sodium phosphate)
11. Natrum sulph (sodium sulfate)
12. Silicea (silica)

Tissues salts belong to a branch of medicine known as biochemistry, which was developed towards the end of the 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler.
Dr. Schuessler studied cremated human bodies, and found that these 12 tissue salts made up the bulk of the remains. He recognised them as the material basis of the organs of the body and also identified the 12 Tissue/Cell Salts in every human cell.
From this finding he theorized that the 12 tissue salts are responsible for the harmonious functioning of the human organism and if one or more of these tissue salts become deficient within our cells, then normal cellular function or cellular metabolism would be disturbed. If this biochemical imbalance is left untreated for a lengthy period of time it would give rise to chronic conditions and ailments.

So what exactly are tissue salts and how do they work?
Tissue Salts are derived from inorganic mineral substances, such as those that compose our earth and its soils, and they can be derived from plants
Tissue salt therapy, like homeopathy, is not based on scientific research but rather on observations and on "provings". Provings are anecdotal evidence gathered from volunteers. This method of testing the efficiency of remedies was used by Samuel Hahnemann, the German physician who originated homeopathy in 1790's. However, Hahnemann used his remedies on his patients with serious conditions. Within the field of homeopathy, tissue salt therapy is considered a sister therapy or a subset of homeopathy.

Tissue salts are made into pills, following the principles of homeopathy, which makes the active ingredient extremely dilute. Even though the tissue salt pills are extremely dilute, practitioners believe them to be quite potent. Some practitioners advise people to take tissue salts only on the advice of a homeopathic practitioner. Tissue salts also can come up as a balancing remedy in clinical kinesiology, where the practitioner uses muscle testing (a biofeedback tool) to determine the appropriate remedy to support the body in self-healing.

Tissue salts are not intended to be a complete treatment, particularly if treating something chronic or specific, but rather as support for cellular balance.

Are there any side effects with tissue salts?

Because of the extremely dilute nature of the tissue salt pills, side effects are unlikely. Traditionally trained medical doctors would consider them placebos.

Tissue salts may be taken individually or in combinations of usually two or three different tissue salts. After serious or long-term illness, the body is quite often depleted in more than one tissue salt so it's not unusual to need to take several. There's no harm in taking more than one at a time, as the body excretes any surplus. While there are usually no side effects, symptoms might worsen for a short period as the remedies begin to take effect.

It is important to pause here and emphasize that unless the underlying causes or emotions beneath the physical imbalance are not identified, then tissue salts or any other remedy for that matter, would not provide a long term solution. Yet, if the underlying cause/emotion has been identified then the process of self-healing begins and tissue salts would assist in supporting that ongoing process, until the body can do it on its own.
Brief overview of how the 12 salts are generally used:

Calc. fluor
Function: builds elastic tissues of the skin, muscles and blood vessels; is present in teeth enamel and on the surface of bones.
Uses: muscle weakness, poor circulation, dental decay, poor condition of dental enamel, cracked skin, damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones, varicose veins, constipation, backache, eczema, piles, bleeding gums and chronic sinusitis. Also helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks.

Calc. phos
Function: assists in the formation of new blood cells and in digestion; is present in bone, teeth, connective tissue and digestive juices.
Uses: indigestion, bone weakness, tooth decay, poor circulation, chilblains, numbness, spasms, inflamed tonsils, nasal polyps, fatigue and debilitation.

Calc. sulph
Function: blood purifier and cleanser; assists the liver in the removal of waste products.
Uses: skin problems, acne, abscesses, mouth ulcers, gum boils, slow-healing wounds, frontal headaches, neuralgia and catarrh.

Ferr. phos
Function: carries oxygen around the body and strengthens blood vessel walls.
Uses: for: respiratory problems, bleeding, anaemia, heavy menstruation, throbbing headaches, fevers and flu, sore throats, inflammation, congestion, muscular strains and sprains, high temperature, rapid pulse and rheumatism.

Kali. mur
Function: blood conditioner.
Uses: respiratory problems including coughs, feverish colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, catarrh and wheezing, swollen glands, rheumatism, childhood eczema and digestive disorders.

Kali. phos
Function: nerve nutrient, present in brain cells and nerve tissue, antiseptic.
Uses: nervous system problems including nervous tension, nervous indigestion or headaches, stress, anxiety and worry, depression, insomnia, mental and physical exhaustion, poor memory and concentration, bad breath and shingles.

Kali. sulph
Function: oxygenates the cells and tissues of the body.
Uses: skin, hair, scalp and nail problems, catarrh, sticky discharges, hot flushes, chills, wandering pain in the limbs and athlete's foot. Can be used with silica to treat brittle nails and thin hair.

Mag. phos
Function: anti-spasmodic, ensures smooth movement of muscles.
Uses: cramps, spasms, relief from sharp pain, flatulence, hiccups, headaches with shooting pain, low energy and neuralgia. For quick results, can be dissolved in hot (but not boiling) water and sipped.

Nat. mur
Function: water metabolism and moisturising the tissues, assisting glandular function and digestion.
Uses: dryness or excessive moisture in any part of the body, watery colds with runny nose and sneezing, dry lips, itchy skin and eyes, hay fever, loss of taste or smell, headaches with constipation, diarrhea, thirst, a craving for salty foods, poor-quality sleep, fatigue and feelings of hopelessness.

Nat. phos
Function: Neutralizes acid in the body and aids in the assimilation of fatty acids; helps to regulate function of the liver and gall bladder.
Uses: acidity, stomach upset, heartburn, colic, gout, indigestion and other gastric problems, rheumatic pain and stiffness, joint swelling, smelly feet or body odour, jaundice, nausea and cholesterol problems.

Nat. sulph
Function: eliminates excess water and helps maintain the health of the liver and gall bladder.
Uses: water retention, flu, liver and gall bladder problems including jaundice, hepatitis, biliousness and digestive upset, nausea, bitter taste in mouth and rheumatism.

Function: cleanser and detoxifier; present in blood, skin, nails, hair, bones, connective tissue and mucus membranes.
Uses: pimples, spots, boils, sties, abscesses and any other type of skin condition with pus suppuration; cracked, brittle or split nails, gland disorders, involuntary twitching of eyes or face muscles, stress; badly conditioned, dull looking hair; rheumatic pain.

Cautions: since one of its effects is to promote expulsion of foreign matter from the body, silica shouldn't be used for long periods by those with any type of implant.

In conclusion, tissue/cell salts are found in every human cell. We need each one of them for the complete cellular metabolism. If one or more of the cell salts become deficient in our cells, biochemical imbalances occur within our cells and tissues, giving rise to chronic conditions. Taking tissue salts in a homeopathic preparation does not produce serious side effects, nevertheless, it is good to know what one is taking and for what specific reason. Working on the underlying and emotional causes of any imbalance is always a good place to start and if you are not sure which remedy you need - if tissue cell salts are in fact needed, taking a combination of all 12, for a short time, might just assist the body in its quest for self-healing.

In Wellness!

Teya Skae

Aspirin Alternatives: The Top Natural Pain-Relieving Analgesics
By Raymond M. Lombardie BL Publications,U.S.1999.

Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine by Angela Woodward
Schuessler Tissue Salts handbook, Martin & Pleasance Pty Ltd. 13th edition 2005.

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