Author Dr. Carol Look (Part II): EFT to Achieve Personal Success

Friday, October 31, 2008 by: Kevin Gianni
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(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com. In this excerpt, Dr. Carol Look shares the technique of Emotional Freedom Technique.

The Fountain of Youth World Summit with Dr. Carol Look, author of Attracting Abundance.

Kevin: So there's people who are probably saying, 'This sounds great. I'm a little skeptical. How does this work for me?

Carol: Well, the first thing they would do is find out what's the problem? And get very, very, very, very clear about what their problem is. And let's just take success issues, because I work with them so frequently now.

So, success issues. Why would you feel unsafe about feeling successful? And people say, 'Well, I don't feel unsafe.' And I say, 'Yes, you do. If you didn't feel unsafe, you would be where you want to be already.' And that includes in relationships or with money.

So, I worked with someone recently and they admitted, 'Oh, because if I'm as successful as I want to be, I'll stand out. And the last time I stood out, I got pummeled. I was a target. I was ridiculed because they felt jealous.' Bingo. There's your issue.

Then you apply EFT to your issue. What is your issue? I don't feel safe becoming successful because they're going to hurt me.

Kevin: Right.

Carol: Someone else might say, 'Well, my issue is cravings. Well, I promise you there are a lot of feelings underneath cravings. That's why I love that this whole summit is called the Fountain of Youth Summit. I love this, the compactness of EFT. You take it with you. If I went; I told you before, I think in another interview. If I went to a deserted island, I'm taking EFT. (Both chuckle)

It's all I need. And it's within us. And that's what I love for people who feel helpless. Or they, they just don't feel powerful in their lives, this will really help them. So frankly, Kevin, any problem you pose to me, we could find a way to use EFT. Any physical problem. Any spiritual problem. Any relationship problem. Any financial problem. Any self-esteem problem. Any emotional problem that you lobbed towards me you and I could figure out how to do it and how to approach it with EFT and get somewhere. That's what's so exciting.

Kevin: And one of the cool things about EFT is that someone can do it, they don't need 'someone to help them.

Carol: So, yes. Absolutely. I've had clients who have gone home for two weeks and done their EFT and they've changed so much, they come back and say, 'Thanks Carol. I don't need you anymore. And other people who just need the guidance of a skilled practitioner.

Kevin: Right.

Carol: And what I would recommend is that people can try it on their own, and if they're not getting anywhere, I promise it's because they're missing something. They're not seeing something that's really important about the problem. They're not being specific enough. And a skilled practitioner really knows the ins and outs and what we call the art of delivery.

Kevin: Okay. I think one of the best ways to do this for people is to actually give it a whirl, don't you agree?

So Carol, if you can talk us through something, that would just be awesome. I think people would finally get a little idea of what we're talking about.

Carol: Sure. We'll do anxiety. Anything that we do, that's not good for us, drains our immune system. Makes us not like ourselves. And frankly, makes us age prematurely.

But let's do an anxiety because that's so simple and frankly, so many people suffer from anxiety. So here's how I would do it. And the first thing that I would say is, everyone on this call, you take responsibility for your own emotional health right now. If you don't feel comfortable getting into this, I can't clean up anything if you start to get into a real anxious problem. I want you to take responsibility for yourself.

Kevin: Um hmm. Great.

Carol: Okay? So that's what we need to say upfront. Anxiety and the hormones that go through your body when you're highly anxious. So everyone, pick something that when you think about it now, in the past, or in the future. So, something that happened last week, or last year, or two years, or something, a meeting you're worried about that's coming up next week. Pick something that when you think about it, it makes you feel anxious. Maybe it's a confrontation with a boss. Maybe it's the thought of becoming more successful.

And what we like to do is we scale it, on a scale of 0-10, ten being the highest. Don't pick a; maybe don't pick a ten for this call, since I'm not talking the people directly. So something, when you think about it. Okay? And then here's how we start.

Now, this part can be confusing for people. They think it sounds a little bit corny. I don't care. Go ahead and do it anyway, because it works.

Kevin: Oh, and let me just say this, you can download a sheet of instructions for EFT fountainofyouthworldsummit.com/eft, so you'll be able to find this sheet to download.

Carol: Okay. So we start on the karate chop point. That's the side of the hand, either hand, below the pinky and above the wrist. And I reach over, I'm right handed. So, I reach over with my right hand and I tap on my left hand karate chop point.

And what we want to do is we want to tune into the problem. And we're going to talk about law of attraction later and why this works. So we're tuning into the problem and that's what is appropriate and you need to be there energetically. And then you say an affirmation. So we're going to say, and Kevin, just repeat after me.

Carol: Even though I have this anxiety... About what's happening... I deeply and completely accept myself anyway. Now people listening can use slightly different words, if that works for them. And then we do it two more times.

Even though I feel anxious about what happened... I accept who I am... And I choose to feel calm. Even though I have this anxiety... When I think of this issue.... I accept who I am... And I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

That's called a set up statement. So what we've done is we've addressed the truth, the vibration that's already there, which is that we are anxious about something, and we're saying, I accept myself anyway. Then take two fingers of your dominant hand and tap on the eyebrow point. This is a major point in Chinese acupuncture. Well, it's on a major meridian, one of the lines. So tap on the eyebrow point, which is above the nose, and to either side, the beginning of the hair of one of your eyebrows. And just tap, I'm tapping like this, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Okay, very lightly. Just tap there and now we're naming the problem. So let's just call it this anxiety.

Kevin: Okay.

Carol: Okay? So at the eyebrow, say this anxiety. Side of the eyes. The outside corner of the eye. This anxiety. Then under the eye on that little bone under the eye. Just say out loud, this anxiety.

Under the nose. When I think of this, it makes me anxious. So just tune into whatever you thought of that makes you anxious. Then the chin point, it's below the lower lip and above the chin, it's right in the chin crease there. This anxiety. The collar bone point is right below one of the collar bone points there, on either side, about an inch below. This anxiety...

And actually you could take the fist of your hand and tap where the knot of a man's tie would go.

Kevin: Okay.

Carol: If you just tap there with your fist, you're bound to get one of the points.

Kevin: Gottcha.

Carol: Okay. This anxiety. And then under the arm, it's four inches below the armpit. This anxiety. Right in the ribs there. And on top of the head. I feel this anxiety. Take a deep breath.

Now what you want to make sure is that the people who are doing this, they are thinking of the problem when they're tapping. You can't be distracted or looking out the window. You have to be in it to win it. You have to be focused on the issue.

Kevin: Okay.

Carol: So that is one super simple round. And what you do is then you measure, you go back and measure the number again. So if someone was at an eight when they thought of the business meeting next week, now they would go back and think of the same meeting again. And they'd say, 'Oh, that's weird. It doesn't bother me as much.

Kevin: Right.

Carol: And then you keep you doing it and get more and more specific until it's completely collapsed. Now you can do with this pain. If someone has a problem with their knee, their back, or their jaw. They can do that. With stress issues. With other anxieties. With fear of being successful in a relationship, or financially, or with business prospects. Lot of people stumble when it comes to attracting success and abundance.

People have all these limiting beliefs and why they can't, and why they shouldn't, and what their parents are going to say and what their colleagues are going to say, and what it's going to look like if they're wealthy.

So, so much gets in the way. So, limiting beliefs are wonderful to target with EFT.

And this happens, I work with a woman in her 50's. She had been chosen as a beauty queen in, let's say high school. She was afraid in her 50's to become more successful. She kept sabotaging herself over and over again, because she'll never forget what it felt like to stand out and to be gossiped about, because some of the girls said, 'Oh, she didn't deserve it.'

Kevin: Wow.

Carol: And that stayed with her. That stays in our energy. Maybe you heard something from a coach, or a father, or a mother, you know, maybe someone said, 'Oh, you'll never be that successful.' That phrase will resonate with you and will operate in your life. When people say, 'How do I know what my vibration is about success?' I say, 'Look at your life. Look at where you are in your relationships. How's your love life going? Look at where you are with finances. Look at where you are in your living space. And your health, your body. What about your youthfulness? Do you feel 50 when you're 35? Not a good sign. Why would you run yourself into the ground? Why do you do too much for other people? Because you don't feel valued unless you give three gifts instead of one gift.' So there are many ways that we, I would say, rob ourselves of youth.

So that's why I just think EFT is the greatest. Not to mention the fact that you can use EFT for wrinkles, and other health issues, and stress, and sleeping well, and insomnia. So, you can use it for all those issues around youth. But I just think it's wonderful to get the energy and the electricity moving in a healthy circulation and in a healthy fashion in your body.

To read the rest of this transcript as well as access more information by health experts on abundance, optimum health, and longevity just like Carol Look, please visit http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com .

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Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author and speaker. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries learn how to take control of their health--and keep it. To view his popular internet TV Show "The Renegade Health Show" (and get a free gift!) with commentary on natural health issues, vegan and raw food diets, holistic nutrition and more click here.

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