Get Vibrant Youthful Skin With GHC's Parfait Visage Face Cream (Product Review)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 by: Aria Milan
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(NaturalNews) The epitome of natural beauty is having a vibrant and youthful face. Great care should be taken when deciding on facial skin care products to use on a daily basis, as the face is part of the countenance one shows to the world. Radiant skin is a reflection of a person`s healthful state on the inside; therefore, natural and chemical-free products should be the first thing to consider. A facial cream that really stands out in excellence is Parfait Visage made by GHC (Global Healing Center).

I was not only impressed with this face cream, but also the company. GHC was founded by Dr. Edward Group III and he has dedicated his life to educating people on the true principles behind achieving optimum health. His supplements and body care products help one to achieve this by supporting the detoxification mechanisms in the body. Dr. Group explains in his book Health Begins In The Colon that most diseases are created when your body is exposed to toxins to the point where it can`t detoxify itself at the pace that the toxins are being absorbed. An overburdened immune system is what leads to disease. Therefore the process of detoxification is very crucial in getting your body back into balance and working at an optimum level.

For health maintenance, and to make the process of detoxification easier on the body, it is important to use body care products that are free of harmful chemical additives. GHC`s products are 100% natural with no-synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

Parfait Visage means "Perfect Face" in French. And this is what this product helps you to achieve. After using this face cream, I am convinced that this is the most effective facial moisturizer I have come across and is now a regular part of my skin care routine. The information about this product, found at ( , explains how to achieve healthy, vibrant skin by incorporating this product into daily habits that include drinking more water to hydrate your body, cutting out aging substances such as alcohol and caffeine, and being aware of personal habits that contribute to wrinkles and premature aging. The concept behind this beauty product is to nourish not just your facial skin, but to take steps to nourish your whole body. Trying this product out inspired me to re-examine the effects of my lifestyle on the appearance of my skin on a much deeper level.

Upon using this face cream, I noticed that my skin became much more supple and smooth. It evened out my skin tone within a week and eliminated blemishes after three days. I had a rough skin patch under my eye that wouldn`t go away, but after applying Parfait Visage every evening before going to bed, the patch disappeared after 2 weeks. Now that is quick results. I also noticed fine lines I was starting to develop in the corner of my eyes fading and some of the them have disappeared completely. I was so impressed with this product that I had some of my friends test it and let me know what they thought. Since I live in a tropical environment where the sun`s rays are strong year round, premature skin aging is a common occurrence. One of my friends said that since using the product for a week, she`s been carded every time she ordered a cocktail. Now I don`t endorse alcohol, and one of the guidelines to achieving maximum results with this product is to eliminate alcoholic beverages, but I do feel this is a testament to the effectiveness of it as she`s 10 years over the drinking age limit.

The secret to smooth, youthful skin is to be found in nature and certain plant extracts and oils in combination have long been cherished as the "fountain of youth". The knowledge about these exotic ingredients have been kept from the public while being used by exclusive European spas that cater to the rich and famous. These ingredients are what`s included in Parfait Visage so not only is one getting an all-natural product when they purchase this, but they are also getting the benefits and wisdom that these plant ingredients put forth in helping one achieve youthful skin.

These exotic ingredients include (Natural Lotion Base):

* Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera

* Organic Hemp Seed Oil

* Vitamin E Mixed (Tocopherols & Tocotrienols)

* GH3

* Iridodial

* Micro-Colloidal Silver

* Opti-MSM

* Organic New Zealand 10+ Manuka Honey

* Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Essential Oils

* Organic Blue Chamomile Oil

* Organic Indian Frankincense Oil

* Tunisian Neroli Oil

* Rose Oil

* Organic Lavender Oil

* Hungarian Carrot Seed Oil

* Organic Jasmine Oil

The key to how this cream works is through cellular regeneration -- it helps in maintaining the normal elasticity in the collagen upon which the outer layers of skin rest. The properties of this product help to stimulate circulation within the blood near the surface of the skin. Through this action, the blood gets oxygenated and this energizes the skin cells and allows them to regenerate at 6 to 8 times the normal rate.

Parfait Visage provides your skin with vitamins and minerals, and is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Part of the action of the cream breaks down and digests dead skin tissue and stimulates the birth of new healthy tissue. And its application doesn`t just apply to the face, it can be used on other parts of the body as well. According to GHC`s website, this cream helps remove cellulite in and around the thighs.

When I first opened the product box, I was excited to find that each cream container comes with its own 2.5 - 3 carat ecstasy topaz that you can collect and set into jewelry. For anyone interested in crystal energy, topaz is known for enhancing individual creativity and inspiring hope. Polished topaz has a nice luster and is a great mood up-lifter. An ecstasy topaz is an orange topaz that has been coated with a titanic film on the underside that adds a beautiful, rainbow effect. This extra gesture really pushes this product ahead of other organic face creams on the market and is a reminder that in the pursuit of achieving natural beauty, both the body and spirit must be attended too.

According to the website, Parfait Visage is different from other facial creams in that it is:

* made with no refined, hydrogenated or bleached oils. All of the oils used in this product are cold-pressed and in their natural state.

* Each batch is hand-made fresh, every 3 months.

* Made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients.

* Made without toxic stabilizers, emulsifiers or preservatives

* Made using a cold blending process that reduces any possible heat damage

This last point is important because to take advantage of the full benefits of the plant oils and natural ingredients in the cream, it is essential that these retain their natural enzymes and nutrients. Because this product doesn`t use any chemical preservatives, it needs to be refrigerated. There are a lot of natural products on the market that advertise similar benefits but they are rendered less effective because of how they are produced. Many of these inferior products are heat treated during the blending process and this kills the plant enzymes and nutrients so what you are getting is a "dead" product.

This is not so for GHC`s Parfait Visage. This skin cream is very much alive with organic plant oils and nutrients.

You can order Parfait Visage at ( or call 1-800-476-0016. This product`s price is well worth it as your skin will "drink up" the nutrients and you`ll notice a big difference in the condition of your skin. You can order Dr. Group`s book Health Begins In The Colon also at ( .

Look beautiful naturally!





About the author

Natural Beauty Expert and Fashionista, Aria Milan is a passionate researcher in all things that will bring out the natural beauty in people. She practices what she preaches and is always striving to look and feel her best and her goal is to help others do the same. Her philosophy is 'True Beauty comes from Health that radiates from within'.

Aria is currently the editor of an alternative news website called Apollo News Daily, which can be viewed at .

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