How Governmental Vaccine Policies Made Cancer Contagious

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 by: Al G Smith
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(NaturalNews) Most people have been told over the years that you cannot catch cancer from someone else. Unlike the fear of AIDS conjured up by the cleverly contrived media blitzes of the 1980's, cancer has generally been seen as often incurable, quite frequently ultimately fatal, yet whilst a terrible disease that strikes too many, we have always been thankful that it is not contagious. But, if you have not done so already, it is now time to re-evaluate this belief and all because of the misguided medical machinations of profit-seeking pharmaceutical companies in cahoots with inexcusably ignorant politicians throughout the last half century.

It is intriguing to take a look over the statistics of mortality over the last century or so for countries such as the U.S. and U.K. The figures imply that certain major diseases have greatly contributed to the death-toll over the years. In the main, these illnesses have gradually been "conquered" largely due to improved sanitation. Advances in science and medicine may also have played a part, but their role has been substantially over played by the media, politicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers for their own questionable reasons.

The conventional wisdom of recent times has been that unlike most of the other major diseases, cancer is booming. Hence the justification for billions of dollars to be ploughed into supposedly furthering the understanding of this disease with "many faces". Billions, by the way, that largely come via direct support for research from Governments (i.e. our money!) and from immense sums in gifts and donations (i.e. our money!) wrung out of us by today's media-and-marketing-savvy, multi-billion dollar charitable organizations (that are actually simply "business wolves" dressed in "charitable-sheep's" clothing, of course.)

The Mythical Cancer Boom

The reality, however, is that rather than exactly "booming" (in the sense of rising inexorably), the cancer mortality statistics confirm that the number of deaths caused by cancer, per 1000 head of population, has pretty much remained static throughout the last century. True, this means that, by comparison with other formerly "killer" diseases, such as tuberculosis (T.B.), little progress seems to have been made. Here again such an observation is really too simplistic to have much value, but treading the "mine-laden" ground that is the interpretation of statistics is not the main thrust of this particular article.

Let's just say that cancer is such a recognized threat these days that, we are told, around 1-in-3 women and as many as half of all men (in the developed Western countries, at least) will suffer some kind of cancer at some time in their lives. It also seems that (thanks to advances in diagnostic capabilities) the types and varieties of cancer that Homo sapiens now suffer are legion; albeit that the majority of cases of cancer are represented by a handful of major forms - these being breast, cervix, colorectal, lung, prostate and skin cancers.

It has long been thought that cancers are not per se "contagious". That is, cancer cannot be passed from person to person by contact of any kind. But nowadays it appears that things may not be so simple or clear when it comes to the spread of some cancers. A case in point was articulated within an article published in Medical Veritas a while ago by Neil Z. Miller. The following discussion revisits Miller's fascinating paper, for those who may have missed it.

The Other Vaccination Debacle

There has been disturbing news in recent years regarding the possible dangers of vaccines and the negative impact on long-term health that ill-conceived and scientifically dubious mass-vaccination campaigns might be having. One example that has hit the headlines is the issue of thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that contains mercury, and its possible role in contributing to the dramatic rise in autism in the U.S. in particular. Few "natural health" oriented readers will have failed to pick-up on this topic over recent years. But long before thimerosal became a hot topic there were already dire tidings emerging about the impact of questionable vaccination programs instigated four or five decades ago.

Neil Z. Miller authored a fascinating and detailed paper a little while back that deserves revisiting, if you did not pick up a copy of Medical Veritas back in 2004. In this case the particular vaccination that appears to have introduced new and harmful factors into the bodies of many people, particularly in the U.S., is the Polio vaccine hailed and lauded in its day and injected into between 30 and 100 million Americans between 1954 and 1963.

Amongst numerous startling revelations, Miller notes that as early as 1959 a respected U.S. Government researcher first suggested that the 'famous' polio vaccine created by Jonas Salk, was contaminated with an infectious agent that had the potential to trigger cancers in humans. The researcher, Bernice Eddy was silenced and later demoted in the oft-recorded fashion of a panicking authority.

Later on two other scientists were credited with confirming that polio vaccines were indeed contaminated by a viral agent found in diseased monkey glands such as those used to culture the shots administered to multi-millions of Americans and others around the world. This time it was the pink-sugar cube vaccine, developed by Salk's contemporary and vaccine-development competitor Albert Sabin and which became the vaccination-norm in the 1960's (to the glee of many schoolchildren of the time, including the author of this article) that was the problem.

It was Doctors Ben Sweet and M.R. Hilleman, at the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, who confirmed that a simian (monkey) virus, code name SV-40, had been identified in diseased Rhesus monkey kidneys which had been used for polio vaccine production. The virus, it appears, was not destroyed during normal vaccine processing and hence was likely to have been pumped into millions of human recipients. A major problem was that almost all Rhesus monkeys had this widespread virus and SV-40, it was further confirmed, had the potential to trigger cancers. Particular concern was expressed by the researchers at the time about this likelihood if the vaccine was administered to babies.

Naturally it was too late to do anything about the many millions who had received polluted Salk vaccines and it would have been commercial and political suicide to renege upon the polio vaccine program in 1960 and withdraw the new Sabin vaccines. Consequently masses of folks were unwittingly 'seeded' with a potential cancer-causing time-bomb, it seems.

The Evidence Mounts

Evidence has since emerged that this carcinogenic virus may indeed be doing its worst amongst the vaccinated population. During the 1990's various studies confirmed the presence of monkey virus SV-40 in the tumors of many cancer victims. One such study conducted at the highly regarded Loyola Medical Center in Chicago, showed that almost 4 out of 10 patients with bone cancer, and close to 6 in every 10 mesothelioma victims also had the SV-40 virus. It seems that SV-40 can interfere with a cell's ability to resist malignancy due to blocking a key protective protein.

Further data also emerged from a U.S. national database in 1998. It became clear that in those American states that the contaminated vaccines were used most heavily there were considerably higher levels of certain cancers. Statistics indicated that bone cancers were up by 17 cases in 100, there were also one fifth more brain cancers, and 178 percent more cases of mesothelioma in the areas where SV-40 laced vaccines had been used. Further research has also revealed that bone cancer rates in the areas where contaminated vaccines were used were an incredible 1000-percent higher than the average in States where monkey virus affected vaccines had been used the least.

The Zip-Code Cancer Lottery

For interest sake, the American States where the highest levels of polluted vaccines were administered include:

* Connecticut

* District of Columbia

* Delaware

* Iowa

* Illinois

* Massachusetts

* Maryland

* Michigan

* Minnesota

* New Hampshire

* New York

* Oregon

* Pennsylvania

* Rhode Island

* Utah

* Vermont

* Washington

* Wisconsin

* Wyoming

Even More Bad News

But with respect to the theme of this article the bad news gets worse. It seems that studies have shown that SV-40 has been found in almost one quarter of blood samples and close to half of all semen samples taken for analysis. It has also been confirmed that the SV-40 virus can pass between mother and baby in the womb. So the conclusion is that this virus, known to be cancer causing, can be passed on by sexual contact and inherited by babies from mothers. Just as it spread through the Rhesus monkey population, the SV-40 virus is evidently establishing itself in humans and has the potential to spread from person to person, and generation to generation -- all thanks to vaccination.

So although cancer has always been thought to be a disease that cannot be passed between humans it would seem clear that medical science in its wisdom has created the potential for this to change. Notably, in recent times, more and more stories are making their way to the media about viruses that have been shown to be able to cause cancer. This fact has of course been used to further substantiate the need for yet more billions to be pumped into cancer research. Naturally, little has been said about the fact that the promulgation of such cancer causing viruses throughout humans has been massively helped along by flawed and questionable vaccination policies. Indeed, far from lessons being learned it also seems that ever greater numbers of vaccines are being developed and already being planned to be unleashed upon a still largely under-informed public. Some soon to be widely-administered vaccines are even "supposed" to address the threat of potentially cancer causing viruses (such as Human Papilloma Virus, HPV). The validity of the claims for, and safety of such vaccinations are even now being challenged vigorously by certain informed sources.

It should be noted that the spread of cancer caused by contaminated polio vaccines is only one of the possible major health threats that the polio vaccination program may be responsible for. For those who can't wait to find out more about how polio vaccination in the 1950's, 60's and 70's is implicated in causing millions of cases of polio and the development and spread of AIDS amongst other horrors, the original reference by Neil Z. Miller is provided below. For those who can wait, further summaries will follow.


The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences by Neil Z. Miller, Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, (
Medical Veritas 1 (2004) 239251.

About the author

Al G Smith MSc BSc - Has been working and teaching in the food related sector for over 30 years and is currently a website publisher ( and Independent Representative for the World's first extensive range of Certified Organic skin care and cosmetics (

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