To Kill and Cure Cancer, You Must First Understand It

Friday, August 22, 2008 by: Kal Sellers
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(NaturalNews) In a recent article on Natural News, the statement, "apples... kill cancer" drew a critical response. After some investigation and introspection, it became transparent that the issue is one where there is simply a lack of understanding.

The critic voiced his antipathy about misleading remarks that, presumably, give false hope to the injured and sick. I have dedicated my life to relieving suffering. It is the first purpose of ( and though I have had moments of success and failure, I am certainly committed to real service, not hype.

However, since the question arose, and since I am also equally committed to relieving suffering and frustration wherever I can for those who are frustrated and confused about their disease and how it can be cured, I decided to create this article on cancer directly.

In the natural healing world, one thing that is frequently emphasized and often proven is that there are no incurable diseases! In the background of this, the same healer will hasten to add that there are, indeed, incurable people. This seems to make it not the healer's fault that someone did not get well.

This padding from the truth obscures two very important realities:

Reality #1 - There are only two healers for you: Your Higher Power and Yourself.

Reality #2 - A person who cannot be healed from some thing at any given time is not bad or at fault or less of an individual. That person is simply in a place (less comfortable for him or her than for anyone else) where s/he cannot get healing at that time. That person needs help and support in the worst way and there is no justification for giving out criticism instead.

While we and our Higher Power are the only ones who can truly heal, so-called "healers" can do something very important and worthy. They can relieve suffering in their fellow humans.

When someone takes upon him/herself the profession of healing, s/he is in the business of relieving suffering, which we can do for each other. As such, whether the sick person is resistant to the healing process or not, that person is someone suffering.

Doing all we can do for him or her and searching out how to do more, seems the obvious course of action. That someone is suffering and is having trouble accepting relief through the usual means, by no means relieves me of my commitment to love, serve and relieve suffering in my fellow humans.

Another addition to add to the stew we are metaphorically brewing in this article, is the statistic that the very best therapies are effective (meaning that they actually perform as intended) only about 30% of the time. They may help in far more cases than that, but the intended result is only reached about 30% of the time.

This means that it is not the exception, but rather the rule that people do not respond typically to even the very best healing programs.

Having practiced several healing modalities, I understand that I am working to relieve suffering where I can. Maybe in 80-90% of the cases, I can relieve some suffering with my best techniques. I will get 30% who will actually be free of suffering and then a few who will not respond favorably at all to my initial attempts. They will either return for a different strategy or they will seek another healer who may be able to help them.

When we enter the cancer discussion, we have to be honest going forward. There is a reason that there are hundreds of cures for cancer: not any one of those cures works predictably all the time!

Having treated myself for serious illness that threatened my life, I found that after doing all the best things I knew to do, I found some problems still remained. Early on I sought the advice of a colleague whom I trust and believe in. The guidance I received and followed was not so much new as it was above and beyond the image I had of what I would have to do and, frankly, was not stuff I was in the mood to do.

I also sought my Higher Power, which is congruent for me to do and for those of us for whom it is congruent, there is no doubt about the presence of Providence in our healing processes. Thus we see that "curing" any so called "incurable" disease is something that will frequently not fit any mold as people develop such diseases from a very individual set of circumstances.

When we enter the discussion of cancer, which is the specific point of this article, there are some cautions:

First - We establish a distinction between "killing" cancer cells and "curing" cancer. Of course, it is illegal to claim to cure an incurable disease in this country (especially if you happen to be a medical doctor). Anyone with any success at marketing themselves as curing the incurable diseases will have to leave the country.

The distinction between killing and curing is precisely the distinction that my critic was so upset about. He felt that it was a false claim to say that apples killed cancer. Instead, it would be a false claim to say that apples "cured" cancer.

A cancer cure is going to be a lot more involved than a simple supplement that happens to alkalize the blood or inhibit cancer growth or kill cancer cells. Cancer is diagnosable as cancer only because it got out of hand.

This out of hand situation can definitely be helped by killing cancer cells, but unless you are using chemotherapy, the kill cancer approach is probably not, by itself, going to work. Instead, a planned holistic approach to cancer must be selected and followed. It will need several steps and, no matter how good it is, it will probably require help outside of that plan for each individual to become totally healed.

On the note of intensive plans, Hulda Clarke's books include a pretty extensive program. This is not probably about every single individual needing each of these details, but rather is about someone, somewhere needing each of these details.

Cancer, in particular, is partially extant because the individual needs something dramatic on some level. As such, any mold will be broken as a matter of course in cancer cases. There will be exceptions in very few cases (maybe about 30%?) where the individual got what s/he needed from just having the disease and does not need to make any more drama in order to fill a particular hole in his/her life.

Having said that, there is a long list of substances shown to kill or inhibit cancer or make conditions unsuitable for it to continue and apples are certainly on that list. It is not my purpose here to discuss any such list, there are many sources for good information about this, but rather to point out how such a list is used.

The list of cancer killers is not so much useful for curing cancer as they are for inhibiting it, turning the tide against it and making it possible for the natural cancer cure (the immune system) to get control of the situation.

This strategy is engaged in while the conditions in the body and in life are healed so that cancer is no longer needed or welcomed.

Second Caution: We realize that cancer is life-threatening and many people only get it because they know about it and need some life-threatening condition in order to heal their own life. Really, I am willing to bet half my kingdom that if cancer were stricken from all media, and no one heard about it for several years, that cancer rates would be cut in half or would get even lower than that.

This awareness is important to the cancer discussion. Much of what needs to be done does not need to be done physically, except in supporting the body through this time of stress. Rather, the help most needed for cancer cases is in life and personal relief.

People do not feel that it is okay for others, especially those they respect, to love them like they are today. They do not love others because they think they are not worthy to love others and others would not want their love anyway, and thus they perpetuate the loveless condition!

Killing themselves off, at least partially, is part of the strategy used unconsciously to attempt to reconcile this dual and totally divergent life experience.

It is like, "one of us has got to die, which will it be?"

Cancer cures cannot be approached without addressing this issue. If it is, only the symptoms can be treated, the rest of the disease will continue to grow.

Someone noticed that, "The real tragedy is not death from cancer, it is getting cancer and not benefiting from it."

To finish our discussion of cancer, there are at least five areas that can be addressed simultaneously in an effective plan. These are:

1. Kill/starve cancer. This means the regular consumption of foods or herbs or supplements that kill cancer, while feeding you. It also means avoiding fermentation when eating -- discussed in Traci's Transformational Health Principles available through ( -- as well as avoiding concentrated protein, processed sugars and starchy foods in order to starve cancer.

2. Create nutritional conditions where cancer is not invited. This means eating for alkalinity, high oxygen flow and elimination. It might include cleansing. This is where apples come in, actually.

3. Creating a mental and emotional state where cancer is not needed. The first step here is being grateful for every symptom. In the symptom is energy that is designed for healing, or for scaring you to death, but you get to decide that or you can do nothing and see what you get. I generally recommend having gratitude for every symptom and saying it often. More than one case of cancer has been cured doing only this.

4. Healing life so that cancer is not needed. Cancer is needed when things are really dichotomous in nature. When both negative and positive elements are building up, one of fear, greed and want; the other of love and peace and goodness, there comes a time when these must be reconciled and can co-exist no longer. You must choose. Cancer forces this choice upon you. Very often, even those who are treated medically will find that they survived because they dealt with this issue in their lives. Cancer may also indicate a need for attention, both within yourself, and in the world of people around you to authenticate something that did not get the authentication it needed earlier in life. This is no shame and those of us who are extending grace to those in need should be sensitive to this very real need.

5. Heal the immune response. We are discovering that the immune system can remove cancer in a few days when it is performing normally. Often, however, the immune system overreacts to pathogens or abnormalities in the cells or blood (such as foreign protein, chemicals or irritants). In the over-reactive state, the inflammation and killing -- elements that exist naturally in relationship to cancer that does not get out of control -- continues and does not stop. The signal is never sent to the body to stop cancer and remove it. The more cancer spreads, the more extreme the over-reaction gets. There is a science treating cancer today in a way that is similar to treating auto-immune disease. They are using EFT to remove allergies to pathogens and irritants, herbs that calm the immune system and spleen and thymus foods to restore normal immune response. This would explain why cleansing has always worked, because when the irritants disappear, the body stops overreacting. The herb of choice that normalizes immune response is Echinacea. The herbs that I like that calm over-reactive immune response are evening primrose oil and nettle (nettle in huge amounts, like 20-30 capsules daily).

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about cancer.

Until next time,

Kal Sellers, MH

About the author

Kal Sellers, MH currently operates and teaches a 2-year curriculum for Natural Medicine, via live teleclasses.
Kal is a Master Herbalist and holds several other certificates and licenses for hands-on healing modalities. He maintains a current practice in the Atlanta area.
Kal and Traci have six children, the last four of which were delivered at home. They live now in Powder Springs, GA where they teach live classes on food and medicine. Kal is also a full time Chiropractic student.

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